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Updated on 2023-08-15


SunCommon is a medium-sized solar company located in Waterbury, Vermont. This privately held company has been in business since 2012 to help people efficiently utilize the sun’s clean and renewable energy.



Specific Types of Solar Offered

Home solar: SunCommon offers solutions for incorporating solar technology into existing homes and newly constructed, solar-integrated residences. Harnessing the power of renewable energy, these solar panels enable homeowners to efficiently operate appliances such as lighting, TVs, computers, heaters, and electric vehicles.


Commercial solar: SunCommon provides durable solar systems for small and large businesses. Over the past decade, it’s installed solar solutions for 200 diverse NY and VT businesses, including healthcare, retail, and agriculture. 


Solar canopy: Solar canopies resemble ordinary canopies but feature solar panels. SunCommon collaborates with New York-based construction firm New Energy Works, which crafts each timber for the solar canopy. Solar canopies are more aesthetically pleasing than conventional rooftop installations. They are usually built in homes but can be set up on commercial properties.


Farm solar: SunCommon can install PV modules on individual farms, which can extend the benefits to neighboring farms. Large farms can even host community solar arrays to produce significant amounts of electric energy and meet the needs of surrounding households.



Installation Costs and Process

SunCommon dispatches a home consultant to identify which solar solution will suit you best. Then, a site evaluator gathers crucial technical details about the home and its layout. Following this, the company’s skilled engineering team devises a solar system tailored to the residential or commercial property’s needs. 

If you opt not to pay for their solar system outright, SunCommon provides an array of financing alternatives. The subsequent steps involve acquiring permits and procuring solar panels and necessary equipment. Ultimately, SunCommon deploys a proficient installation crew that completes the process within two days.



SunCommon offers affordable solar financing options through partnerships with VESCU, a credit union in Vermont, and Sunlight Financial, a national energy leader. Customers can choose from these three plans:


Financing Option Description
12-year Loan This is a financing option with low-interest rates, typically around 3.24%, allowing customers to pay back the loan in 12 years.
20-year Financing This option offers lower monthly payments and incredibly low interest rates, possibly as low as 0.99%, spread over a 20-year period.
Cash Payment This plan allows customers to pay upfront without utilizing any of SunCommon’s financing options, thus avoiding any interest payments.
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As a B-Corp enterprise licensed to work in Vermont and New York, SunCommon adheres to conscientious corporate principles. This outstanding company has been recognized with prestigious accolades, such as the 2014 Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence. 

Moreover, in 2022, SunCommon achieved the esteemed Quality Solar Installer Gold Status, bestowed by NYSERDA. Such honors and validations testify to SunCommon’s credibility and authenticity.



SunCommon provides a 10-year workmanship warranty. This ensures that customers have a smooth solar experience and enjoy the long-term performance of their solar system.

Also, SunCommon customers can monitor their solar systems’ energy production on their smartphones. Should system issues arise, customers have the option to reach out to the SunCommon team, providing a comprehensive account of the problem. 

Unfortunately, contacting the company’s support team proves somewhat challenging.


Secret Shopper Analysis

We reached out to SunCommon, and since 2012, they have been providing solar solutions for residential and commercial properties, including solar panels for homes, businesses, solar canopies, and farm solar installations.

The company offers affordable financing options through partnerships, allowing customers to choose between loans, financing plans, or cash payments. While they have received recognition and awards for their commitment to sustainability, their customer service and maintenance support could be improved. Overall, SunCommon is a reputable company with a strong emphasis on making solar energy accessible.

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Review Analysis

SunCommon has established an exceptional reputation in the solar industry, reflected by their remarkable average review score of 4.9. With 81 customers providing feedback, the company has received praise for their professional and fast installation process, as well as their overall professionalism and great communication. However, there are three reviews of 3 stars or less, where customers expressed disappointment with slow response times and a decline in communication after signing the contract.

While the majority of feedback remains highly positive, SunCommon should address these concerns to ensure consistent and effective communication with customers throughout the entire process. Overall, SunCommon is recognized for their professionalism, fast installation, and positive communication, contributing to their strong reputation in the solar sector.

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The SolarEmpower View

SunCommon is a good solar company. It provides clients with budget-friendly financing solutions, making solar energy accessible without financial stress. However, its post-installation maintenance support could use some improvement. 

Additionally, SunCommon outsources installation tasks to external contractors, and the quality of your solar system installation may depend on the expertise of the assigned team.


💲Cost: 9/10 Legitimacy: 9/10
️Quality: 8/10 📞Customer Service: 6/10
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Contact Details

Phone: 802-882-8170

Address:  442 US-2, Waterbury VT, 05676


Industry Certifications

Better Business Bureau
Better Business Bureau

Service Types

Residential Solar
Commercial Solar
Energy Monitoring System


Is SunCommon trustworthy?

Yes, SunCommon is a reputable company that has served over 10,000 customers in the past ten years.

Will SunCommon provide proper maintenance?

The company’s support team is ineffective in handling customer calls, leading to delays in maintenance service.

Does SunCommon provide a free consultation?

Yes, SunCommon offers a free consultation to help you find the best solar system for your home.

SunCommon Solar Details

442 US-2
Waterbury VT

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