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Updated on 2023-06-14



Solectric is a family-owned residential and commercial solar installation company located in West Sacramento, California. It was founded in 2015 to provide California with high-quality solar installations and build excellent customer relationships. In its 18 years of operation, the company has carried out over 36,000 installations.

The company currently offers homeowners in California a clean source of solar energy at a reasonable cost, with about 20 employees. The company’s goal of providing customers with an excellent customer experience is one they take seriously, as the company website is filled with great customer reviews and five-star ratings. 

Solectric Services and Features: 

Solectric caters to their customer’s needs by taking care of the whole production process from the point of production of the solar system to the point of installation in their homes. Their products and services include: 


Solectric Products:

Solar Panels: Solectric offers different types of solar panels from Sunpower Solar Company.

Solar Batteries: Solectric offers solar-powered batteries from SunPower to help you store excess energy for later use at night or during a power outage. 

Solar-powered Standby generators: The company also offers high-performance Generac standby generators. These generators come on automatically during a power outage, making interrupted power supply a thing of the past.

Electric vehicle charging stations: Solectric offers easy-to-use and install fast, secure, convenient, and cost-effective EV charging stations with intelligent WiFi control and stylish design.

Solectric Services: 

Solar system design and installation: The company designs solar systems that work best for each customer. Their professional technicians provide expert drawings about the installation process and ensure that their customers are properly informed about it.

Solectric costs: 

According to customer reviews, Solectric offers reasonable product and service pricing. The company seems to offer the latest high-tech products like panels that stand out and function effectively. The company is known to focus on quality over cost. 

We recommend Solectrics because of its great pricing and excellent customer experience. Aside from their affordable prices per watt, their customer relationship seems to be second to none; they put their customer needs first, and their employees are trained to relate with customers in the best way possible. They also offer technical support to answer your questions and help with your solar system’s maintenance work.

Solectric legitimacy: 

Solectric is a legitimate business and not known to be involved in any illegalities. Here’s proof of the company’s legitimacy:

  1. Solectric has its contact information displayed on its website. They also provide their website’s location, email, and phone number.
  2. Solectric is licensed by the Florida Business and Professional Regulation.
  3. The company is registered in Florida and is a BBB accredited business.
  4. Thanks to their customer reviews, they offers high professionalism and great quality products. The company website contains a list of their partners; there’s no doubt that solectric aims to promote transparency between them and its customers.

Solectric maintenance: 

After installation, the company offers continued care and maintenance of solar panels to ensure maximum efficiency. Their skilled technicians assist with troubleshooting and maintenance of your solar system to ensure it stays in great condition. They offer a free quotation, referrals, great customer experience, and services. Their customers have reported that the installation process is usually smooth, and their employees are easy to work with.

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In conclusion, Solectric is one of the best in the business of solar system installation in California, thanks to their excellent customer experience and high-quality products at a price that’s not too expensive. Plus, the excellent customer review on their website goes further to show the company’s legitimacy.


Contact details:

Address: 1355 Halyard Drive, Suite #120, West Sacramento, CA 95691

Email: [email protected]

Phone Number: (916) 719-0074

Industry Certifications

Better Business Bureau
Better Business Bureau

Service Types

Residential Solar
Commercial Solar
Energy Monitoring System

Service Areas

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Is Solectric trustworthy?

Yes, the company is a legitimate and trustworthy business as it is accredited by the BBB and Florida state authorities.

Is Solectric a good company to work with?

Yes, from customer reviews on their website, it’s safe to say their employees display high professionalism when dealing with customers.

Will Solectric provide good maintenance?

Solectric carry out maintenance operations of solar panels even after installation. However the data available is not enough to guarantee the quality of maintenance they provide.

Solectric Solar Details

1355 Halyard Drive Suite #120
West Sacramento CA

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Scott Barrow
Scott Barrow
February 18, 2022
We purchased an additional Sunpower…
We purchased an additional Sunpower 3.35 kW system last November. We took our time seeking bids from mutliple businesses. Solectric was very competitive with their final pricing and won my business. The installation staff took time to answer all my questions and explain the process. It was a easy installation process and I recommend Solectric to anyone. Now that the days are getting sunnier, our expanded system is working great!
Scott & Gizella J
Scott & Gizella J
January 31, 2022
Having spent several weeks back…
Having spent several weeks back and forth with the big "national" solar installers, I decided to check with a few local companies. Solectric was a breath of fresh air, they pick up the phone and answer your questions in real time! No uploading dozens of pictures, or waiting and waiting for a response from an algorithm. Or getting passed around to different sales people and having to explain your situation over and over again.

After a few conversations and an in person site visit, we approved the plan, they had materials on hand, permits, installed and producing was only about three weeks. From first phone call to producing power, faster than "big T" can respond to a redesign request.

Very happy with our new system, and rest assured SunPower equipment is high quality and a good value. We recommend Solectric to everyone in Sacramento.
Patti Dikes
Patti Dikes
July 13, 2021
Daniel, his installation crew, and…
Daniel, his installation crew, and his support staff did a great job. Daniel is no high-pressure sales guy, he listens to what you want and explains his pricing. His contract makes sense. I installed SunPower panels, which are expensive but high quality and have a 25-yr transferrable warranty on the panels and roofing. His installers have been working with him for years and know what they are doing. They are friendly, respectful, and courteous. The installation was professional and clean, only took two days with some follow up in coordination with the City of West Sac and PG&E. So thrilled to have an electric bill about 10% of what it was last summer - from $220 in July 2020 to $22 in July 2021! It will take time to pay off the system but the savings will only grow as electric costs continue to skyrocket. And, I am proud to be doing my part for the environment with Solectric's help. Couldn't be happier.
Mario Moreno
Mario Moreno
June 22, 2021
The install was done one…
The install was done one year ago and the system has been working great. I am saving money on my electric bill as I write this review. Here are some of my observations: Even after the install, I was impressed that they take/took the time to respond to my calls and answer my questions. Yes, I found them to be very professional and responsive. The workers that came to install at my home always went out of their way to be nice. If you are looking for good quality, professional, responsive work, then I strongly recommend them.
Al Zagofsky
Al Zagofsky
June 20, 2021
The Solectric team was very…
The Solectric team was very easy to work with. They explained everything, set up a schedule and followed it and provided excellent workmanship.

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