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Updated on 2023-06-01


A small business growing quickly towards medium size with around 25 employees as of 2022 and based in Burlington, VT, Vermont Solar Engineering promises 25+ years of experience and a personal touch on every single project. It’s solely owned by its founder, Kirk Herander. 

What does this mean? Specifically, Vermont Solar Engineering promises that they never hire subcontractors to perform jobs for them and that everything is done in-house, using their own experienced personnel.

Being independent and one of the first businesses of its type in the region is something that Vermont Solar Engineering is very proud of. In fact, they have kept their site from the early Internet era online as proof of having been around for decades, an amusing but effective – and, to be honest – quite reassuring stunt: 

If you’re looking to go with a more famous contractors in this area, we are happy to save your time by suggesting you check out what the well-reviewed area competitor [TopVendor] has to offer instead. 

If not, read on to find out more about this quirky company with decades of tradition.


Caption: The company’s new website is informative and easy to navigate.
Alt text: vermont solar engineering homepage


Vermont Solar Engineering – Company Services and Specifics

The company is exclusively focused on solar and all sorts of solar products and solutions, which is very reassuring if you’re looking to get a focused service. According to their website, they offer the following: 

  • Site analysis
  • Design tailored to your goals and budget
  • Product selection and procurement
  • Installation & commissioning
  • Incentive & permitting submittal
  • Independent performance verification of third-party systems
  • Maintenance agreements
  • Service of existing systems

Their residential systems range from 3-20 KW array size, while for commercial installations they can install a range from 15 to 175 KW. 

Unfortunately, as they did not respond to our inquiry (see more below), we were unable to find specifics about their preferred solar panel and system brands.



Since the company didn’t respond to our inquiries, we were unable to get any details about their pricing. 



The company has zero Yelp reviews, which is somewhat of a surprise considering how long it’s been around and seems to have no social media presence or mentions outside of various generic directories. Furthermore, their website isn’t overly descriptive regarding details like state technical certifications or CORI certifications for employees. 

However, they do have a portfolio in form of a large gallery that you can peruse.



The company provides maintenance services, whether on request of regularly as per contractual agreements. 



Unfortunately, Vermont Solar Engineering did not respond to our test inquiry, and we were unable to reach them on the phone, so we were unable to gauge their friendliness. However, considering that all inquiries should receive at least a cursory “we have received your message”, confirmation even if it never amounts to everything, this was disappointing.

Vermont Solar Engineering – Company Services and Specifics

Caption: Maybe we should have inquired about solar panels on a 10000 sq. ft. commercial facility instead?
Alt-text: Vermont solar engineering inquiry

While the outcome of our inquiry was a disappointment, the impressive credentials would be enough to not dissuade us from trying again.


Conclusion – The SolarEmpower Verdict

It is truly regrettable that Vermont Solar Engineering has not responded to our inquiries, because it certainly seems like a company with a lot of potential that could offer great service to anyone in the Vermont area. This review will be updated with additional information as it becomes available.  



Contact Details

Phone: +1.800.286.1252 and +1.802.863.1202

Address: PO Box 697, Burlington, VT 05402

E-mail: N/A (Contact form only)

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation


Is Vermont Solar Engineering good to work for?

This small family business involves working in small teams with personal management from the owners and little bureaucracy. However, the company is too small to determine if it’s a pleasant place to work at, or what its salary range might be. If you are interested in work, we encourage you to send them an open application.

Is Vermont Solar Engineering worth it?

Unfortunately, this company didn’t respond to our inquiry with pricing details, but they do offer a 25+ years of experience in the field.

Is Vermont Solar Engineering trustworthy?

Due to their extensive experience and tradition, it seems safe to say that this company is a good choice and that you can rely on them.

Can I cancel a contract with Vermont Solar Engineering?

According to Federal government regulations, contractors providing home improvement services must include a 3-day cancellation notice, informing you of your right to cancel your contract if you signed the agreement in your home, or at a place other than at the contractor's office or business. 

If you would like further clarity on whether a contract has been signed, you can contact Vermont Solar Engineering or an attorney directly.

Vermont Solar Engineering Solar Details

PO Box 697
Burlington, VT

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