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Updated on 2023-04-13


Certasun is a mid-sized solar energy contractor, with a current annual revenue of $4 million. The company is based in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, and has been in business for 4 years.

The company mainly targets homeowners and offers two main products. All systems from Certasun are highly priced, however, they are of superior durability and efficiency compared to the systems offered by the company’s competitors. Additionally, the company provides continued support for its customers. The company is BBB accredited and boasts an A rating from the BBB.



Certasun services and features


Certasun Products

Certasun offers a narrow range of products, which include:

SunVault Energy Storage: This product requires no maintenance and provides 24/7 backup power. It stores energy which can be used in the event of a grid outage which, combined with solar panels, will provide enough power for a home to survive for days. By filling out a quick and simple form on their website, potential customers will be able to receive a price quote for this or any other system sold by Certasun.  

EV Charger Installation: Certasun is a fully licensed and insured EV charger installer. The company can install a Tesla or ClipperCreek charger – or alternatively, Certasun can simply install a 240 volt outlet which will be compatible with any Level 2 charger.


Certasun Costs

Certasun’s products are priced above those of its competitors – and Certasun does acknowledge this. The reason behind the company’s higher pricing is due to the equipment they install, which they claim is only of the highest possible quality.

Customers can save some money however as Certasun helps to take full advantage of Federal Solar Tax Credits, which are an incentive for residential solar. For systems installed in 2022, the credit is 26% of the cost of the system – and this figure will shrink to 22% for 2023.

Reviewers were generally happy with the pricing services offered by Certasun, with accurate quotations and comprehensive financing options.

Overall, we feel that Certasun’s pricing is justified due to the quality of service and product delivered – however, there are companies which offer better pricing.


Certasun Legitimacy

Certasun is a legitimate company:

  • Plenty of accurate information about the company is provided on its website.
  • The company is transparent with its contact details along with its location.
  • The company boasts both a good rating and accreditation from the BBB.
  • There are many reviews online which help to support the legitimacy of the company.


Certasun Maintenance

Certasun exclusively installs Sunpower Equinox equipment, which is some of the most durable and efficient solar equipment available today. The company has had two customer complaints in the past 12 months, both of which have been closed. After complaining of issues with their systems, both customers are now satisfied with the solutions Certasun presented to them after the complaints were filed.

Certasun has a guarantee for all of its solar systems, one which promises at least 90% of estimated production for the next 25 years. If it falls short, the company will compensate by paying the customer back at a rate of 12.4¢ per kWh.

With an average customer review of 4.8/5 stars, Certasun has incredibly good customer reviews, reflecting the excellent service it provides.
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Overall, we strongly recommend working with Certasun. The company does charge more than its competitors however it continues to deliver on its promise to provide some of the most efficient and durable solar systems in America.

Industry Certifications

UL Certification
UL Certification
Better Business Bureau
Better Business Bureau

Service Types

Residential Solar
Energy Monitoring System

Service Areas

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When was Certasun founded?

Certasun was founded in 2019.

Is Certasun trustworthy?

Certasun is trustworthy given its online reviews along with its accreditation from the BBB.

Should I go with Certasun

SolarEmpower would not hesitate to recommend Certasun

Certasun Solar Details

1582 Barclay Boulevard
Buffalo Grove IL

Certasun User Reviews

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Steve Shrout
Steve Shrout
March 8, 2023
I checked the possibility of…
I checked the possibility of solar and took about a year or so to investigate my options. After speaking to 5 different solar companies, I chose CertaSun because of the professionalism the sales person conveyed during our phone session. Covid 19 complicated the process a bit but they were troopers and kept me in the loop every step of the way. Any concerns I had were addressed and the installation went according to plan, permits and HOA approvals all handle without a hitch. Great company to deal with.

03/08/2023 Update
After a couple years of trouble free production and even with a glitchy app things went well until Mr. squirrel moved in and caused some damage. It took out one panel and damaged some wiring shutting the panel down on Jan. 3rd. It took SunPower (the company I was told would be monitoring my system and panels) over a month to send me an email stating they had notified my "service provider" of the need for a site inspection. I waited a couple seeks as the weather would have prohibited access safely to the roof and contacted CertaSun to find out when they were going to be out to provide the inspection. They seemed to know nothing about it. I was asked to send a copy of the email from SunPower and then I contacted SunPower again to find out who they notified when they informed me they had in their email. Suddenly CertaSun was ready to provide the inspection and after a scheduling delay and then a weather delay made the on site inspection 2 weeks ago. So 2 months without 1 panel producing anything.
After discovering Mr squirrel and the damage, my system was shut down. I had to pursue CertaSun a couple of times now to find out the panel had to be ordered and a week after the inspection got an "oh by the way" that there was some damage to the roof where the squirrel had nested and did I want them to make a repair to it.
I've had to continuously pursue answers both from CertasSun and SunPower to get any updates or any actions to resolve my problem. This wasn't the way I was treated when I was "buying in" to the SunPower family. I'm disappointed now that I'm "just an existing customer" by the lack of priority my problem is receiving.
Matthew Furlet
Matthew Furlet
March 8, 2023
Installed professional and as discussed….
Installed professional and as discussed.
Javier Alexis Rivera
Javier Alexis Rivera
February 25, 2023
I got two other quotes….
I got two other quotes. I'm glad I went with Certasun for all the reasons you see in their 5 star reviews. Couldn't be happier with the aesthetics and solar electricity production.
William Schuch
William Schuch
January 12, 2023
The entire process has been…
The entire process has been seamless. From initial call to the installation which took place today. Everyone has been very professional and responsive. I appreciate the frequent calls/E-Mails to let us know how everything was progressing. The installation team was courteous, prompt and professional. As this is our second go round with solar, I would 10/10 choose them over our previous provider. I will post pictures tomorrow the 12th as it is dark out right now, but i will say that it looks clean. Very appreciative.
Mike Condon
Mike Condon
December 21, 2022
Reputable, Knowledgeable, Professional… this is…
Reputable, Knowledgeable, Professional... this is Certasun!!

We interviewed three companies amongst much internet research and speaking with other couple's experiences and choose Certasun for the three keys mentioned above in addition to their affiliation with the solar panel manufacturer SunPower.

The deciding factor was their offer including the state dollar credit from day 1 when other companies putting it on the purchaser to 'apply for' the state credit after an 18-month (+/-) performance period to assure the state that solar power production was actually being produced to the levels stated in the proposed work.

This was key and said to us that Certasun was placing 'skin in the game' by ensuring this production from the very first day!!
Hem Shankar Sengottaiyan
Hem Shankar Sengottaiyan
December 20, 2022
Certasun was very much upfront…
Certasun was very much upfront starting from the presales process and transparent about every step of the process. Bill Wayne (salesperson) shared me every detail including slight increase in home owners insurance. Installation team did great job as well by showing the plan and discussing the need to change little bit as a result of vent introduced after the plan was prepared. Certasun did a great job from start to finish with our solar system installation. I am really happy I picked Certasun for this project.
Eugene Leonard
Eugene Leonard
December 13, 2022
Certasun “full service” business model…
Certasun "full service" business model is one of a kind. From presentation to installation, they were committed to ensuring a quality customer-contractor relationship. Stellar!
jerry evensky
jerry evensky
December 10, 2022
I found Certasun to be…
I found Certasun to be very professional. i was very pleased with their work and their personal service
Gail Nottenburg
Gail Nottenburg
December 6, 2022
Our experience with Certasun was…
Our experience with Certasun was top-notch from start to finish. There was no hard sell, everyone we met was courteous and professional, and questions were answered in a timely manner. Compared to other solar panels in the neighborhood, ours from Certasun look much sleeker and more integral to our roof. We couldn't be happier that we went solar with Certasun.
Mike McDermott
Mike McDermott
November 28, 2022
When we decided to get…
When we decided to get solar panels we talked to a couple of different installers but ultimately went with Certasun. They were extremely professional and patient with all of our questions. T

They regularly (weekly or so) kept us up to date on the process even if there was not necessarily any update (a lot of the time spent between signing the contract and going live with the panels is with permitting which is outside Certasun's control)

Once install day came, the installers made sure we understood everything they were going to do, made sure all of our questions were answered, and worked with us on some of the fine details of the install (down to how close to or from a part of the house conduit would run)

One thing we loved about them is that they were very focused on doing a "clean" install where all of the conduit and associated hardware would be as hidden as possible. With a lot of the solar installs in our neighborhood you can see the silver conduit pipes all over the roof and sides of the houses and we did *not* want that. Certasun did everything they could (building codes permitting) to make this happen and we are very happy with the install and how it looks.

Overall very happy with Certasun...can't recommend then enough!

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