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Updated on 2023-04-13

Granahan Electrical Contractors, Inc. Overview 

Since 1985, this award-winning electrical contractor has been specializing in the construction and renovations of commercial facilities. Proclaiming their expertise in the efficacy of accessing your home or business solar needs, this company makes a point of mentioning how they work with you to design the best plan to: reduce your energy dependence and save on costs while shielding you from future rate increases. In this review, we assess whether that core mission remains to be executed successfully. 

Business Background

In 1985, Richard & Audrey Granahan started doing business. Their daily mission is an efficient, respectful, and safe working environment. They invest in safety programs and in-house consultants to provide the highest level of safety awareness throughout the organization. Their employees take pride in their work and it shows. Testimonials from clients remark on the courteous, professional manner of the staff and outstanding work, which are testaments to the level of service they provide. 



Granahan Electrical Contractors, Inc. Services and Specifics

Solar Panels and services offered by Granahan Electrical Contractors, Inc.

Turn-key solar photovoltaic installations. 

The experts at Granahan Electrical claim to design a new solar energy system that gives you the best in solar for your home or business while securing local permitting. Moreover, they proclaim that by installing solar panels to convert the sun’s rays into solar energy, you lock in your savings now and for a long life. In preparing all necessary utility paperwork, this company claims to help you qualify for maximum government incentives. In this regard, all arrangements and coordinates are taken care of.

Installation Costs and Processes

Typically, and reportedly, it takes a total of three days for their qualified installers to install a typical residential system. Where the installation costs include rebate paperwork, utility interconnection agreements and permits etc. the typical turnaround time is a maximum of eight weeks. 

According to the Granahan website, payback can happen very quickly. For instance, by financing your solar system, your payments will be less than the usual electric bill. By cashing cash for the system, it is stated that you will recover all your investment money within the next eight to twelve years. home owners and 5-7 for businesses, if not better.  However, as rates increase, investment is guaranteed to simultaneously improve.


Granahan Electrical Contractors Legitimacy

Granahan Electrical Contractors are proudly licensed in – and serving – Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware regularly.

Granahan Electrical Contractors moreover hold the following licenses;

  • Philadelphia Electrical License No.  26447
  • Pennsylvania Home Improvement Contractor No. PA 007458
  • Electrical New Jersey License No. 14809A
  • New Jersey Home Improvement Contractor No. NJ 13VHO5234900
  • Delaware Electrical License No. T1-0005489


Granahan Electrical Contractors, Inc. Maintenance

Making note of their 25-year warranties, this company is also proud to say that their solar systems run automatically and efficiently with electronic controllers. Where each of their solar panels come with a 25-year power output guarantee, the lifespan thereof is estimated to be twice that long. Granahan clearly ensures to use only those manufacturers who state that by the end of the 25th year, the solar panel will continue to produce up to 80% of its original power output.

However, one customer did criticise the owner, Rich, for being rude. Nonetheless, this review’s experience seemed to be an outlier, rather than a trend.



In Conclusion

With a whole page dedicated to high-ranking customer testimonials, Granaham Electrical seems worthy of their cause to aid even non-profits to gain value from their solar power projects.

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Residential Solar
Commercial Solar

Service Areas

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Are Granahan Electrical Contractors, Inc. trustworthy?

According to the Director of Property Department at Abington Memorial Hospital, Herbert Matthews, their work has been top-notch in all respects. Praising Granahan Electrical Contractors for their quick response, fair pricing, and high-quality work, this solar customer found their skilled electricians to be courteous, too..

Granahan Electrical Contractors, Inc. Solar Details

Licensing Information

Philadelphia 26447NJ 14809A

1830 Turk Road
Doylestown PA

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Front Desk
Front Desk
April 18, 2022
Super rude owner – Rich…
Super rude owner - Rich Granahan - has employees working there who have no idea what they're doing, and when politely asking for clarification of a bill - they get super aggressive and defensive.
This owner lied about the interaction our office had with their staff and then instead of apologizing, said "well you're not gonna get an apology." So much for basic decency and respect for customers. DO NOT USE!

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