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Updated on 2023-06-14

Sun Pacific Solar Electric Inc. Overview

Sun Pacific Solar Electric Inc. (SPSE) is a solar energy company established in 2007. Based in Santa Barbara County, California, it is a large-sized company with several teams of experienced installers, electricians, and contractors. Sun Pacific provides solar energy solutions to private residents, commercial buildings, and agricultural infrastructures. 


Sun Pacific is a high-cost business that invests in training its workforce and employs separate teams for management and consultation. Sun Pacific employs skilled locals as a part of their installation team to build a trustworthy relationship with their customers. The company has received several awards for its efficient services, which are backed by consistently positive customer reviews. Since its inception, our experts estimate that Sun Pacific has grown to more than $5 million in revenue per annum.



Sun Pacific Solar Electric Inc. Services and Specifics 

Sun Pacific Solar provides a wide range of services, from consultation to maintenance and re-roofing to its customer base:


Grid-Tied Solar

This is the most common solar installation provided by Sun Pacific. This service is available for both residential and commercial buildings. It includes solar panels, battery backup, and inverters to help customers reduce their energy costs while adding value to their properties.


Grid-Tied Solar with Micro-Grid

This service comes with an additional option for installing batteries and generators to prevent the chances of complete shut down during lack of solar heat.


Off-Grid Solar

This service aims to provide seamless power connections in remote/off-grid places. Sun Pacific uses a combination of battery banks, solar panels, and inverters with a simple design for this service.


Maintenance and Repairs

Post-installation, Solar Pacific takes complete responsibility for maintenance and repairs of their systems. They are also available to address their customers’ grievances and modify the systems likewise.



Solar Panels and Services Offered by Sun Pacific Solar Electric Inc. Company 

Sun Pacific uses solar panels from reputed brands such as SolarWorld, SunPower, Panasonic, Lumos, and Hyundai. Sun Pacific designs the solar systems so that more solar panels can be accommodated in the future if required.



Installation Costs and Process

Installation process

Sun Pacific ensures that its solar panel systems are at par with the aesthetics of its customers’ houses. It provides installations on seam roofs, shingle roofs, composite roofs, and more. Their comprehensive installation process is set out below:

Step 1: Consultation

Sun Pacific begins its service by providing consultation to design the most suitable solar system for their customer’s needs.

Step 2: Tile removal

The next step includes the removal of tiles (in the case of roofs) where the solar panels are to be installed.

Step 3: Building arrays

Sun Pacific builds the supporting structure and the arrays before the solar panel installation.

Step 4: Installing solar panels

The custom solar panels are then installed depending on the required wattage. 

Step 5: Additional inverter or battery installation

This is an add-on service mostly availed by commercial projects to retain functionality during cloudy days.



Costs of switching to solar energy through Sun Pacific’s services vary depending on several factors: building type, area, location, required energy, and more. The exact cost can be estimated using their “get a quote” facility.


They provide a free consultation and then state an appropriate quote for the required services. Reviewers seemed happy with the company’s costing services. 


Sun Pacific has high quality return compared to the cost. Sun Pacific is a company relied on by government agencies such as the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History. Commercial or private, all of Sun Pacific’s projects use high-quality solar panels and supporting structure materials.


Sun Pacific provides financial initiatives to its customers through California Solar Incentives. This incentivizes customers through cash and Incentive Tax Credit of 24% at present.



Sun Pacific Solar Electric Inc. is a legitimate company in California with license number; C-10 860806. Our database investigations indicate that Sun Pacific is fairly transparent about its reputation.


Sun Pacific has two major partners – Sun Power and OutBack power, the authorized dealers for all of Sun Pacific’s projects.



Customers state that it is easy to set up an appointment with Sun Pacific for their free consultations. Customers with financial constraints have also received sufficient support in arranging loans for financing. 


Sun Pacific has a comprehensive system for customer support. The customer support links include:

  • Call- +1 805-965-9292
  • Direct messages on their website and social media accounts.
  • Direct visit to their office at 809 Bond Ave Suite B, Santa Barbara, CA 93103.


Sun Pacific Solar Electric Inc.

Legitimate Yes
Trustworthy Yes
High-Quality return Yes
Punctual and professional Yes
Wide Array of services Yes
Estimates available No
Free consultation Yes
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Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation

Service Areas

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Is Sun Pacific Solar Electric trustworthy?

Yes, Sun Pacific is a trustworthy company. They have a solid reputation in the solar energy industry and have received several awards as recognition.

Is Sun Pacific good to work for?

Yes, previous and current employees have stated that Sun Pacific provides fair compensation and a fair work-life balance.

Sun Pacific Solar Electric, Inc. Solar Details

809 Bond Ave Suite B
Santa Barbara CA

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R Tiffney
R Tiffney
June 18, 2021
We had a 5Kw solar…
We had a 5Kw solar system and associated Tesla battery installed by Sunpower Pacific and are delighted to recommend their services. Their whole team is courteous, helpful and friendly, quick to answer questions and to solve the roadblocks that Southern California Edison places in front of those choosing to install solar energy.

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