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Updated on 2023-04-13

Infinium Solar Inc Overview

Infinium Solar Inc is a small company based in California, mainly serving San Jose and the Bay Area communities. It was founded in 2008 to provide DIY homeowners with assistance in designing and installing high-quality solar systems. Throughout the years, they’ve grown to be one of the largest solar installers in their area, which has amassed a revenue nearing $5 million.

As a customer service organization, Infinium Solar Inc holds tight to its core values. They are a leading, full-service residential and commercial solar installer and distributor in California. Infinium Solar Inc is one of the few companies selling products from their stocks and supplies. Additionally, they use a large showroom where customers can seek assistance from staff and preview solar modules that best suits their needs.



Infinium Solar Inc Services

Infinium Solar Inc Products and Services

Infinium Solar Inc’s products and services mainly include residential and commercial solar panels. Associated components include backup battery storage units and products such as solar panel carports and electric vehicle chargers. Additional services include upgrading electrical systems, roof repairs, and yard work. 


Residential solar: Infinium Solar Inc offers PV solar panels and their installation and removal. They sell LG Solar panels from their premium line, which offer optimum performance and durability. These panels have a minimalistic look, can perform at a high level despite limited roof space, and are guaranteed to produce 90% of their power output even after 25 years. 


Commercial: Infinium Solar Inc offers premium commercial solar systems that reduce carbon footprint and electrical costs. There are numerous variables involved with installing commercial solar systems, all of which Infinium Solar Inc is prepared for. Commercial customers can choose to install roof-mounted systems, ground-mounted systems, or solar carports in their parking lots.


Solar Panel Carport: Infinium Solar Inc offers solar carport systems to homeowners and commercial customers with limited space. These systems eliminate the need for large plots of land by being installed vertically, providing shelter and solar energy. They can be used by corporations, schools, churches, stadiums, grocery stores, and multi-family housing complexes.


Electric Car Charger: Infinium Solar Inc offers premium electric car charging ports from SolarEdge, which are also EV charging single-phase inverters. These combine the power of a standard solar panel with the convenience of a standalone charging station.


Battery Backup: Infinium Solar Inc offers solar panel battery systems that help residents optimize their photovoltaic systems. The installation of battery backup systems allows solar energy to be stored by homeowners instead of the energy going back to the electricity grid.



Installation Costs and Processes

Infinium Solar Inc Costs

By filling up a form on Infinium Solar Inc’s website, customers can get a free estimate, which determines the prices of solar power systems. Customers report that the price they were offered very nearly matched what they paid. Also, Infinium Solar Inc was consistently said to have great prices that were extremely competitive, with excellent installation work. Many customers also chose them due to their prices reflected in high-value products.

Customers share that they are extremely happy with their solar systems’ price and quality. With financing, Infinium Solar Inc has strategic partnerships with several financial institutions for solar energy in California. They offer reliable and cost-effective solutions from MPower Financing, Hero, CaliforniaFirst, Ygrene Works, and Salal Credit Union.


Infinium Solar Inc Legitimacy

Infinium Solar Inc’s legitimacy is rooted in its partners and certifications. Enphase Energy, REC, LG Solar, and SolarEdge Technologies are their associated product manufacturers. Other partners include Panasonic, SPAN, and RESU Plus. They have manufacturer certifications, such as a certified installer of LG Chem, certified Solar Professional of REC, and PWR Partner of GENERAC. Infinium Solar Inc has C-46 and C-10 certifications, a business incorporation license, and a workmanship warranty that lasts 25 years.


Infinium Solar Inc Maintenance

Infinium Solar Inc is highly rated among various verified review sites. According to customers, they were great partners who were honest, informative, and provided the best solar installations. They were also described as having brilliant customer service, with a communication process so easy that it was limited to only a few emails and phone calls. However, a few lowly-rated reviews are lurking behind their numerous highly-rated ones. Some reports include great consultations followed by communication that went downhill.



The SolarEmpower view

As a solar system company, Infinium Solar Inc sets itself apart by selling products from its own supplies and providing a large showroom for customers. They offer the highest quality products, which can be sold through various financial plans. Infinium Solar Inc takes pride in excellent customer service, reflected in their highly rated customer reviews. However, lowly-rated customer reviews are significant enough to warrant them a 7/10.

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation

Service Areas

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Is Infinium Solar Inc trustworthy?

Yes, Infinium Solar Inc is trustworthy due to its partners and certifications.

Does Infinium Solar Inc provide a good service?

According to customer reviews, Infinium Solar Inc provides good services.

Does Infinium Solar Inc provide a free consultation?

Yes, Infinium Solar Inc provides free consultation, accessible through their website.

Infinium Solar, Inc. Solar Details

Workmanship Warranty
25 Years
Licensing Information

Business Incorporation: 200833110087
C-10 C-46: 1031953

1190 Dell Ave Suite O
Campbell, CA

Infinium Solar, Inc. User Reviews

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Oren Beske
Oren Beske
April 5, 2023
Infinium solar, and specifically Perry…
Infinium solar, and specifically Perry Samios, are awesome! Very knowledgeable and have excellent technology. Went in without a hitch and we're efficiently generating very clean energy!!
Sally M
Sally M
February 18, 2023
So glad I took the…
So glad I took the time to visit their office in Campbell ! The staff was very knowledgeable and passionate about their work and products. Michael kept me informed throughout the process. Go with these pros ,you won't regret it. I am so happy i decided to use a local company! ☀️
Kaushik Das
Kaushik Das
February 18, 2023
Have been ton of times….
Have been ton of times. Jeff and Diane are the best people in the business. Highly recommend
January 27, 2023
Infinium Solar did a great…
Infinium Solar did a great job on installing my 13-panel system with critter guard. Gianni, the salesperson, explained the factors to consider like warranties, degradation rates of the panels and microinverters.

We initiated the process near the last three months of the year and was able to get the installation process completed in plenty of time to be eligible for tax credits for the upcoming tax filing. The installers were friendly and professional.

My questions throughout the stages of the installation were promptly answered. Over the last month, my energy generation has been as advertised. I recommend this provider.
ashish goyal
ashish goyal
January 13, 2023
Infinium Solar did an outstanding…
Infinium Solar did an outstanding job for a 14 panel Solar system on my house.
They were quick and were able to get the entire project done within the timeline they gave to me initially. Most importantly, i like that they are local to San Jose and have in house installers for electric and solar work.

Before starting with Infinium Solar, i was working with Project Solar (another company) who were not able to do any work in 8 months which was kind of disappointment for me.

Kenny(my solar consultant) from Infinium Solar was very professional and kept me updated through the entire process. I would recommend them to my friends and family for future solar work.
Rao R
Rao R
November 29, 2022
Infinium team did an outstanding…
Infinium team did an outstanding job from the initial estimate through installation, city inspection, and PG&E activation. My project took exactly 2 months from initial signing of the contract to PG&E Permit to operate notice.

Absolutely brilliant customer service. Great responsive communications with all the teams involved with my project.

Kenny Cheong was very professional during consultation and very knowledgeable in this field. Kenny recommended high quality equipment (REC panels & Enphase inverters) during consultation. He stayed on top of my project by keeping me updated throughout the process.

I'd highly recommend this company for solar installation
Damon Gonzalez
Damon Gonzalez
September 15, 2022
Our decision to use Infinium…
Our decision to use Infinium Solar was based on the recommendation of a trusted friend who is also a building inspector in the county and well acquainted with the quality of Infinium's work.

Our project manager (Senior Project Developer) was tireless in laying out clearly, and in detail, every aspect of the process including explaining the install, the financing, city permitting inspections, elements of the contract, and the interface of our solar system with the local power provider. Perry communicated with us regularly, in contrast to our experience with other solar installers.

The install was done in what seemed like record time. The three-man team was obviously well experienced and moved along in smooth rhythm. They were courteous and attentive to our needs, going so far as to paint the conduits to match house and roofing colors. Any questions we had were answered quickly and thoroughly. In short, the work was a pleasure to watch and finished in about five hours. We were left with a working system and the prospect of significant savings.
Daniel Knappenberger
Daniel Knappenberger
September 13, 2022
We had an Enphase battery…
We had an Enphase battery unit and solar panels installed by Infinium. They did a great job all around. Their teams were prompt and very friendly. Their customer service is very helpful and always responsive. I would certainly recommend them for any of your solar-related projects.
Shamik Chakraborty
Shamik Chakraborty
August 29, 2022
Infinium Solar has been an…
Infinium Solar has been an great partner to install the solar system in my house. The prices were extremely competing and so was the work done . Jeff(CEO) and his team is somebody who you can trust. They were proactive is providing granular updates on the schedule and got the job done as promised. The installation was done in 2 hours without any botheration of commitment of my time. The whole process from request to quote to pass of final inspection had zero presence of mine and was only limited to minimal emails and phone calls. I had gone thru half a dozen of vendors to negotiate on price and workmanship to zero in on Infinium Solar , and they lived up to expectation.
Eliezer S
Eliezer S
July 8, 2022
Never called never showed…
Never called never showed

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