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Updated on 2023-02-02

Blue Dot Energy Solutions Overview

Blue Dot Energy Solutions are based in Palm Harbor, Florida.  They claim to have 13 years of industry experience and provide solar, as well as other renewable energy solutions, to both homeowners and business owners. They were founded in 2015 giving the actual company a sizeable amount of experience. Blue Dot Energy is a small company, but their installations are moderately priced with reviews stating that their pricing is fair and reasonable. 

Blue Dot is a for-profit company that installs renewable energy solutions for homeowners and business owners alike. Their company has stellar reviews and testimonials, with many expressing that they are professional, hard-working, and deliver a positive experience. 



Blue Dot Energy Solutions Services and Specifics 

Blue Dot Energy Solutions offers customers everything related to solar energy. Reviews have stated that Blue Dot has been able to complete jobs that others said were impossible. 


Blue Dot Energy Solutions offers

  • Installation of portable power stations – this helps customers to be prepared for any emergency. It includes medical equipment and construction/tools/ 
  • Installation or battery backup integration – As Florida is prone to hurricanes, a battery backup makes perfect sense. 
  • Evaluation of energy profiles – This helps to optimise energy usage, looking for new ways to decrease your energy usage. 
  • PV solar installation – They install a quality solar system wherever is best for them. This includes roof installations but also ground-mounted systems, carports and solar pergolas. 


Specific Solar Panels offered by Blue Dot Energy

Blue Dot Energy claims to use only the highest quality of products. They use Solaria, LG, Panasonic, Silfab, REC, Mission, Q-Cell, and CSI panels – which ones they choose for your property will be dependent on various factors such as budget, location, and needs. 

They also use Enphase, Sol-ark, SMA, Generac, Solaredge, and Outback inverters. Solaredge, Panasonic, and Enphase battery storage, and Ironridge, Quick-Mount, and Roof Tech mounting systems. 

Blue Dot Energy Solutions is located in Palm Harbour, Florida and covers areas close to or around that area. It is unclear where their service area cover ends. 


Blue Dot Energy Solutions Cost

Blue Dot Energy solutions charge anywhere from $9000 to $16000 for a 5KW system. The difference in cost depends entirely on what solar panels are selected, installation factors, and other design factors. Obviously, this cost will increase if you also choose to include battery storage or portable power stations. 

Blue Dot actually offers three options:

  • Economy – New solar equipment that may have been in overstock or surplus, that has now been price-discounted to make room for new inventory. 
  • Standard – The commonly stocked standard solar equipment. This is the same as you will find on most solar quotes. 
  • Premium – These are top-of-the-line, higher-wattage solar equipment from brands such as LG, Solaria, and Panasonic. 

Blue Dot also offers a solar loan, where those qualified can pay as little as $66 a month for a 5KW system. Reviews have stated that they work with these loan vendors that make this process super streamlined. Notably, Flordia also offers a 26% federal tax credit, which reduces the cost of the system quite dramatically. Obviously, this is only available for those who are eligible. 


Blue Dot Energy Solutions Legitimacy 

From Blue Dot Energy’s reviews and testimonials, it is clear that they are a legitimate, credible company. They might be a newer company, but their team’s experience and credentials make them highly qualified and equipped to complete even the most outlandish of projects.

Testimonials from various customers say that the team was professional, knowledgeable, and stress-free. 

They are also BBB accredited and boast an array of 5-star reviews. 

They do everything by the book, starting with permits, inspections, and utilities all the way up to the installation and maintenance. 


Blue Dot Energy Solutions Maintenance

Blue Dot Energy Solutions offers an industry-leading 25-year year product, performance, and labour warranties. All their solar equipment is also backed with industry-standard warranties. This is usually 20 years for the solar panels and 10 years for the inverters. 

Reviews have also explained that their team would come out and fix any problems.



The Blue Dot Energy Solutions view

We believe that Blue Dot Energy Solutions is a wonderful solar company to choose for your installations. This is especially true if you have a more difficult project to complete as they are more experienced with off-roof installations.

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Does Blue Dot Energy Solutions provide free consultations?

Yes, they offer a free evaluation. A site visit is required in order to give an accurate cost.

Are Blue Dot Energy Solutions trustworthy?

From their testimonials all the way to their accreditation, Blue Dot Energy Solutions appears to be trustworthy.

Can you cancel a contract with Blue Dot Energy Solutions?

In Flordia, you are given 72 hours to cancel a contract after signing, this is known as the "cooling off" period. After those 72 hours have passed, you likely will not be able to cancel a contract.

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