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This calculator will estimate the size of your solar system based on how much you want to save on your electricity bill – 20%, 50%, 100%.
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This calculator will estimate the size of the solar system you can build based on how much money you can afford to spend.

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$50 000

Total Solar System Cost With Tax Deduction - For you can

With a solar system of this size, you can sell your excess energy back to your electricity provider. Check your local net metering options.

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  • $2100
  • $80
  • $80

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Welcome to the Solar Empower Solar Calculator – your one-stop digital tool to unlock the potential of solar energy for your home! We understand that every homeowner has unique energy needs, and this calculator is designed to provide a personalised solution just for you. Whether you’re focused on reducing your carbon footprint, cutting down on electricity bills, or both – our calculator is here to guide you every step of the way.

Our calculator offers two innovative ways to approach solar energy solutions. First, there’s the “By Energy Offset” tool. If you’re primarily interested in how much you can save on your electricity bill by going solar, this is the perfect place to start. Whether you want to offset your energy consumption by 20%, 50%, or even 100%, this calculator will estimate the size of the solar system you need to achieve your goal.

For those who have a specific budget in mind, we offer the “By Price” tool. We understand that finances are a crucial factor in any investment decision. This option allows you to input how much you’re willing to spend on your solar investment, and we’ll provide an estimate of the system size you can afford. Remember, going solar is not just an expenditure, it’s an investment that can pay for itself over time through reduced energy costs.

Once you’ve decided which method best suits your needs, all you have to do is “Enter your details“. By providing your address and your current monthly electricity bill, our calculator will do the rest. The tool will take into account your geographic location, available sunlight hours, and current energy costs to provide a tailored estimate.

The Solar Empower Solar Calculator is not just a tool, it’s a window into a greener, more sustainable future for your home. It’s easy to use and can offer great insights into the potential benefits of solar energy.

Detailed Instructions – How to Use Our Solar Calculator 

By Energy Offset‘ Card: This handy feature allows you to gauge the size of the solar system needed to achieve your desired electricity bill savings. 

  1. Just enter your address and current monthly bill, and use the slidey scale to select your desired electric offset. 
  2. The calculator will then provide you with an estimate tailored to your energy saving ambitions.

By Price‘ Card: This feature is perfect for those with a set budget for their solar project. The calculator will estimate the size of the solar system you can install based on the amount you’re willing to spend. 

  1. Simply input your address and monthly bill, then use the slidey scale to set your budget. 
  2. The calculator will crunch the numbers and provide an estimate of the solar system size you can afford, helping you make an informed investment decision.

The user interface is intuitive, with each result clearly explained:

How We Do Our Calculations

Let’s delve deeper into the process behind our solar calculator.

First, let’s talk about the energy offset calculation. This involves understanding your current energy usage, which is derived from the monthly electricity bill you input. We pair this information with our extensive database of average solar radiation levels based on geographical location. Our algorithm uses this data to estimate how much energy a solar system in your location could potentially generate, which then forms the basis of our energy offset calculation.

For the price-based calculation, we use a set of algorithms that consider the cost of solar equipment, installation fees, and potential financial incentives available in your area. We also account for factors such as the efficiency of various solar panel models and the optimal panel configuration for your specific location. All of these elements are then combined to give an estimate of the system size you could afford with your specified budget.

Finally, our calculator also incorporates the expected lifespan of the solar equipment, maintenance costs, and potential increases in electricity prices. This helps to provide a realistic estimate of your potential savings over the long term. All these calculations are done behind the scenes, providing you with an easy-to-understand result, whether it’s the estimated solar system size, cost, or potential savings.

Our process is underpinned by an ongoing commitment to research and refinement. We continually monitor industry developments, technological advancements, and market trends to ensure our calculator remains accurate, relevant, and up-to-date. We also seek to improve our algorithms and user interface based on user feedback, making your experience as seamless and informative as possible.

In a nutshell, the calculator takes a comprehensive and dynamic approach to help you unlock your solar potential. It’s about much more than just crunching numbers – it’s about providing you with a roadmap to a more sustainable future.

How We Collected Our Data

Here at, we take pride in our meticulous approach to data collection, ensuring that our Solar Calculator delivers the most accurate and useful results for our users. Our multi-step process is a testament to our commitment to provide you with the best information to aid in your solar energy investment decisions.

To begin, we have a dedicated team of data specialists who gathered the necessary information. These experts scour various resources and databases for relevant and up-to-date figures on aspects such as solar panel performance, cost, and local weather conditions. This team also tracks changes in energy prices and government incentive programs to ensure our calculator reflects the current market situation.

But we don’t stop there. Once the data has been collected, our moderators scrutinize the information for accuracy and relevance. The data collected is then fed into our proprietary algorithms, which are designed to take into account various factors that can affect the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of a solar system. These include geographical location, average sunlight exposure, local electricity rates, and more. This information is processed to give you a customized estimate of the size and cost of the solar system you need, based on your individual requirements and budget.

We constantly monitor and update our database to reflect any changes in the solar industry or energy market.

In summary, the SolarEmpower’s solar calculator is a powerful resource built on the back of careful data collection, rigorous moderation, and innovative algorithms. Our aim is to make your journey towards sustainable solar energy as straightforward and informed as possible. We believe that armed with the right information, you can make the best decisions for your home, your wallet, and our planet.