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Updated on 2023-03-18

Revolution Contractor Roofing & Solar Orlando LLC Overview

Revolution Contractors is a solar energy and roofing services provider based in Orlando, Florida. Revolution Contractors was established 15 years ago by Kris Sampson and his acquaintance to make solar energy accessible to residents of Orlando. This company caters to residential and commercial infrastructures but specializes in all solar heating systems (roof, pool, etc). 

Revolution Contractors is a medium-sized company with more than 25 employees who are organized into project management, consultation, and installation teams for seamless operation of the company. Revolution Contractors is a high-cost business as the company trains its employees and maintains valid certifications to leverage their authenticity. Overall, Revolution Contractors seems to be a highly efficient company with various services.



Revolution Contractors Services and Specifics 

Revolution Contractors focuses on residential and commercial projects and offers various services for residential. It is a certified service provider of roofing and solar energy systems. The specifics of its services are as follows-


Free consultation

Irrespective of the service you want, Revolution Contractors has a free consultation service for all its prospective customers. Its team of experts would assess your solar/roofing needs, provide a system plan, and quote the cost. This is done free of charge at Revolution Contractors.


System design

Revolution Contractors provides system designing services for its solar projects. For each project, it designs customized systems based on the customer requirements and site assessment.


Solar energy systems

This is one of the major services provided by Revolution Contractors. It provides solar panel installation, roofing, and solar-backed energy storage systems. These services are available for both residential and commercial sites. Revolution Contractors uses innovative turn-key solar systems for the highest efficiency.


Pool solar

Revolution Contractors specializes in installing solar heating systems for water heating in pools. It is the official dealer of “Sun Star” and “SunValue” solar pool heating systems. The high-quality solar heating systems are installed by Revolution Contractors for their customers.



This is another major service by Revolution Contractors. The company houses certified roofing professionals providing roof damage control and repair services and completely new roof design and installations. It deals in moisture-proof and energy-efficient roofs for residentials.



Solar Panels and Services Offered by Revolution Contractors Company

Revolution Contractors offer three major types of solar heating systems to its customers:

  • Grid Tied Systems: These solar systems are tied to the general electric systems of the building, and customers can gain incentives for all the electricity saved due to their solar backup.
  • Grid Tied with battery backup: This solar energy system comes with a battery backup which ensures a seamless power supply even in cases of a power outage.
  • Off-grid systems: These are standalone systems suitable for remote locations without any general electricity supply. These systems also come with a backup battery used during power shortages.


Installation Process

The installation process for solar-backed energy systems is taken care of by the installation team of experts of Revolution Contractors. The process begins with a free consultation and on-site evaluation, followed by design and installation. Overall, Revolution Contractors takes complete responsibility for the installation process and goes further to ensure that all the necessary permits are in place.



Most customers have paid the quoted price by Revolution Contractors for its services. Customers state that their energy costs have reduced drastically, and the solar systems provided by Revolution Contractors have high efficiency, making it a good investment.



The solar panel providers for Revolution Contractors (SunValue and SunStar) provide a 5-year warranty on their products and against manufacturing defects.


Cost vs Quality Return

According to customer reviews, the services provided by Revolution Contractors has improved their homes’ energy systems, costing and adding value to their homes. Homes with Solar energy systems have $20,000 higher selling value than other properties. Thus, customers believe that going solar with Revolution Contractors has given them a high return on their investment.



Revolution Contracts have multiple financing options available for their customers. Moreover, they ensure that their customers benefit from the Solar Investment Tax Credit (26%) as per Federal Law.



Revolution Contractors is a legitimate and certified business in Orlando, Florida (no:CVC567964). Their SIC code is 17,176, and NAICS code is 23,23816.



Revolution Contractors is the official dealer of SunStar and SunValue solar energy systems. Both of these companies are highly accredited and provide high-quality equipment.



Customers state that setting up appointments with the Revolution Contractors team is fairly easy.

Revolution Contractors has a comprehensive system for customer support. The customer support links include:

  • Call- 407-755-2126
  • Email- [email protected]
  • Direct visit to their office at 2500 Musselwhite Ave Orlando, FL 32804




Revolution Contractors
Legitimate Yes
Trustworthy Yes
High Quality return Yes
Punctual and professional Yes
Wide Array of services Yes
Estimates available Yes
Free consultation Yes
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Is Revolution Contractors trustworthy?

Yes, Revolution Contractors is a trustworthy company. They have valid certifications, business licenses, and positive customer feedback about their services.

Is Revolution Contractors good to work for?

Yes, previous and current employees have stated that Revolution Contractors provides fair compensation and a fair work-life balance.

Revolution Contractors Roofing And Solar Orlando Solar Details

Licensing Information

Certified Solar Contractor CVC56964. Certified Roofing Contractor CCC1331227

2500 Musselwhite Avenue
Orlando FL

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