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Updated on 2023-02-01

Urban Solar Grid Overview

Urban Grid (also known as Urban Grid Solar) is a developer of utility-scale renewable energy projects based in Richmond, Virginia. Urban Grid was established in 2010 to help the world move closer to a sustainable energy future. The firm specializes in guiding clean energy as well as energy storage projects through the entire development process including site acquisition, interconnection, permitting, and commercialization, to promote environmentally friendly and sustainable energy production. 


They aspire to supply dependable renewable energy to commercial and informal clients. Despite having a small crew, their yearly income is estimated to range from $500,000 to $1 million. Also at the time, they were working on projects in as many as 12 states. These are made up of a rising solar Photovoltaic portfolio of 13000 megawatts and stand-alone energy storage of 7000 megawatts. To date, they have managed to raise more than $100 million in funding.


Urban Solar Grid Services and Features:

Urban Solar Grid is a company that provides design as well as installation services for renewable energy solutions for homes, businesses, and utility-scale clients. Installing a solar photovoltaic system and generating green power are just a few of the ways to reduce your carbon footprint. 


Instead of using fossil fuels for energy, green power is created from clean renewable sources such as wind power, solar photovoltaics, landfill methane capture, or biomass. Energy from the sun is a pure, endless, homegrown resource generated without using fuel and without emitting harmful air pollution.


The services they offer include:


Solar Energy Contractor:

Solar panels will be installed on your roof and other buildings by Urban Grid to ensure that the equipment receives as much sunshine as possible. They design the system with your property’s layout and demands in mind. They connect the panels to the electrical grid after they have been installed. Afterwards they will usually collaborate with electricians to verify that the connection is safe and secure. 


Solar Panels:

Solar panels from monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels are all available from Urban Grid. 


Solar Power Electric Generators:

They also sell these silent, odor-free generators that outperform their gas-powered equivalents. Did we also mention that they don’t contribute to global warming?


Solar Water Pumps:

Solar-powered water pumps are also available from them. Once you have the panel, you can get all of your energy from the sun for free! This is a significant benefit over fossil fuel pumps, which need you to purchase gasoline regularly.


Rooftop Solar Systems:

They also provide rooftop solar power systems (also known as rooftop PV systems), which are photovoltaic systems with solar panels put on the roof of a home or business.


Wind Turbines:

They sell wind turbines, which transform the wind’s kinetic energy into electricity. With their PPA contracts, hundreds of thousands of these devices may be deployed in wind farms to create over 650 gigawatts of power, with an additional 60 GW added each year.


Urban Grid Solar caters its products mainly to customers in the North Virginia area, which is close to its base in Richmond. Their service area extends from Virginia on the East Coast to Texas down South. However, the company also offers statewide services.


Urban Grid Costs:

Customers of Urban Grid say the firm offers reasonable rates for high-quality goods. “I had heard from a coworker that their service would be amazing,” one consumer explained. But, to be honest, I was still taken aback. This is a good reminder that quality isn’t something you can put a price tag on!” 


The firm prides itself on producing high-quality, long-lasting products. As the operator, they first concentrated on C&I projects. However, as time passed, they progressively created a significant asset portfolio and a devoted solar PPA client base. Their services are excellent, and their personnel are well trained to meet your demands.


A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is frequently the most accessible and cost-effective option for a large enterprise to get huge volumes of renewable energy. Sleeved PPAs, also known as direct PPAs or retail PPAs, and Virtual Power Purchase Agreements are the two most frequent forms of PPAs (VPPAs). 

According to the Business Renewables Center, sleeved PPAs account for around 20% of all large-scale corporate renewable energy transactions. Both of these options are available through Urban Grid. 


Urban Grid Legitimacy

Urban Grid is a trustworthy establishment. They are flexible and always available for communication, so if you have any questions, you may contact them by phone or e-mail. According to the customer ratings, no one has complained about a long response time, meaning when you contact them, they should answer quickly. Also this organization is highly recommended by our experts as a reliable service provider.


Urban Grid was recently acquired by Brookfield Renewable and there is room for growth. They are currently working on ways to offer their services to more states soon. Urban Grid is led by Frank DePew, who has held onto his vision for how the company should have a say in the renewable energy sector. The company’s great reviews and accreditations do a lot to cement their stellar reputation.


Urban Grid Solar maintenance:

Maintenance costs for utility-scale PV solar plants tend to be on the lower end. But they do require you to operate them efficiently and maintain them carefully. Urban Grid offers high levels of maintenance and annual checkups of your home solar panels to make sure systems are running well. 


Customers said they are easy to get hold of and their service delivery is efficient. Though there was one issue with rescheduling an installation which was successfully addressed.


Urban Grid Solar has lots of projects where they provide financing through their PPA agreements. Usually, the development and construction are taken control of by a third party. This means the responsibility of maintenance and routine checkups won’t be theirs. 


The solar panels used in their utility-scale projects come with a long warranty of 25 years. Customers also noted that the first installation process was simple and that the personnel was reliable and pleasant to work with. Several reviews give praise for their unrivaled service.


The Urban Grid View: 

Overall, Urban Grid appears to provide high-quality products and services at a premium price. Their transition to utility-scale projects demonstrates that individual clients are no longer their primary priority. However, you will struggle to find a better option if you want a respected service provider that can provide you with long-lasting products. Employee and customer feedback further demonstrates that Urban Grid is genuine and that they remain committed to their vision of a green energy future.

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

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Are Urban Grid good to work for?

"My job at Urban Grid is all about cutting-edge technology," one employee adds, "transitioning solar beyond an intermittent power resource with the advent of energy storage." Every day, my work contributes to the nation's power grid's long-term viability, which is both fascinating and significant to me as an engineer." Other testimonials are on a similar note, thus it's safe to say Urban Grid is a great company to work for.

Urban Grid Solar Solar Details

9020 Stony Point, Suite 380
Richmond, Virginia
Office Locations
337 Log Canoe Circle
Stevensville, Maryland

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