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Updated on 2023-05-18


Since 2007, Freedom Solar Power has been making waves in the solar industry, starting from its humble beginnings in Austin, Texas, and rapidly expanding throughout the state and beyond. The company, known as the largest distributor of SunPower systems in Texas, has built its reputation on providing high-quality solar solutions for both residential and commercial clients.

Freedom Solar Services and Specifics


One distinguishing aspect of Freedom Solar is its commitment to customization. While they don’t manufacture solar panels, they design and install solar systems tailored to customers’ unique needs. The company ensures that every project, whether residential or commercial, receives a personalized touch – from the type of solar panels to the system design. The choice of SunPower panels, such as the highly efficient and durable monocrystalline solar panels with an efficiency rate around 20%, is based on the specific requirements of each project. This approach highlights Freedom Solar’s commitment to delivering optimized solar solutions that match the needs and budgets of its clients.

Freedom Solar Power use SunPower panels – which the team at SolarEmpower always note as a good sign!
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Let’s delve deeper into the services and specifics offered by Freedom Solar:

Battery Storage and Backup

Freedom Solar recognizes the need for energy storage in addition to the generation of renewable energy. They offer a variety of energy storage solutions, including the Tesla Powerwall and the SunPower SunVault™ Storage system. These advanced battery systems allow customers to store solar energy for later use, providing backup power during grid outages and helping to reduce reliance on grid electricity during peak usage times.

 Off-Grid Solar Solutions

Freedom Solar also caters to customers interested in off-grid living or those with properties located far from established power grids. They design and install off-grid solar systems, which are completely independent from the conventional power grid, giving homeowners the ultimate energy independence.

Solar for Businesses

Commercial solar is another area where Freedom Solar shines. The company provides a range of solar solutions tailored to businesses, including solar panel installations, battery storage solutions, and electric vehicle charging stations. These offerings help businesses reduce their environmental impact and operational costs while signaling a commitment to sustainability.

Turnkey Solar Solutions

Freedom Solar offers turnkey solutions for both residential and commercial customers. This means that they take care of all aspects of the solar installation process – from initial consultation and site evaluation, through design and installation, to monitoring and maintenance. It’s a hassle-free and streamlined process that takes the guesswork out of switching to solar.


Freedom Solar not only offers custom solar panel installations but a broad range of services designed to meet various energy needs and preferences. Whether you’re a homeowner interested in energy independence or a business looking to go green, Freedom Solar has the expertise and services to make your solar dreams a reality.


Costs and Specifics

Installation Costs 

Determining the installation costs with Freedom Solar isn’t a straightforward process as they don’t quote prices per watt for solar panels. Instead, they design a comprehensive cost estimate based on site-specific considerations. Representatives from the company, sometimes employing drones, assess factors such as sun exposure, roof condition, and electrical loads to draft a tailored cost estimate. Moreover, Freedom Solar is known to present customers with various payment options, providing flexibility and convenience.



Freedom Solar Power operates extensively in Texas and serves select areas in Colorado, Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida. They hold an accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and maintain an overall A+ rating. Additionally, their memberships in the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners and the Texas Solar Power Association further solidify their legitimacy.


✅Freedom Solar also have excellent reviews across various review sites, with hundreds of 5* reviews
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The post-installation phase is a crucial factor to consider. Freedom Solar stands behind their products, offering a 25-year warranty on all solar panels. While some customers have noted delays in addressing maintenance issues, the company’s overall commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evidenced by the vast majority of positive reviews. We’d have no qualms recommending Freedom Solar on the maintenance front.


The SolarEmpower View

At SolarEmpower, we believe that a company’s commitment to customer service is just as important as its technical expertise. Freedom Solar excels in both areas, showing a dedication to customer satisfaction that is reflected in numerous positive reviews. Their competitive pricing and transparency further enhance their reputation as a trustworthy solar installer. Moreover, Freedom Solar’s comprehensive range of services, including battery storage and off-grid solutions, position them as a forward-thinking company that’s prepared to meet the evolving needs of their customers. The turnkey solutions provided by Freedom Solar offer a streamlined and efficient process, which is invaluable for customers looking to transition to solar energy without undue stress.

In conclusion, Freedom Solar’s excellent customer reviews, wide array of services, and commitment to transparency make them a standout choice for anyone considering a transition to solar power in Texas. We give Freedom Solar a well-deserved editorial score of 9.5/10 for their impressive performance in the solar industry.


💲Pricing: 9/10 👷‍♀️Work Quality: 9/10
🏢Legitimacy: 10/10 👥Customer Service: 8.5/10
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Service Types

Solar Panel Installation


Is Freedom Solar trustworthy?

Freedom Solar has proven to be a trustworthy provider, backed by an A+ rating from the BBB, positive customer feedback, and a strong industry presence.

Are Freedom Solar good to work with?

The company's responsiveness and attention to detail during the installation process have been praised by many customers. While some have reported slower response times for maintenance requests, the overwhelming majority of reviews highlight a positive working relationship.

Is Freedom Solar recommended?

Given its industry accreditations, positive customer reviews, and commitment to quality, Freedom Solar comes highly recommended for those considering solar panel installation.

Does Freedom Solar provide a free consultation?

Yes, Freedom Solar offers free, no-obligation consultations that can be scheduled via their official website.

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