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Updated on 2023-03-16

Greenlink Energy Solution Overview

Greenlink Energy Solution is a small-sized solar contractor and insulation installation company located in Rockford, Illinois and Madison, Wisconsin. It was founded in 2010 and has since been named one of the best home improvement contractor/developer firms in the United States. In recent times, Greenlink Energy Solution offers local home performance, solar contracting, and insulation installation services. 

The company has made a name for itself by being customer-focused and providing the best value possible. Birthed by the third generation of building performance specialists, Greenlink Energy Solution thrives on providing high-quality, durable solutions. This approach has gotten them in the good books of numerous customers based on various review databases. 



Greenlink Energy Solution services and features

Greenlink Energy Solution products

Greenlink offers a range of services to its customers. Here are some of them.

  • Greenlink’s 360° diagnostics: Their 360 diagnostics of your home studies how the systems in your home relate to one another. Then, they propose a solution to improve the energy efficiency, and comfort of your home. 
  • Mechanical Services: Here, they optimize your home’s mechanical systems with their 360 whole-home approach. The goal is to help you save money on things like heating & cooling systems, ventilation, purification systems, etc. by upgrading the systems. 
  • Solar Solutions: Greenlink also offers solar panel installation services. One major perk of their solar panel installation services besides efficiency is that they reduce your carbon footprint.
  • HVAC: The company helps its customers improve their HVAC systems for peak efficiency and monetary savings.


Greenlink Energy Solutions cost

Verified customers with Greenlink Energy Solutions report that the company offers a fair and affordable price for its services. The company delivers top-notch services that some have described as “surpassing” the bill. The reason is that the company is focused on delivering high-quality, long-term building maintenance and energy-efficient services. 

As a result, they only deploy high-quality materials for insulation, door and window replacement, solar panel installation, etc. They also choose their team well when hiring. Unsurprisingly, their employees handle customer relations at all levels professionally and with empathy. Although their price is affordable, it is quite competitive. Furthermore, potential customers are eligible for free estimates, consultations, and assessments. This allows customers to be completely aware of their options before making any financial commitments. 

Although Greenlink is a small-sized company local to Wisconsin and Illinois, its products are cheaper when compared to larger companies that offer similar services. But the reasonable cost isn’t the only thing this company has to offer; according to reviewers, they have some of the finest, well-behaved, and courteous staff occupying every available role.

More so, Greenlink has a variety of financial options that offer rebates to eligible customers after they’ve done the job. There are also loans that residents of Wisconsin and Illinois can apply for to use Greenlink services. 


Greenlink Energy Solution legitimacy

Greenlink Energy Solution is 100% legitimate. As proof, we have highlighted some of their certificates and working licenses below. 

  • It is pearl certified; an important certificate that proves the quality of its service. In essence, their pearl certificate verifies that they are experts in creating comfortable, healthy, and energy-efficient homes. 
  • It is ranked A+ by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and is liscensed in Illinois and Wisconsin, which is further proof that it can be trusted.
  • Greenlink Energy Solution clearly outlines its contact details, location, and other necessary means of contact on its website and social media platforms. This makes it easy to contact them. Although there’s no live chat section, you can reach out to their customer care agents via the number on their website. There is also a section where you can make inquiries so they can reach out to you with a response.  
  • Our analysts view Greenlink Energy Solution as a customer-friendly and legitimate company that renders top-notch services. As part of its legitimacy, Greenlink Energy Solutions is partnered with Generac. 


Greenlink Energy Solution Maintenance

Greenlink Energy Solutions offers their customers the maintenance for their projects and are open to questions after the job is done. Reviewers commend them for their fantastic customer-client relationship. Reviewers also wrote about how easy it is to contact customer care and how kind and caring the customer care agents were. The company also keeps its relationships with its clients to check on the nature of the project they worked on.  

Furthermore, Customers testify that Greenlink kept to the scheduled work time and they were also very knowledgeable about the service they offer. According to customers, the team they worked with was very professional from start to finish. 



The SolarEmpower view

Regardless of what purpose your building is for, Greenlink provides fantastic services that render your building energy efficient, healthy, and comfortable to work or live in.  This company has 12 years of experience in the field and was founded by a building performance specialist. More so, the feedback reflects the company’s professionalism, legitimacy, and high-class services.



Contact details

Phone: (815) 205-5966

Address: 3020 Forest View Road Rockfield, IL 61109

Email: [email protected]

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation

Service Areas

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Is Greenlink Energy Solution trustworthy?

Yes, they are trustworthy. They have been accredited by the BBB and have a Pearl certificate. The certificate proves the quality of their services.

Does Greenlink Energy Solution provide good services?

Yes! Based on customer reviews and feedback, Greenlink offers top-notch services. Their level of professionalism is amazing as well. They are customer-centric when it comes to rendering services. They examine customers' apartments or houses and tailor a solution that is unique, and appropriate and fixes their apartments.

Is Greenlink Energy Solution worth it?

Yes, based on expert analysis of the company, Greenlink is reliable and detailed in the service they offer.

Is Greenlink good to work for?

Although Greenlink is a small-sized private company with a small team. As such, there’s not enough information about what their work culture is like. Nevertheless, they surely have the best hands on their team.

Greenlink Energy Solutions Solar Details

Licensing Information


3020 Forest View Rd
Rockford, IL

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