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Updated on 2023-07-01

Hudson Valley Wind & Solar LLC Overview

Hudson Valley Wind & Solar is a medium-sized business based in New York. It opened its doors in 2006 as a family-owned company, dedicated to providing renewable energy to both residents and businesses. This includes both wind and solar solutions. Their revenue is said to be  sizeable and their systems are affordable and competitive. 

They have a 5-star rating across review boards, with reviews stating that they provided professional services to even the most difficult of jobs. 



Hudson Valley Wind & Solar Services and Specifics

Hudson Valley Wind & Solar provide renewable energy solutions to areas across New York. This includes residential and commercial solar and wind energy. 


Hudson Valley Wind & Solar Offers

  • A full assessment of your home’s energy needs
  • An analysis of your energy use and a report that details the money you will be projected to save
  • Competition of all paperwork and permits to install your solar system 
  • A solar installation 

Hudson Valley Wind & Solar provide construction, installation, electrical contract, and solar repair/maintenance. 

Hudson Valley Wind & Solar also offer wind power for residents, businesses, and farms. They cover areas in New York and surrounding states.


Specific Solar Panels offered by Hudson Valley Wind & Solar

Hudson Valley Wind & Solar states that they use Sunmodule panels from SolarWorld, noting that these panels are manufactured to the highest level of quality and performance. They give the option of both off-grid and grid-tied panels. 

The different sizes and designs of panels will depend on your property, location, and property. 


Hudson Valley Wind & Solar Cost

It isn’t completely clear how much Hudson Valley Wind & Solar charge for their systems. They do claim that their costs are affordable – most average-sized solar systems cost between $9,000 and $12,000 depending on the size and if any miscellaneous items were used. Different design factors and structures will make the price fluctuate.

There are also solar power rebates and incentives, these include:

  • A federal tax credit of 26% of the post rebate cost
  • A New York State 25% tax credit capped at $5,000
  • A New York State sales tax exemption 
  • A 15-year property tax exemption 

A solar system in New York also qualifies for incentives. NYSERDA is responsible for rebates in the Hudson Valley Region. These are available on a first-come, first-served basis. These incentives are subject to change upon demand and market change, though. 


Hudson Valley Wind & Solar Legitimacy 

Hudson Valley Wind & Solar is a credible company. They have been providing renewable energy solutions to counties in New York since 2006, building up a reputation and confirming their legitimacy. 

Reviews on various online boards give stellar appraisals of their services. Testimonials state that Hudson Valley Wind & Solar were able to complete even the toughest of jobs, including many panels and obstacles. Clients state that they are professional, organised, and honest. 

Hudson Valley Wind & Solar are fully insured and completes all projects professionally and in line with all regulations, ensuring that all permits are completed before installing any systems. 

Hudson Valley Wind & Solar also have a SEIA certification, a trade association for solar industries. They are also NABCEP certified. 


Hudson Valley Wind & Solar Maintenance 

Hudson Valley Wind & Solar provide repairs and maintenance to any solar system, regardless of if they fitted the system themselves. Covering counties in New York and surrounding areas, their team of professionals can seemingly fix any issue you may be having with your solar or wind system. 

Hudson Valley Wind & Solar also offer warranties on their products. This typically ranges from 10-20 years depending on the item or brand. Hudson Valley Wind & Solar complete all installations with a 5-year workmanship warranty, meaning that any defects that may arise from the workmanship installing the equipment will be fixed or replaced by the company. This protects the customer.



The Hudson Valley Wind & Solar View

We conclude that Hudson Valley Wind & Solar, with its great reviews, appears to be a great solar company to choose from when in the New York area. Their affordable systems are installed professionally and quickly. They are a good company to consider when looking for a solar system.

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Can you cancel a contract with Hudson Valley Wind & Solar LLC?

Unfortunately, New York does not have a "cooling-off" period, which means you cannot change your mind after you have signed the contract.

Are Hudson Valley Wind & Solar trustworthy?

Yes, Hudson Valley Wind & Solar have great reviews and testimonials, is insured and certified, and has nearly 10 years of experience. We would say that they are trustworthy.

Does Hudson Valley Wind & Solar provide a good service?

Yes, their team has a reputation for being professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. Their systems are properly installed, and any issues are addressed and fixed.


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