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Updated on 2023-01-31

Sunshine Saves Inc. Overview

Sunshine Saves Inc. provides solar energy for residential and commercial properties in South Carolina. Led by Xavier Veille, Sunshine Saves Inc. is dedicated to ensuring every customer saves money on their energy bills by switching to solar energy.

From solar energy and battery backup to roofing and tree top services, the company offers a great selection of options for local homeowners and business owners. 

Sunshine Saves Inc. has been established for over a decade, and its team of experts has the perfect set of skills to ensure every customer is satisfied with their new solar system..



Sunshine Saves Inc. Services and Features

Sunshine Saves Inc. Services

Sunshine Saves Inc. offers multiple solar services and considers all factors when evaluating a property for solar installation. Customers can get a free quote by filling out a quick online form, and the expert team will get in touch within a day or two.

The following services are available at Sunshine Saves Inc.:

  1. Residential and commercial solar energy
  2. Battery back up
  3. Roofing
  4. Main service panel
  5. Upgrades
  6. Tree work 


Sunshine Saves Inc. Costs

Sunshine Saves Inc. does not provide a price list on its website, so it’s difficult to comment on its affordability and costs. The company offers a free consultation where customers can inquire about its services and get an estimated quote.

Based on the information that we could find online, Sunshine Saves Inc. is not overpriced, and customers pay for the quality that they receive. The company also insists that every customer will save money on utilities in the long run by using the sun for energy instead of non-renewable sources of energy.


Sunshine Saves Inc. Legitimacy

The team at Sunshine Saves Inc. is professional and licensed to install and maintain solar systems. The company also has several experts in roofing and tree top techniques, which is why they offer these services as part of their packages.

The company has been established for years and works closely with every residential and commercial client to ensure they receive the best products and services.

We couldn’t find any information about the specific qualifications of each team member, so we can’t say for sure that the company is accredited by The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP).


Sunshine Saves Inc. Maintenance

Sunshine Saves Inc. provides accurate and honest solar energy proposals for those in South Carolina. It focuses on client satisfaction and customer service and wants to make saving money easier for everybody in the area.

The company does not mention whether it provides in-house maintenance services or is outsourced. 

The team will work closely with every client to determine which services are the best options for them. They can evaluate and assess a building to identify which solar panels are suitable and whether any tree work or roof adjustments are necessary.



The SolarEmpower View

In conclusion, Sunshine Saves Inc. is a reliable company that provides well-rounded services to residential and commercial properties in the South Carolina area. It consists of a strong team that has several years of combined experience in the solar industry.



Sunshine Saves Inc. Contact Details

Phone: 980-458-2944

Email: [email protected]

Address: Tega Cay, South Carolina, 29708, United States

Opening hours: 9 AM – 5 PM Monday to Friday. 8 AM – 6 PM Saturdays. Closed on Sundays.

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation


Is Sunshine Saves Inc. worth it?

Yes, Sunshine Saves Inc. is worth it. The company prides itself on its extensive range of services and attention to client satisfaction.

Is Sunshine Saves Inc. good to work for?

There was very little information online about whether or not Sunshine Saves Inc. is a good company to work for.

Is Sunshine Saves Inc. trustworthy?

Sunshine Saves Inc. is a reliable and credible company in the South Carolina area and is built with the customer in mind.

Can I cancel a contract with Sunshine Saves Inc.?

Under the South Carolina law, SC 27-32-40, consumers have up to five days to cancel a contract after they have signed it. However, it’s worth getting in touch with Sunshine Saves Inc. directly for more details about their contracts via phone, email, or online chat.

Sunshine Saves Inc. Solar Details

Tega Cay, South Carolina

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