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Updated on 2023-04-13

Main Street Solar Overview:

Main Street Solar is a local Fincastle, Virginia solar energy company founded in 2012. With 30 years of solar engineering and 14 years of installation experience in Southwestern and Central Virginia, the company is wholly family-owned. 


Main Street Solar is committed to providing its customers with excellent service at affordable costs. Its licensed solar installation professionals are responsible for carrying out all of the work. The company also tailors solar energy solutions to specific customers’ needs.



Main Street Solar Panel Services and Features:

Main Street Products:

Main Street Solar offers both residential and commercial solar installation services. Because the company provides a “turnkey” solution with a quick turnaround, its clients can have a tension-free service experience. The services it offers are as follows:


Residential Solar Services: 

The solar energy services Main Street offers to its Fincastle, VA residential clients include:


Grid-Tie Solar System: 

Main Street offers grid-tie (also known as grid-tied or utility intertie photovoltaic (PV)) solar electric system installations. In grid-tie systems, solar panels, a power inverter, and other components work together to convert sunlight into electricity that can be used in homes. At the same time, the property continues to be connected to the electrical grid maintained by the community utility. 


Backup Battery System: 

The batteries in this sort of solar system are first charged, and then the home and any associated loads are powered by the batteries and the solar panels via an inverter.


Off-Grid Solar System: 

An off-grid solar system, sometimes called a stand-alone solar system, is one in which your building is not connected to any public electricity grid. You generate your electricity.


Solar Water Heating: 

Because the energy of the sun can be harnessed by a solar water heating system and used to heat water, your water heater will use less power to do the same amount of work.


Solar Pool Heating: 

The water from the pool is run through the filter and then through the solar collector (or collectors) so that it may be heated before being fed back into the pool. 


Main Street Commercial Solar Services:

Main Street’s commercial solar services to American businesses include:

  • Site evaluation: Gathering requirements, conducting site analyses, and determining which technologies are best for the project.
  • Engineering/design: Designing systems to minimize solar energy costs and maximize system lifetime.
  • Installation/construction: Main Street solar energy installers provide onsite management and installation, addressing any construction challenges, mitigating risk, and ensuring quality results.
  • System maintenance and monitoring: Custom maintenance and monitoring packages to ensure the system always performs at peak efficiency.

Main Street Solar majorly services Fincastle, Virginia, and the surrounding area.


Installation Costs and Processes

Main Street Costs:

Main Street Solar offers affordable prices for its services. The company offers Net Metering as a financing option to help clients cover their electricity costs. “Net metering” is a billing system that gives homeowners with solar energy systems credit for the additional amount of power their systems provide to the grid. 


Main Street’s customers are able to produce their power in a way that is both environmentally friendly and cost-effective thanks to net metering. This is because most solar customers generate more energy than they need during the day, and net metering makes it possible for them to sell that excess power to the grid in exchange for credits that may be applied to future electric bills.


The primary incentive for Virginian homes that install solar is the federal solar tax credit, which is provided in addition to net metering. This means that Main Street’s solar installation service can qualify its customers for the federal tax credit.


Main Street Legitimacy:

Although they aren’t BBB accredited, Main Street has the following accreditation as a legitimate company:

  • It is registered in Virginia state.
  • It has received an ongoing license from the Virginia Department of Business & Professional Regulation.
  • The Main Street contact details are clearly stated on its website and provide the location and phone number for contact, inquiries, and support.
  • While the company’s partners are not listed officially, the company is owned and headed by Mr. Andrew Banner, an industry veteran with 30 years of solar experience.


Main Street Maintenance:

Main Street provides quality standards of maintenance for residential and commercial solar panels. The reviews from their customers hail them as competent and easy to work with. In addition to providing full warranties and support, the company provides full installations and free quotes. Customer reviews attest to being kept well-informed throughout the installation process.


The SolarEmpower view:

Main Street could provide a lot more information about its team and processes on both its website and external directories. They could also benefit from getting additional accreditation from authoritative sites, updating their contact information, and being more intentional about gathering reviews. Overall, the company seems to offer adequate solar services with very high quality, leaving customers satisfied.

In terms of overall value, the company may offer quality services at reasonably affordable prices. However, they need more accreditation.



Contact details:

Main Street Solar

P.O. Box 221

Fincastle, VA 24090

(540) 860-8036

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation

Service Areas

Select State:


Is Main Street worth it?

Upon reviewing them, they seem to provide good services but with very little information. We recommend that you do business with them only after adequate consultation.

Are Main Street good to work for?

Main Street is a modest, family-owned business with a small team. There is not enough available information to draw a firm conclusion on the company's work culture.

Are Main Street trustworthy?

Considering that they are accredited by the Virginia state authorities, yes.

Can I cancel a contract with Main Street?

There are certain provisions under the Virginia state law that allows for contract cancellation, but it is generally not legal except if there has been a breach. You may get in touch with Main Street or an attorney directly if you want further information on whether a contract can be canceled.

MainStreetSolar Solar Details

93 Clarke Circle
Needham MA

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Tony Murphy
Tony Murphy
November 4, 2022
Top class customer service and…
Top class customer service and knowledge - James is always on hand to answer my queries. No issue too small and advice always bang on.
Thank you!

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