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Updated on 2023-02-01

Sea Wind Solar Overview

Sea-wind solar is a small-size and full-time solar company based in Monterey, California. It was founded in 1978, and they specialize in designing, installing, and servicing solar photovoltaic systems and solar water heaters for homes, farms, and businesses. They’ve handled the permitting, paperwork, and solar installation with PG&E for over 800 residential and commercial projects in cities in Monterey, California. 

The staff are well trained and certified in solar installation and general construction. According to customers, the company is very considerate with prices, and they don’t feel pressured to make payments prematurely. 


Sea Wind Solar Services And Features

Sea Wind-solar products:

Sea Wind is a reliable solar company with excellent products and services. They’ve partnered with many solar companies to ensure their customers’ satisfaction. They use the following to implement their services;

Solar Photovoltaic: Sea Wind makes use of the different types of durable and highly-efficient solar photovoltaic system, which includes; a Grid-Tied, Battery backup system, and off-grid system. 

Solar Panels: Sea Wind uses customized panels for their customers to suit whatever size they need. They have different methods of mounting the panels after checking for the most suitable position depending on the position of the person’s house. The different mounting positions include roof mounts and ground mounts.

Solar Thermal Panels: For constant availability of steamy hot water, Sea-wind solar also specializes in installing solar thermal Panels in homes and pools. Their Solar Thermal panels are said to have over 70% efficiency. 

Net Meter: Sea Wind has highly efficient Net Meters that give good value for money. Customers can use it to generate credits that boost the storage of extra energy to be used later. 

Free Inspection Before Installation: Sea Wind undertakes inspection at the installation site free of charge. They usually check the position of the customer’s roof to ascertain if the shades are much, the trees will be brought down, or the position will be changed. The inspection helps the engineers determine whether the mounting will be a roof or ground mount.


Sea Wind Cost

Sea Wind strives to provide affordable and quality solar energy.. From the review segment, the customers are quite satisfied with the cost of services offered by Sea Wind. One of the customers clearly stated that she delayed in deciding on solar installation due to the price tag or cost price, but her perception was changed when she met Barry, the CEO of Sea Wind Solar. He assured her of an affordable price and kept to his words. 

Sea Wind solar also assists their customers in reducing or eliminating electricity bills as they offer the best ROI (Return on investment) between 15% and 25% within the next 25 years. Aside from the cheap cost of services, Sea Wind has also implemented the Federal government solar tax credit, which allows customers to deduct 30% of the cost of installation of a solar system from their federal taxes. This is a part of the Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

They also repair faulty panels if need be, and this is either free or with very minute charges.


Sea Wind Legitimacy

Sea Wind is a legitimate solar company. Here is some proof:

  • The CEO of the company is very transparent. His identity is stated on the website, and this can be verified on other social networks. The CEO is certified by California Solar Initiative and a California State Licensed Contractor.
  • Sea Wind solar partners with companies across the globe. Hanwha, PV Powered Company, Mitsubishi Electric, Tigo Energy, Aquasol Controllers, Fronius, Sun Edison, Trina Solar, Canadian Solar, etc., are all Sea Wind’s partners.
  • Based on customer reviews, Sea Wind solar is a trusted company that has served over 800 clients.
  • Sea Wind’s CEO is a licensed and verified solar contractor in Monterey, California.
  • Their contact details are clearly stated on the company’s official website, which is the same as the information on their social media platforms. 


Sea Wind Maintenance

Sea Wind solar makes provision for regular yearly inspection. They undertake professional inspection tours of their clients’ projects to check if the solar panels are still working well. They confirm the proper functioning of the inverter and make corrections where necessary. Sea Wind also has a good maintenance plan; they guide their customers on maintaining the solar panels by cleaning them regularly. They also fix faulty panels without hesitation. Being a full-service company means that repair is part of the plan, which is well executed by them when the need arises.

Their scheduling plans are customer-centric, offering great services with prompt responsiveness. According to the customer review sites, they are quite friendly and easy to reach. They offer 10 years warranty on all their solar products and services. Their Emails and Phone lines are very responsive, and their customer care staff are always ready to assist.



The SolarEmpower View

Sea Wind solar offers wonderful services, and their prices are greatly affordable. They undertake various installations, including solar panels, generators, electrical panels, and EV charging stations. They are the best in what they do, and their customers are very satisfied with their services, according to their reviews. Although Sea Wind is more or less a two (2) man company (Barry and Ben Brandt), they offer great services with prompt responsiveness and are quite friendly and easy to reach. Sea Wind solar is always ready to weave solutions for every knotty solar situation their customers raise. According to their customers, they respond quickly when their attention is drawn to such issues. They also repair faulty panels if need be, and this is either free or with very minute charges.



Contact Details

Address: 28012 Mesa De Tierra Rd Salinas, CA 93908

Phone: (831) 484-9715

Email: [email protected]

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Residential Solar
Commercial Solar

Service Areas

Select State:


Is Sea Wind Trustworthy?

Yes! Sea Wind is definitely worthy of trust and very reliable.

Can Sea Wind provide good services?

Based on the responses from the customers, their services are great, and they'll always deliver beyond expectations.

Do Sea Wind Provide good maintenance?

According to their loyal customers, their maintenance is top-notch and absolutely reliable.

Do Sea Wind offer free consultations?

Absolutely! Their consultations are free; you can meet them in case of any challenges.

Sea Wind Solar Solar Details

Licensing Information

California Contractor license # 687292

28012 Mesa De Tierra Rd.
Salinas CA

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