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Updated on 2023-07-01


Daily Green Power LLC is a small-sized company located in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. The company has over ten years of experience in delivering green energy solutions. 

Daily Green Power sells and installs solar panels across the states of Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio while offering a 25-year warranty for their customers. Their yearly revenue is 5 million dollars.  Daily Green Power is a NABCEP-certified company that creates customized energy solutions. They design solar panels that save energy charges and decrease energy consumption, with high-quality and affordable services that come with a 25-year warranty for the equipment and the installation. 



Daily Green Power LLC Services 

Daily Green Power is a company that designs and installs custom-made solar panels. 

Their services include Residential and Commercial solar panels, Tesla Powerwall, and LED solutions. 


Services Offered By Daily Green Power LLC

Let’s see some of the services offered by Daily Green Power.


Residential Solar Panels

Daily Green Power is a professional solar panel provider that creates affordable and renewable green energy solutions. 

Their solar panels tend to have dramatic savings for homeowners. Daily Green Power’s team works with every customer to create a custom-made solution that focuses on their needs. 

The residential solar panels from Daily Green Power have many benefits for homeowners, such as: 

  • Increased property value;
  • Lower monthly bills;
  • Federal tax credits;
  • Help save the environment;
  • Upgrading to on-site backup energy systems.


Commercial Solar Panels

The commercial panels from Daily Green Power absorb the maximum solar energy and create sizeable savings for customers’ businesses. 

Aside from the financial benefits, solar panels increase property value the operating costs and are environmentally friendly. 

Daily Green Power produces solar panels that are made from solar cells. Those solar cells absorb and generate electricity; the sunlight is transformed into a direct current that later converts into alternating current. Their solar panels last at least 25 years. 


Tesla Powerwall

For people who cannot afford to lose power at any moment, the Daily Green Power company offers the Tesla Powerwall solution. 

The power wall is the ultimate battery that fits great with a new or existing solar system. The Tesla Powerwall allows unlimited energy access that does not rely on fossil fuels. 

The Tesla Powerwall charges on solar energy during the day and saves that energy for the time when the panels are not working – during a power outage or at nighttime.

Daily Green Powerwall is the first certified company in Kentucky that installs the Tesla Powerwall. 

The company takes care of the system design, installation, permits, commissioning, and all electrical inspections. 


LED Solutions 

Aside from solar panels and the Tesla Powerwall, Daily Green Power LLC provides industrial, commercial, municipal, residential, and institutional LED lighting solutions. 

Their LED products are affordable and help customers save money on electrical bills. 



Daily Green Power Costs And Process 

Daily Green Power is a company that focuses on its customer’s needs. They create customized and affordable solutions that help their clients save money on electrical bills. Read on for more about their service specifics: 


Daily Green Power Costs

Daily Green Power is a company that focuses on quality rather than cost. They have very positive reviews on their official website and all over social networks. 

Customers say that the company is responsible, trustworthy, and highly professional. Their work is excellent and durable, and the team that installs the solar panels is described as professional and friendly.

Most of the reviews reflect very positively on their owner, David Gomez. According to Daily Green Power customers, David is highly professional, gives an excellent estimate, answers every question, and delivers impressive solutions.  

The positive reviews on the company’s focus on quality rather than cost are never-ending. 

Therefore, it is our expert opinion that Daily Green Power LLC is a company that delivers reliable solutions and is highly recommended mainly because of its professional and high-quality service.


Daily Green Power Legitimacy

The company has been BBB accredited as a Solar energy equipment dealer in Elizabethtown, KY, since 2017. Also, Daily Green Power is a NABCEP-certified company, which is the golden standard for PV certifications.

Daily Green Power company is very transparent about its reputation, which can be seen from its publicly posted reviews on its official website and social media accounts. All of the reviews regarding the company’s credibility are positive.

Daily Green Power company is transparent about its work by posting photos on the official website and social media regarding many of its successful projects. 

The company has provided office and cell phone numbers on the official website and email addresses. Also, they offer a free estimate for a solar panel system or LED lighting. 

The company has a form that customers can fill out, ask questions, or say what they are interested in.  

The company has not listed any partners on its official website.   


Daily Green Power LLC Maintenance

The company offers custom-made energy solutions and solar panels with a warranty of 25 years. According to the customer reviews, the Daily Green Power team is reliable, professional, and friendly. Their customer service is very well informed and very responsive.

All customer reviews are positive and describe Daily Green Power as very professional, responsive, and easy to work with. Every customer review recommends the company as a great choice.



The Daily Green Power View 

Daily Green Power is a company that offers residential and commercial solar panels, Tesla Powerwall, and LED lighting solutions. 

The company is accredited and certified and appears to be trustworthy. Our expert opinion is that Daily Green Power delivers excellent service.

All customer reviews are incredibly positive and describe the company as trustworthy, highly professional, and responsible. 

The only questionable thing is whether or not the company has a good working culture. Since there are no employee reviews online, it is hard to estimate whether Daily Green Power is a good place to work for.  


Contact details: 

Phone 270.506.3625

Address: 1105 Julianna Court, Suite 6, Elizabethtown, KY 42701

Email: [email protected]; [email protected];

Industry Certifications

Better Business Bureau
Better Business Bureau

Service Types

Residential Solar
Commercial Solar
Energy Monitoring System

Service Areas

Select State:


Are Daily Green Power trustworthy?

Yes, the company is very trustworthy. Daily Green Power is BBB and NAPCEP certified company, and all the customer reviews are positive.    

Is Daily Green Power good to work for?

It is hard to tell since there are hardly any employee reviews online.

Does Daily Green Power provide a good service?

Yes, the company provides excellent service. All of their customer’s reviews are positive, 5-star reviews, which describe Daily Green Power as a highly professional and high-quality service provider.

Daily Green Power Solar Details

1105 Juliana Ct. Ste 2
Elizabethtown KY

Daily Green Power User Reviews

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Joshua Brown
Joshua Brown
February 28, 2023
Very polite and quickly responsive….
Very polite and quickly responsive. Any issues or questions that came up, David took action immediately to handle it and letting me know the status.
For a few days I was juggling between this company and Solar is Freedom. I can go on for a while on why I steered away from Solar is Freedom and went with Daily Green Power. But, the main point here is that Daily Green Power is the way to go. Any questions you will have, it’ll be answered in the upmost professional way and David won’t leave you hanging. Good group of people on this team.
Sprocket 50
Sprocket 50
October 3, 2022
This company is the best…
This company is the best at service and price. We had a problem with our meter and they resolved it immediately. We are very happy with the install as well. They are real professionals. They are concerned and friendly always ready to help and make suggestions. The was very informative and I felt no pressure from David at all. Also, their initial analysis of our electrical usage was spot. Many thanks to David and his team.
John Rougeux
John Rougeux
July 3, 2022
Daily Green Power & David…
Daily Green Power & David Gomez were very professional and answered all my questions! Install was great and looks extremely professional. Will recommend Daily Green Power to all my friends and family.

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