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Updated on 2023-01-31

PES Solar Inc. Overview

Established in 1997, PES Solar inc. is a leading solar panel installation and electronic services company based in three states: Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina. PES Solar has a relatively large staff base of over 104 staff. The company also meets all the professional licensing, bonding and registration required in its industry.

Currently, PES Solar specializes in residential and commercial solar systems, helping customers get the ideal solar energy panels to give them the best result. PES Solar seeks to help make solar panels more affordable for homeowners throughout the southeastern United States. 

The company’s business model employs expert electricians and installers to handle clients’ commissions. 



PES Solar Services and Features

PES Solar Inc is a vertically integrated company, which means it takes control of the whole production of solar installation for customers. The company also offers other services listed below: 


Solar Installation: PES Solar inc. offers installation services for residential and commercial solar systems. With a team of highly skilled professionals, PES Solar Inc. provides its clients with quality installation services. 

In addition, the company proudly works with several household industry names such as Tesla, LG, Silfab, and Q CELLS, giving their customers the effective and quality solutions they need 


Energy Auditing: Pes Solar Inc.  provides energy auditing services to verify the performance of your home or business using various equipment, including infrared cameras, high-precision thermal imaging cameras, power meters, and more. 

Their audit process includes an on-site analysis of your system’s performance over time and evaluating its efficiency.


HVAC: PES Solar also offers HVAC and air conditioner replacements, therefore saving customers money on electricity bills long-term.


Roofing Solution: Pes Solar can provide roofing solutions for residential and commercial properties alike. Whether replacing old shingles with new ones or installing new metal roofs, we will ensure that your property is protected from damage caused by weather conditions like hail or ice storms. 

We also offer energy audits to determine if your roof needs any repairs before investing in replacements or new roofs for your


Electrical Contracting: PES Solar has a full-service electrical contractor who can handle all their client’s electrical needs. Our team of licensed electricians can help you with everything from emergency repairs to new construction. 

We have the expertise, experience, and equipment to ensure your project is completed on time and within budget.



PES Solar Costs and Processes


PES Solar Costs

PES Solar’s skilled team will typically assess a home and decide the optimal location for the solar system to maximize solar exposure and ensure that it can satisfy the customer’s energy needs when clients contact PES Solar to discuss installing solar panels on their homes. 

To assist clients in deciding whether they want to install solar panels to reduce their energy costs, they will recommend the best solution and offer a clear price. On their website, the average solar installation cost is between $5,000 and $40,000. 

While the average price of a residential solar system typically costs about $3-5 per watt, an average 5kW system costs between $15,000 and $25,000. 

Reviewers praised PES Solar’s accurate pricing on the whole, with few surprise charges or dodgy quotations. 


PES Solar Legitimacy

Having been available for the last 25 years, PES Solar has built a high reputation across Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina. The average customer review of the company is 4.5 makes it a generally well-recommended company in the area.

PES Solar is open and honest about its contact information, including its address, email address, and phone number on its website for easy access. They also offer a 24-hour support line for their technicians. 

In addition, excellent ratings and accreditations on various websites give credence to the company’s legitimacy.


PES Solar Maintenance

PES solar offers their customers the best possible care for their maintenance service solar panels. Customers generally consider them easy to contact and class them as highly reputable in the industry.

Our experts view them as a company that prides itself on being able to provide quick and reliable service, as well as providing top-quality services at reasonable prices. 

The only not-so-good review we found was that they took a lot of time to get a permit, but overall, the general customer review is more than satisfactory.



The Solar Empower view

Overall, it appears that PES Solar Inc. provides outstanding services of the highest caliber at a reasonable price.

Additionally, client reviews found in the databases we examined attest to the legitimacy and superior customer support of the business.



Contact Details:

Phone: (800) 650 6519

Address: 290 Springview Commerce Dr Debary, FL

Email:  [email protected]

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation

Service Areas



Is PES Solar worth it?

Our analysis found PES solar to be an excellent solar panel installation provider.

PES Solar is a reputable company?

PES Solar is one of the oldest and most reputable solar energy providers in Florida, North Carolina & South Carolina. Also, PES solar Inc. are fully insured and licensed by all the appropriate agencies. This makes the company a reputable and credible one.

IS PES Solar good to work with?

PES Solar Inc has a team of over 104 members and the general perception is that the company has a smooth working relationship with its employees.

PES Solar Inc. Solar Details

Licensing Information


290 Springview Commerce Dr
Debary, FL

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