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Updated on 2023-06-14

DFW Solar Electric Overview

DFW Solar Electric is a small business with less than 25 employees located in Flower Mound, Texas. They mostly perform their services around the Dallas and Fort Worth areas but can serve the entire state. They were established in 2012 and have already installed 30,000 solar panels. In their work, DFW Solar Electric has also saved 4,788 trees and given customers $1,203 worth of average savings per year. Their revenue is almost $5 million.

DFW Solar Electric presents itself as a local North Texas solar electric company that brings the benefits and value of solar energy to a home. They believe in making solar energy affordable and available for everyone. They also aim to maximize each customer’s local, state, and national incentives to operate solar electric systems on their properties. DFW Solar Electric designs and installs systems that add more value to properties than a system’s cost.



Services offered by Unicity Solar Energy

DFW Solar Electric provides solar energy solutions to fulfill its belief in making solar energy affordable and available to everyone. These include installing residential and commercial solar systems, solar panel services, and manufacturing. They are also proud of providing quality customer service from site surveying, system design, installation, and maintenance.


Residential Solar Systems: DFW Solar Electric offers customers solar systems that increase savings, help the environment, and adds to a home’s value. They state that residential solar panels can pay for themselves within 6 to 8 years, resulting in 22 to 24 years of savings, with some homeowners reducing their electric bills by 95%.  

Solar systems also create energy that won’t contribute to any type of pollution or production of greenhouse gases. This reduces individual fossil fuel consumption and improves carbon footprints. 


Commercial Solar Systems: DFW Solar Electric offers commercial customers solar systems that add savings, reduce negative environmental impact, and enhances a company’s value. Solar systems can add more to a company’s savings since the price of commercial solar panel systems has dropped rapidly over the past few years. 

In many areas, the cost of solar electricity has been lower than buying energy from the utility. It can also draw in customers who prefer to deal with businesses that are proactive and committed to green initiatives. 


Solar Attic Fan: DFW Solar Electric offers solar attic fans that can keep attics ventilated and is usable all year round. Adding solar attic fans to homes helps with cooling and reducing energy costs during the year’s hottest months. 


Smart Energy Monitoring: DFW Solar Electric offers smart energy monitoring systems that track energy usage throughout different regions of a home or business around the clock. This is accomplished by using energy meters, and data loggers integrated into smart devices.


Manufacturing: DFW Solar Electric offers services for fabricating and assembling materials for solar systems. This includes solar PV panels and their subcomponents: wafers, cells, glass, back sheets, and frames, among others.



Installation Cost and Process


When it comes to prices offered, DFW Solar Electric offers customers a free consultation and a custom residential estimate. Their price as quoted and installation quality is rated highly by customers. Customers report being happy with the price of their systems, as it was similar or the same as the quotes given to them. 

They also liked how helpful the installation crew was and gave compliments on the good quality of the installed systems. In regards to financing, DFW Solar Electric’s website doesn’t have clear financing options for its residential customers. However, it offers no-money-down options for companies, allowing them to get into solar without using cash reserves for business growth initiatives. For-profit entities are eligible for a 26% federal income tax credit and accelerated depreciation expense benefits. 



DFW Solar Electric has a good claim when it comes to its legitimacy. As a limited liability corporation, their license number is EC 29469. The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation regulates this. DFW Solar Electric also maintains the appropriate insurance coverages to work on each customer’s home or business. 

They have industry certifications from the American Solar Energy Society and the Solar Energy Industries Association. This justifies their verifications. In regards to their reputation, no reviews are posted on their website. However, they mostly have highly rated to mixed reviews. DFW Solar Electric’s partnerships include one financing company, Service Finance Co. Their associated product manufacturers are SolarWorld, Suntech, Talesun Solar, Q CELLS, Canadian Solar Inc, Trina Solar, JA Solar, LG, Lightway, CSUN China Sunergy. They also have an industry affiliation with the Texas Renewable Energy Industries Association.



Customers highly rate DFW Solar Electric’s sales process, scheduling, and after-sales support. They report having an excellent experience, with the staff being very informative and giving them the quality and attention they want. Customers also describe them as going above and beyond during the installation process and even answering questions well after. However, some customers feel that the service given to them was subpar, such as the after-sales support.

DFW Solar Electric offers a five-year limited warranty covering defects in installation workmanship. The warranty’s term begins on the effective date of the sales contract, ending in the fifth year. If defects arise within that period, DFW Solar Electric will remedy the defects within 30 days of notice. Repairs will have costs, consisting of labor and materials.



The SolarEmpower View

DFW Solar Electric is a small business that mostly works around the Dallas and Fort Worth areas of Texas. They have a comprehensive set of services, with affordable costs knowable with consultations and estimates. DFW Solar Electric’s legitimacy is well supported. Customers rate their cost, installation quality, sales process, scheduling, and support highly. However, some customers felt that the service they got was subpar. There also needs to be financial options or assistance for residential customers. As such, DFW Solar Electric is well-rounded but still needs improvement in certain areas.

💲 Products: 10/10 ✅ Legitimacy: 10/10
⭐️ Costs and Financing: 7/10 📞 Customer Service: 8/10
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Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Residential Solar
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Service Areas

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Does DFW Solar Electric provide a good service?

Yes. According to customers, they provide excellent services.

Does DFW Solar Electric provide a free consultation?

Yes, they provide customers with a free consultation and a custom residential estimate.

Does DFW Solar Electric make their own panels?

Yes, they are manufacturers of solar system parts, but they also have partnerships with many solar companies and sell their parts.

Is DFW Solar Electric a legitimate company?

Yes, their legitimacy is supported by publicly available license numbers, insurance options, industry certifications, and partnerships.

DFW Solar Electric Expert Review Solar Details

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2201 Long Prairie Road Suite 107-763
Flower Mound TX

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Cuong Vo
Cuong Vo
March 27, 2023
This is a great company….
This is a great company. Even though we didn’t do business with them but Donald has been great educating and helping me with my situation. I was in needed of a solar panel removal and transfer process of solar from another company that was going to charge me a crazy amount. He help me along the process and situation. Word of advice to whom want panel please have everything in write as promised in which Donald has advise. Highly recommended company! Wish I had went with this company at the beginning. Thank you Donald!
August 12, 2022
Donald has great customer service…
Donald has great customer service and always available to answer questions about my panels. I will be using DFW Solar Electric regularly to wash my panels and anything else that may come up.
Terry Carroll
Terry Carroll
July 20, 2022
What everyone wants in a…
What everyone wants in a service company is quality and attention. DFW Solar Electric may not be the largest solar service provider but their people and work are top notch. You know you are dealing with people who are competent and take pride in their work.

Solar panels are usually low maintenance, there's not a lot of moving parts, but everything can break or malfunction. When it does, you want people who can analyze and fix the problem and my recent experience with DFW Solar, with an inverter that had shorted, rated a 10+. No head scratching guesses from recent trade school graduates, just experience and competence. They replaced my inverter under warranty and did it quickly.

All my experience with DFW Solar, going back a few years, from sales to installation to maintenance, has given me confidence in their competence and work ethic. I cannot recommend them more highly.
Jeannette Browning
Jeannette Browning
March 30, 2022
Donald and team were great!…
Donald and team were great! They went above and beyond to ensure my panels were up and running again after Empire Energy Consultants went out of business. Donald gave me a great deal, and was more than flexible with the work schedule. He also worked with my insurance to get my claim approved upon discovering squirrels had chewed the wires and even started a small fire. I highly recommend DFW Solar!
Chad Anderson
Chad Anderson
December 10, 2021
We recently contracted DFW Solar…
We recently contracted DFW Solar to remove existing solar panels prior to a roof replacement, and to re-install after the roof was completed.
They did an excellent job; the crew was punctual, efficient, and clean.
In addition, the owner/manager Donald was very responsive, and had great follow up.
I will continue to use this company for our solar needs, and recommend you consider them for your solar project as well.
Elizabeth Horter
Elizabeth Horter
October 23, 2021
Dfw solar saved me! I…
Dfw solar saved me! I was in quite a difficult place when I first called in. I had virtually no information on my panels And the company that installed them went bankrupt!
When I called Donald was patient and willing to help me figure out what I needed to do on the phone. Him and his team were able to educate me on my panels and tell me exactly what I needed to do to get them up and running!
I would highly recommend using this company for any solar maintenance needs you may have!

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