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Simpleray LLC Overview

Simpleray, originally known as Iowa Wind and Solar, is a mid-sized solar installation company headquartered in Fairfield, Iowa. Founded in 2008, the company’s mission is to be a one-stop solar solution that simplifies the design, procurement, finance, and installation of solar. Its projected revenues for the current year are $7.6 million.

Its customers consist of organizations, utilities, and residential property owners. The company understands the perceived complexities around solar and tries to educate its customers through informational webinars, articles, and direct contact with its renewable energy consultants. It has an average review rating of 4.1 stars.



Simpleray Services and Specifics

The company states that it aims to build the best possible solar array for its customers and only install a system that will achieve your energy goals. They do this through various services, including:


Solar Panel Installation: Designing and installing off-grid and grid-tied solar systems, Simpleray uses the latest products and technology to build a solar array that will perform well into the future. Every module, racking system, and inverter they use must meet very demanding criteria of safety, reliability, efficiency, and longevity, amongst a host of other conditions.


Solar Panel Repair and Maintenance: Simpleray offers repair and maintenance services to customers even if they did not provide the original installation. Simpleray has assisted customers in replacing polycrystalline panels with monocrystalline ones, which have more efficiency. Solar companies tend to provide lower quotes when using less efficient modules, which ultimately produce less electricity. Knowing which panels are being used is prudent to enable you to obtain the most out of your installation.

Simpleray’s customer base is in Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, and beyond. They have covered a huge chunk of the Midwest installing solar systems, from small residential projects to large agricultural and utility projects.



Installation Costs and Processes

Simpleray Costs

The company says it uses technology to expedite service and reduce costs, although, in terms of equipment, they believe in quality over cheap products. To them, the better the equipment, the more energy it will produce, and save the customer electricity costs. Reviews of the company spoke more of Simpleray’s professionalism, impressive technology, and how their equipment was top of the range. 

Not much could be found about them being competitively priced. They do, however, offer financing options, applying all available incentives to help determine the best option for any type of solar installation. We are of the view that durability and reliability are priceless, and we would happily engage Simpleray for their quality equipment.


Simpleray Legitimacy

Licensed by the state authorities of Iowa, Simpleray’s legitimacy is not in doubt. Some of its notable credentials include:

  • Affiliation with the Midwest Renewable Energy Association
  • Affiliation with the Solar Energy Industries Association
  • Their engineers are certified by NABCEP
  • They are BBB accredited

In addition, they were recognized as one of the Top Solar Contractors in the US in 2019.

Their website contains email contact details, a physical address, and a telephone number. Being a nationally recognized company, we believe Simpleray’s forward-thinking solar capabilities will help you install a reliable system and save on electricity costs in the long run.


Simpleray Maintenance

The products offered by Simpleray, particularly solar panels, have a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty. You are also assured of replacement of the panel if the efficiency is degraded beyond the limits set in the warranty. Their workmanship guarantee is five years, and they perform free check-ups every year for the first two years. They have introduced their own production guarantee, that the annual production of the system will be no less than the Estimated Production Amount shown on the quote for the first five years, less an annual 0.5% degradation factor.



The SolarEmpower View

This company does not seem to compromise on the quality of the equipment used in their installations, and they do state that these do not come cheap. Considering the good impressions made on their customers, and the confidence shown in the company, we would recommend Simpleray. They have been featured in national publications in the solar industry, have been recognized as a leading company in the sector, and have many satisfied customers.



Contact details

Phone: (800) 808-0786

Address: 2601 W Briggs Ave, Fairfield, IA 52556

Email: [email protected]

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation


Are Simpleray trustworthy?

Simpleray is a trustworthy company licensed in the state of Iowa. They are nationally recognized, and BBB accredited.

Will Simpleray provide proper maintenance?

They have a workmanship warranty and production guarantee, and all their equipment has a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Can I cancel a contract with Simpleray?

According to Iowa state law, you cannot generally cancel a contract with a company once you have signed it. To seek further clarity on whether a contract has been signed, you can contact Simpleray or an attorney directly.

Does Simpleray offer free consultation?

Yes, Simpleray offers free consultation for your solar installation.

Simpleray Solar Solar Details

Workmanship Warranty
5-Year Workmanship Guarantee. 2-Year free check-up inspection. 20+ year warranties on major equipment.
2601 W Briggs Ave
Fairfield, IA

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