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Updated on 2023-04-06

LIV Solar Overview

Liv Solar is a medium-sized solar installation company based in Westminster. Prioritizing quality and diversity, Liv Solar relies on the excellent relationship they have built with their clients to keep being in the business of providing top-quality solar systems. 

Liv Solar has been in business since 2013 and has served thousands of Westminster households. Their growth is noticeable in their revenue which is almost $5 million. Although it has less experience than some competitors, Liv solar boasts excellent reviews from all its customers. 

Liv solar is a cost-friendly energy company primarily focusing on residential solar systems. However, they also provide energy for commercial and non-profit properties. 



Liv Solar Solution and Specifics

The company has solar panels and services that help them stay on top of its game of producing affordable and effective solar systems. These include:


Solar Panels

Liv Solar has solar panels for every type of building. Their solar panel can help maximize energy and store it. While solar shingles lose the power they don’t use, Liv Solar panels have the battery capacity to store the energy it is not ready to use. This makes it a preferred option for Westminster property owners. 

Also, they have different installation options for the buildings to choose from. These options allow you to select the type of solar panel more suitable for your needs. Check them out below:

  • Roof Installation: This is the most common type of solar installation. It involves placing solar panels on the roofs of buildings. 
  • Ground Mounts: Another installation option is the ground mounts. The advantages of ground mounts are that they are flexible to install, and they can have full access to the sun. They can be placed on racks or in open spaces. 
  • Shaded Structures: Another laudable innovation of Liv Solar is the shaded structure. Liv solar can provide structures like carports and pergolas that serve multiple purposes. Get solar energy to run on your property while also getting shaded away from the sun. 


Types of Services

Liv Solar offers solar systems that fit into four categories. Those categories are residential, commercial, non-profit work, and Led lighting. 


Residential Work

The primary target of Liv Solar is to help homes save on electricity bills. Liv solar helps homes pay less to utility companies and may even help them reduce the money to nothing. The company’s Westminster residential solar company employs experts that analyze, design, and install a world-class solar system for homes in Westminster. 


Commercial Work

Liv Solar is a top company in Westminster that aims at helping businesses reduce their cost of running by reducing their utility cost. They, however, do not reduce their efficiency. Liv solar designs solar systems that fit the perfect need of businesses for them, making them run more cost-efficiently.


Non-Profit Work

Liv Solar does not only provide solar systems for homes and businesses, but they also help non-profit organizations spend less on utility. These organizations include churches, schools, treatment centers, and orphanages. With their skilled workers and up-to-date technology, Liv solar helps large properties save money without reducing their efficiency. 


Led Lighting

Liv Solar doesn’t end its cost-saving mechanism of providing solar systems. On the contrary, they further help businesses save more through their led bulbs. The led bulbs are energy-saving, hence able to help companies to reduce costs further. Their led lighting is majorly for commercial organizations, and nothing is mentioned about whether they can be used in homes and non-profit establishments. 



Installation Costs and Processes


Liv Solar understands that the cost of solar power deters most people. Hence some people are still not using it. Getting a solar system up and running can be costly. Getting a system up and running can cost between $15,000 to $30,000. This is quite much and can deter many people.

However, you do not need to be discouraged. There are many financing options for your solar system in Westminster that Liv Solar allows you to take chances of. These options can enable you to get your solar system without paying a dime upfront. Liv Solar also educates users on how to save on solar and also help with the application for programs that can give you financial benefits. 


Liv Solar Legitimacy

Liv Solar is a legitimate solar company registered and licensed in Westminster. Their legitimacy can further be proved through the points listed below:

They are BBB accredited
It belongs to the Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association
It is certified by NABCEP as a PV installation professional 
They have worked with PACE (Property Assessment for Clean Energy) since its inception
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Maintenance and Warranties

Liv solar understands that the relationship with their clients is not meant to end after helping them install solar panels. They provide monitoring services for interested customers. They also give ten years warranty on their services. 

Customers have ascertained that they are responsive and do repairs and maintenance within stipulated timelines. 

Liv Solar has a team of professional and dedicated customer service providers. They have been reported to be prompt and responsive. For example, when contacted by SolarEmpower, the Liv Solar Customer Representative took her time to answer our questions thoroughly while being friendly. Other customers have also testified to their excellent customer service.



The SolarEmpower View

Liv Solar is an excellent solar company that provides various top-notch services. Their services have been well-delivered so far. Although they started a few years ago, their quality has helped them build a community of loyal customers who keep referring them to other people. Also, Liv solar helps get the best financing option for your solar installation, making it easy for everyone to have a solar system. 

On average, SolarEmpower rates Liv Solar 9/10. In addition, their cost is rated 7/10, and their customer service is rated 9.5/10. 



Contact details

Phone Number: (720) 819-7557

Address: Liv Solar, 7140 W. 117th Ave. Suite C3 Broomfield, CO 80020.

Email: [email protected]

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Residential Solar
Commercial Solar
Energy Monitoring System

Service Areas

Select State:


Is Liv Solar good to work for?

Liv Solar is a medium-sized company with a sizeable team, but there is little information on its work culture.

Is Liv Solar trustworthy?

Yes, Liv Solar is accredited by BBB and belongs to credible associations.

How long has Liv Solar been in business?

Liv Solar has been in business for 9 years.

I can’t get in contact with Liv Solar - what should I do?

Liv Solar’s contact details are provided; you can call, email, or visit them at their headquarters.

Liv Solar Solar Details

7140 W. 117th Ave. Suite C3
Broomfield, CO

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