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Updated on 2023-04-13


Goldin Solar is a solar photovoltaic, electric, and roof company founded in Miami in 2014. Daren Goldin, Owner and South Florida Regional Manager is a Miami native, who earned a BS in Civil Engineering with a specialization in mechanical engineering from the University of South Florida. 



Goldin Solar Services and Features

Goldin Solar was founded in February 2014. From its offices in Miami and Vero Beach, they serve the majority of Florida. 

Goldin Solar does not seek manufacturer discounts or buy aftermarket panels, unlike other solar installers. Instead, they buy Hanwha Q CELLS G6 solar panels production plant from their Georgia manufacturing site and Tesla Powerwall and SolarEdge HD Wave-series inverter.


Services Offered By Goldin Solar

Let’s take a look at some of Goldin Solar’s services.

  • Installation of a Solar Electric/PV System.
  • Cleaning Solar Panels.
  • Installation of a Solar Roof/Shingles.
  • Services for Grid-Tied Solar Systems.
  • Repair of Solar Electric/PV Systems.
  • Installation of a Solar Water Heater.

SolarEmpower were impressed by the breadth of services offered by Goldin Solar.



Goldin Solar Costs and Process 

Solar Cost Overview

The cost of solar is often expressed in dollars per watt. The price is determined by many parameters, including the kind of roof, the overall size of the array, and the direction of the modules. 

The simplest approach to grasp the real cost of solar is to compare it to the expense of utility electricity.


Goldin Solar Costs:

Goldin Solar accepts two types of payments: cash and finance. There is no “one size fits all” solution for the optimal payment method. 

Instead, they will collaborate with you to evaluate the best choice for your scenario. A cash purchase needs a bigger initial payment but is less expensive in the long term since there are no interest or fees to pay.

A funded software can be implemented with no money down and monthly payments equivalent to or cheaper than the power bills it is replacing. A financed system, however, will price the term of the loan, owed to interest.

In Florida, the average price of solar is roughly $2.53 per watt, and Goldin’s pricing is generally around average. However, after the federal tax credit, most Goldin systems will cost between $16,850 and $28,083.

If you want to add solar batteries to the system, Goldin’s Tesla Powerwalls will price around $8,500 and $10,500 apiece. 

Depending on your energy expectations and standards during power failures, some houses may require numerous batteries.

Reviewers attested to the accuracy of Goldin Solar’s costing, with over 140 positive reviews found on various databases. 


Goldin Solar Legitimacy: 

Goldin Solar is a Florida-licensed and insured solar installation. The license permits them to install solar panels everywhere in Florida. They have general liability insurance coverage over the statutory minimum. The company is BBB accredited.  

Goldin Solar’s official website includes contact information about the location and phone number. They also share the customer service email address and phone number. In addition, users can submit inquiries to the company using the website’s contact form.

Previous clients have praised the communication, speed, and professionalism displayed before and throughout the installation. 

Most significantly, customers are delighted with the company’s continued service and commitment to warranty claims, which will offer any solar household peace of mind.


Goldin Solar Maintenance:

Many solar firms appear to be excellent in theory; however, one of the best methods to evaluate whether an installer’s service meets expectations and the company’s claims is to check user reviews.

Most Goldin Solar reviews are highly positive, with consumers praising the company’s customer service, quick installation timelines, and instant savings on their utility costs.

While the majority of Goldin Solar reviews are still excellent, a few bad ones show that not everyone had the same great experience, with some permit difficulties and a delay in the installation process.



The SolarEmpower View 

Goldin Solar is frequently rated as the best solar company in Florida. Goldin offers an excellent comprehensive warranty, $0-down solar finance alternatives, and a wide selection of products and services to design your home solar system.

It gives Florida homeowners access to the highest solar systems and solar battery services to help them save money and avoid their ecological footprint.



Contact details: 

Phone: (305)-882-9044

Email: [email protected]


Miami Office

2937 SW 27th Ave, Suite 100A, Miami, FL 33133

(305) 469-9790

Industry Certifications

CALESIA – California Solar Energy Industries Association
CALESIA – California Solar Energy Industries Association
Better Business Bureau
Better Business Bureau
Solar Power World
Solar Power World

Service Types

Residential Solar
Commercial Solar
Energy Monitoring System


Is Goldin Solar a legitimate business?

Goldin Solar is unquestionably a reputable firm. It delivers excellent customer service and excellent communication, and it keeps the promises made by its solar warranties.

Goldin Solar recognizes the broad picture of energy efficiency and the environmental impact of fossil fuels and pollution. It goes to great efforts to assist Floridians in transitioning to a renewable source that will save customers money in the long term. As a result, it's evident that Goldin isn't only in the solar market to make money.

Is Goldin Solar a wise investment for homeowners?

Yes, Goldin Solar offers high-quality equipment at competitive costs. The majority of customer evaluations reflect that the savings on power costs are quick and significant. In addition, Goldin's service quality surpasses your solar panels' cost, particularly considering the company's pricing is around typical for the area.

Is Goldin Solar pricey?

Although solar panels save most households money in the long run, they are expensive to install regardless of where you live or who you hire. Having said that, Goldin Solar is comparable in terms of solar conversion costs, and you'll get excellent service despite spending less than you'd with so many other companies.

Goldin Solar Solar Details

Licensing Information

Solar: CVC56965. Electrical: EC13008547. Roofing: CCC1331878

2937 SW 27th Avenue Suite 100A
Miami FL

Goldin Solar User Reviews

(We try to verify user reviews as much as we can)
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Matias Perez
Matias Perez
March 20, 2023
I requested they come out…
I requested they come out to help me with an install for a Tesla wall charger and they replied "we are too busy and it will not happen for at least 2 months". I wrote back no problem I could wait and they never responded. Little do they know it is not just the Tesla charger and that I am also looking to go solar. Looks like they do not care for the smaller jobs.
Jack Barker
Jack Barker
January 31, 2023
Before I contracted with Godin…
Before I contracted with Godin Solar to install my solar system, I completed extensive research on solar installation companies and equipment manufacturers. As a pilot and organizational psychologist, I fully understand and appreciate the importance of both the technology used and the company that installs/services the equipment. After extensive research I selected Goldin Solar based on their use of the most advanced solar technology available on the market and knowing that their technicians (versus an unknown contractor) would install my system. Additionally, I felt comfortable knowing that they will still be around as a company to service my system for years to come.

My system went live on 2/21/2022 and was producing more power than expected. Everything worked as advertised but then there was an inverter and battery issue which degraded my system. It took some time to rectify the issues but eventually Goldin working closely with the equipment manufacturer (SolarEdge) to fix the issue. One of the challenges with using leading edge technology is that sometimes it might take a few modifications (software/hardware updates) to get everything working perfectly. At the end of the day both Goldin Solar and SolarEdge stood by their commitment to me as a customer ensuring that my solar system worked as designed. If you are looking for an advanced solar system that is installed and serviced by professionals then go with Goldin Solar.
Captain Jack Barker, PhD
October 21, 2022
10/21/2022 Goldin Solar – Thank…
10/21/2022 Goldin Solar - Thank you very much for standing behind your warranty for us. Jeff Moore and Mack are EXCELLENT!
Both are super knowledgeable, take the time to explain everything in detail, are friendly, have a good sense of humor and go way beyond the extra mile. (Solar inverter needed/was replaced under warranty.)
(To the public -) If you are looking for a solar panel system, I have had excellent experiences with GS.

2018 installation: Goldin Solar did a great job with the solar panel installation on our roof. Karl, sales person, was very knowledgeable, answered all of my questions when we met, followed up with emails and phone calls and was not pushy with sales pressure. He covered all of the bases on how we could take steps to reduce our energy demand prior to selecting an appropriately sized system. (We had done everything already.) We went with an 11kW system to be big enough for our home and an EV we intended to buy in the near future. Karl was very helpful with advising about the FPL pre-authorization process for the system size. The office took care of the permitting paperwork and kept me updated on the progress. Madelin was excellent as the project coordinator, she kept me up to date with the scheduling, permit status, helping to make sure the online application with FPL went smoothly, etc.
After the system was installed (actual installation only took 2 days), permits closed (a few more days), the online FPL application was approved within a couple of days and then two days after, FPL changed the meter to a net meter.
The only delay was at the very beginning with the preliminary drawing (location of the panels on the roof). There was some miscommunication but it was easily worked out.
Nick, the field tech manager, took the time to drop by and go over the inverter menu display menus with me.
I had reservations about installing a solar panel system. Goldin Solar helped ease those concerns. I am very glad we went with Goldin Solar and definitely recommend them. If you speak with Daren, you can tell he is a very enthusiastic about solar panel systems and gives straight answers.
Maxine Lobel
Maxine Lobel
August 16, 2022
My husband and I decided…
My husband and I decided to put solar panels on our home after some deliberation. As someone concerned about climate change and recognizing the need to turn to renewable energy, it was a very important decision for me. My husband was impressed with the economic benefits that would result especially the new tax benefits. Working with Goldin Solar was a very positive experience. All of the individuals involved from the initial explanation of the system, to the installers, to those with whom we needed to communicate, were professional, responsive and available to answer questions and provide needed information. We were extremely pleased with the service that was provided by Goldin Solar and their efforts to resolve any challenges that were encountered in the process of completing our Solar project.
Pierre Henri Berthier
Pierre Henri Berthier
July 6, 2022
Two years ago I purchased…
Two years ago I purchased a 8KW solar array with Tesla battery back up to power my home from Goldin Solar . Despite the fact that we had a Covid shut down in Miami Dade County during that time , Daren Goldin keep me informed of every step that he was taking to complete the project . The system has worked flawlessly expect for a small issue recently to which Goldin Solar acted swiftly to bring the system back online . I found The Goldin Solar Team to be knowledgeable and friendly and I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who is interested embracing the 21st-century and becoming energy independent .
June 16, 2022
Very professional installation and the…
Very professional installation and the energy production has been as advertised for the first year.

However, 10 days ago the solar production went down to zero. I went onto the
SolarEdge website and after a remote troubleshooting, SE said they opened a case because the inverter needs to be replaced.
Somewhat frustrating to lose power ….but stuff happens and that’s what the warranties are for.

We had a little glitch initially in contacting Goldin but since last week I have been called by the owner, Darrin Goldin, twice to assure me that a replacement inverter has been ordered and typically takes 2 to 3 weeks. Hopefully we’ll be back to peak production and fully charged Powerwalls before hurricane season.
I will update this review as soon as the the system is back on line.

Update 6/16/22
Goldin technician arrived this morning around 9 and had the new inverter up and running within a few hours. By 6 pm both Powerwalls are fully charged.
Well done. Goldin!

Mark O’Donnell
Cocoa, FL
Jose Cabrera
Jose Cabrera
June 2, 2022
I originally ordered panels in…
I originally ordered panels in mid 2021 with installation expected by end of year 2021. After I signed the agreement communication suffered significantly. I constantly requested updates and information that I was not provided with. They would respond only when they wanted and only provide short responses and little to no information from what was requested. On top of the delays, after I signed and was offered an offset of over 95% with the approved panels, engineering came back to reduce the amount of panels, I still disagree with their assessment, asked to speak to engineering and was denied that opportunity.

My installation was then delayed until 2022, and it wasn't until May 2022 when they finally completed pre work and permits.

Even after they scheduled installation, only to realize they didn't even have the panels they knew they would need for my project; again delayed.

During installation.
Techs were friendly. Unfortunately they made unnecessary holes and other damages that they failed to properly repair even after multiple requests. Right now there's a current roof water leak causing interior damages that I've reported and hasn't been addressed at all; panels are still pending. Techs also left very dirty working areas, including trash and cigarette butts all around my property exterior; my wife and I had to pick up multiple times after them.

Unfortunate, the entire experience has been very rocky, and although they say to be trying, their actions speak much louder than their short and sporadic words.

as of today 6/2/2022 we're still waiting on interior wall damage repairs, interior water leak repairs, rook leak repairs, and even final panel installation. All of these were supposed to continue as of 6/1/2022 and have been no call no show twice now, with no response from anyone on the matter.

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