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Updated on 2023-08-16

Sunlink Energy Overview

Sunlink Energy is a professional solar panel installation company based in Scottsdale, Arizona. The company was recently founded in 2019 but has experienced remarkable growth since then as it has established itself as a trusted name in the solar power industry.

Having made over 120,000 solar installations, Sunlink Energy has solidified itself as Arizona’s newest leader in high-impact solar energy solutions. The company’s mission is to bring clean, affordable solar power to customers and to make solar power accessible to everyone. Sunlink Energy prides itself on putting customer service first and building relationships that last for a lifetime. Over 40 reviewers out of 52 on one site that we trawled gave Sunlink Energy 5* reviews.



Sunlink Energy Services and Specifics

Solar Panels and services offered by Sunlink Energy

Sunlink Energy handles the entire solar installation process, and its services include:


Solar Panels: Sunlink Energy specializes in the installation of various types of solar panels, including grid-tied panels.


Online Monitoring: All of Sunlink Energy’s solar systems come with active monitoring. The company uses the easy-to-use mobile app by Enphase called “Enlighten Monitoring” to help customers understand and operate their solar systems properly. This app lets people track their overall energy and per-panel energy production data, monitor the system’s health, and share data with family and friends from a simple, easy-to-use interface.


Roofing Repairs: The company performs roofing repairs and replacements through its sister company.

Sunlink Energy mainly caters its services to customers in Arizona.



Installation costs and processes

Sunlink Energy Costs

On its official website, Sunlink Energy has claimed that its certified energy consultants help to discuss the energy needs and budgets of its customers. The company has also stated that its “aggressive pricing is the best in the market.”

To make solar systems more affordable, Sunlink Energy assists its customers in acquiring both federal and state tax credits, including the Energy Equipment Property Tax Exemption and the Solar and Wind Equipment Sales Tax Exemption.

Sunlink Energy also offers solar financing, which can save customers 40% to 70% over the lifetime of the solar panels that are installed. The company offers interest rates as low as 2.99% for qualified customers, along with varying term lengths ranging from 10-21 years. Other perks the company offers are deferred payment options, including no payments for 18 months.

A few of Sunlink Energy’s customer reviews have expressed satisfaction with the company’s costs. 

There is no information about the exact costs of products and services, but we can assume that Sunlink Energy’s pricing is cost-effective.


Sunlink Energy Legitimacy

Sunlink Energy is a legitimate company, and here are its accreditations:

  • Sunlink Energy has been a BBB-accredited business since 2022.
  • Sunlink Energy is open about its contact details, providing its phone number and social media handles on its official website for ease of contact.  There is a form that customers can fill out to book face-to-face consultations, and zoom/phone appointments.
  • The company is approved and verified by CleanenergyReviews.
  • Sunlink Energy has manufacturer partnerships with Canadian Solar Inc, Panasonic, REC, Silfab Solar, Q CELLS, and LONGi Solar.
  • Sunlink Energy is affiliated with and certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP).
  • Sunlink Energy is licensed by the Registrar of Contractors (ROC).

From the accreditations, licenses, and partnerships, we can safely state that Sunlink Energy is a legitimate company.


Sunlink Energy Maintenance

All of Sunlink Energy’s solar panels and inverters carry a 25-year product, performance, and labor warranty.

The company has stated that it has a high commitment to workmanship is unmatched and offers an industry-leading guarantee. Sunlink Energy, on its official website, claims to put customer service first, and to an extent, this has been reflected in customer reviews. Several reviews have praised Sunlink Energy’s customer services, classifying the company’s team as professional and knowledgeable.

This shows that Sunlink Energy delivers good maintenance services.



The SolarEmpower view

In a nutshell, Sunlink Energy seems to offer good solar installation services. There are quite a good number of critical reviews, but a larger number of customer reviews are positive. Regarding its costs, the company’s financing options have made its services more affordable for customers.



Contact details: 

Phone: +1 (480) 624-8105

Address: 1525 N Hayden Rd Ste 110, Scottsdale, AZ 85257

Email: [email protected]

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation

Service Areas

Select State:


Is Sunlink Energy recommended?

Yes. The company has been well recommended by some of its customers.

Does Sunlink Energy provide a free consultation?

Yes, the company offers free consultations.

Are Sunlink Energy trustworthy?

Yes. From the partnerships, accreditations, and positive customer reviews, we can classify Sunlink Energy as a trustworthy company.

Does Sunlink Energy provide a good service?

Yes. Sunlink Energy provides a good service to its customers and this has been reflected in a plethora of reviews.

Sunlink Energy Solar Details

Workmanship Warranty
25-year product, performance, and labor warranty.
Licensing Information


1525 N Hayden Rd Ste 110
Scottsdale, AZ

Sunlink Energy User Reviews

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Peoria, Arizona
August 16, 2023
They will lye to you
If you are looking for an overprice system that is going to produce half the energy that your house needs and promised by the sales person, this is your company.

If you are looking for a company that is going to help you save energy and money, you better do your homework.

The reason that I picked this company it was a friend referral.

My neighbors systems were a third of half cheaper than mine and produce enough electricity to don’t have a bill.

I paid twice the price and still have a bill.
February 6, 2023
Sunlink did a wonderful job!…
Sunlink did a wonderful job! They have delivered on the up front commitments that were made and did so on time and with responsiveness and professionalism. They kept us informed every step of the way and we could not be more pleased. Our only regret is that we did not contact SunLink sooner and go Solar sooner!! THANK YOU to Adam and his SunLink team from an extremely satisfied customer!!!!
October 21, 2022
I had my Solar Panel…
I had my Solar Panel installed and it was installed incorrectly and missing parts but they did come fix those issues. Also, Solar Link stated that my electric bill be around $65 due to all the panels we had installed, that is untrue. Solar link stated wait for 3 months to stabilize and you will see the difference. It's been 3 months and my electric bill are the same. We tried contacting Solarlink representative (Jason) and Stacey Wilmer but to no avail. Solarlink does not return your calls nor try to resolve the issues with the Solar.We have been requesting to remove my Solar since they have not tried to resolve our issues.
Bubu Tuz
Bubu Tuz
September 8, 2022
Chase was very professional and…
Chase was very professional and friendly. He answered all the questions i had. The install crew did a great job! The Bruners.
KenKia Elam
KenKia Elam
August 31, 2022
I became a Sunlink customer…
I became a Sunlink customer in the fall of 2021. My rep, Jason, knocked on our door and discussed the concept of solar to me and my wife, which is something we were already considering (given the amount of sunlight we get in AZ). Throughout the process of the sale, Jason was very responsive and provided a lot of information on the benefits of solar. This included running a comp on our past 12 month electricity bill to design a system for us. We mentioned that we had just purchased an EV and this was not reflected in our past energy bills so we would need to somehow account for that. Jason said they would throw in an additional 2 panels for the EV.

I would say the process of signing the documents was a bit aggressive with his boss, Samantha, often sending emails for Docusigns and Jason texting me within 5 minutes to ask me to sign. Regardless, we got through it and the installation team showed up on the scheduled day in installed the panels - no problem. After the first two months, I did not see dramatic decreases in our power bill but Jason reassured me that I'd see bigger savings over the summer months.

Now that we are in the middle of summer, I've been monitoring our electricity bills and have seen average of about $40 savings from our prior year bill, which was a little concerning to me. I reached out via email to Samantha and Jason, but of course now, I can't seem to get a response to my emails or a callback. We have received no response from Samantha and Jason has stated he would call back several times but never has. This has been extremely frustrating, because now we are locked into a long term loan with a 3rd party and it feels as if we are stuck with a system that is not adequately producing energy to support our daily activities. For example, if we are charging our EV and the A/C unit is running, we are consistently consuming 6-7Kw each hour above what our system is generating (resulting in billed energy from the power company).

Also, for the price we paid (just over $30K), we did not even receive a battery. After further research, we found there are other options for systems that could have potentially included a battery for this price. One other incentive we were told during the original sale was that we would have no energy bill in Year 2. Of course now, I can't seem to get anyone on the phone or to email me back in order to explain how this will work either.

I would say that this process started out as promising, but much like one would expect, once you are all signed up - the customer service and consultation is shaky or down right non-existent. I would advise potential customers to do as much research as possible to ensure the system that will be put in place will more than meet your needs. Inquire about max output during the day, whether or not you will need to have a battery to harness any excess kw to be used overnight, account for future needs that could impact energy usage, etc.

Update: As of 8/31, I have still not had anyone reach out regarding my concerns and questions.
Casey Berryman
Casey Berryman
August 20, 2022
Great company all around from…
Great company all around from top to bottom
Brad Shefloe
Brad Shefloe
August 4, 2022
Michael was very helpful in…
Michael was very helpful in determining whether I should do Solar
Mariann morgan
Mariann morgan
August 3, 2022
Awesome company to work for!!!…
Awesome company to work for!!!
Kirsten Orlowski
Kirsten Orlowski
August 2, 2022
Great company – very easy…
Great company - very easy to work with. Sean did a great job explaining the whole process and we're very happy to have everything up and running now!
Jose Mora
Jose Mora
July 28, 2022
You guys did a great…
You guys did a great job Kisasi is a great guy very professional,and very understandable person iam so happy that kisasi was my service man I give kisasi a 110% of this review thanks kisasi for everything,me and my family are very thankful may the lord bless you thanks again.

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