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Updated on 2023-06-14


SolFarm Solar Co. offers consultation, system design and installation for solar photovoltaic energy systems for both residential and commercial setups. With a passion for solar energy, SolFarm claims to provide a simple, streamlined solar experience to our customers. Established in 2012, SolFarm has been working to help the community reach their sustainability goals, save money and reduce the general carbon footprints. 


Business Background

SolFarm is proven to work with select manufacturers to maintain what they call the “highest level of craftsmanship and quality”. These include companies such as Enphase and Ironridge. Stating that they will never leave you questioning the components provided in their installations, SolFarm instead makes a point of outlining and detailing all equipment to be installed – along with valuable warranties.



SolFarm Solar Co.Services and Specifics

Solar Panels and services offered by SolFarm Solar Co.

Solfarm Solar Co. offers the following set of services in the sphere of solar power and beyond:

  • Installation of solar arrays
  • Installation of batteries for energy storage
  • Solar systems 
  • Expertise in consulting and financing


Solar Photovoltaic Systems

SolFarm Solar Co. designs, installs, and maintains solar photovoltaic systems in North and South Carolina.  Photovoltaic (PV) systems are composed of one or more solar panels combined with an inverter to generate electricity from the sun. SolFarm’s array of PV systems can vary in size depending on the project scale. Where PV systems can operate by themselves as off-grid PV systems, SolFarm offers advanced solar solutions.

Installation Costs and Processes

Evidently paying attention to customers’ unique needs, SolFarm promises an excellent all-round solar installation experience. Reportedly, SolFarm always performs upfront analysis of cost savings for solar installations, which reportedly cost between $25,000 to $50,000 over a 25-year period. As a turnkey solar installer, SolFarm Solar Co. wants to be there with you every step of the way and even well beyond through continuous maintenance. In their execution of all necessary documents for the permitting, zoning and net metering agreement with the utility, they do seem to keep their word.

For these reasons, SolarEmpower would recommend SolFarm on the pricing front.


SolFarm Solar Co. Legitimacy

Verified customers have praised the professionalism of SolFarm in the light of their recent solar panel installation. Very happy with the quality of the work, two customers we found aren’t shy to highly recommend them to anyone looking to save on their energy bill. Providing customers with a 5-year warranty post installation, SolFarm evidently succeeds in keeping its clientele updated and satisfied. That is only further evidenced, based on the review databases that we trawled.


SolFarm Solar Co.Maintenance

SolFarm’s NABCEP certified installers and licensed electricians are evidently ready to perform preventative maintenance and troubleshooting of solar systems. Stating that they are always ready for maintaining your system, SolFarm is keen to help with rebates and incentives in the area. Although roof leaks are not commonly reported after a SolFarm installation, their proven track record does come from using quality materials and delivering consistent service.



The SolarEmpower View

As per the findings of this review and based on personal customer testimonials, The SolFarm NABCEP certified team works with their clients to evaluate the energy efficiency of a business or dwelling in order to reduce electrical bills. By also helping with rebates and incentives, this company is noteworthy in their beneficial solar offerings.

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation

Service Areas

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Are SolFarm Solar Co. trustworthy?

As per the testimonial of one particular past customer, SolFarm Solar Co. “is a wonderful company”. Making a strong point of their 3 NABCEP certified solar professional team, this customer was also happy to mention their competitive pricing.

Are SolFarm Solar Co. good to work for?

In their own words, their employees bring with them a multitude of great qualities such as: “positive attitudes, a drive to continue learning, a high level of professionalism, and team-minded thinking.”. Whereas the renewable energy sector, and solar energy specifically, is not generally known for diversity in the workplace, SolFarm is clearly committed thereto. As can be attested by past and present employees, SolFarm is a good company to work for.

SolFarm Solar Co. Solar Details

75 Glendale Avenue
Asheville NC

SolFarm Solar Co. User Reviews

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Danielle Arostegui
Danielle Arostegui
January 23, 2023
Super nice and easy to…
Super nice and easy to work with. Haven't paid for anything electricity on our monthly bills since installing our panels and getting everything up and running.
Fred Thompson
Fred Thompson
January 5, 2023
Service call was quick and…
Service call was quick and courteous and not over priced.
David Berkey
David Berkey
September 20, 2022
We interviewed several companies before…
We interviewed several companies before deciding on SolFarm and they were the only ones that didn't play games with us on pricing. The workers were respectful and pleasant and did a very clean installation. They didn't promise that our configuration would cover all of our energy needs, but it has actually worked out that way - underpromised and overdelivered...
Tyler Longwell
Tyler Longwell
April 29, 2022
SolFarm delivered a turnkey solar,…
SolFarm delivered a turnkey solar, battery, and generator system for our new construction home. They managed the installation of our ground mounted solar on steep terrain and at a difficult to access site. SolFarm made it possible for us to live very comfortably in our new home, even though we had to be without a grid connection for a year due to an unrelated easement issue. They were the only team in the region that was willing to take on an off-grid project like this without hugely inflating the cost.
Laurie and Steven Hagstrom
Laurie and Steven Hagstrom
January 17, 2022
The following are SolFarm folks…
The following are SolFarm folks who worked with me to create a unique solar system for my home. All of these folks were informed, kind, and attentive. Kelly, the sales person and the install team were especially professional. And, the owner was available if I had questions no one else could answer!
Mike Diethelm - Owner
Kelly - initial evaluation and sales
Zach, Pepe, Liam - installation
Cameron - took over the Project Management job in Dec. and did the best he could coming in AFTER my project was complete. Michael was the Project Manager during most of my project. He did not perform/respond - IMO- on time or in a professional manner. His work was the only negative during my entire experience.
Dylan Pachucki
Dylan Pachucki
September 21, 2021
Talked to Allen on the…
Talked to Allen on the phone. He helped me so much as a new solar owner. Would recommend them

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