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Updated on 2023-04-13

Blossom Solar Overview

Founded in 2017, Blossom Solar is a BBB accredited business that provides solar panel installation to the state of Washington. Solar panel installation is not the only service provided by Blossom, however. Battery back up and commercial services are also available. The company has a satisfactory customer reputation with an average 4-star rating. Customers have said that the company provides great service at competitive costs. 



Blossom Solar Services and Specifics

Services Provided

Blossom provides customers with solar panel systems and batteries. 


Solar Installation

The core of Blossom’s business is solar panel installation. Blossom is a licensed EnPhase seller. EnPhase is a leading solar manufacturer in the United States and provides high-quality solar panels and microinverters. Blossom can do both ground and roof installations. All EnPhase systems come with a mobile app that allows users to track their usage, monitor the health of their system, and see their import and export energy rates. 

Washington residents can take advantage of zero sales tax on their systems. In addition, customers can take advantage of a 26% federal tax credit in 2022. Blossom does not directly assist customers with these rebates; however, they do provide all the necessary paperwork so customers can take advantage of the tax credits. 


Backup Batteries

Solar batteries are also available for customers looking to have a backup when the grid goes out. Like the panels and microinverters, the company uses EnPhase solar batteries. The EnPhase app also works with their batteries, allowing users to track the battery’s charge and usage. 

Solar batteries fall under the zero-sales tax policy of Washington state. Tax credits aren’t applicable to batteries, only panels. 


Business Services

Blossom offers to work with property developers to install solar panels on newly built homes. If the developer doesn’t want full installation, the company will do some prep work so that tenants or homeowners can install solar panels at their own discretion. The prep work makes new installations easy and cost effective. 

The company can build systems for up to three energy credits. They will also work with the sales team to educate reps in solar, allowing them to sell the properties to prospective buyers more effectively. Like residential systems, the state and federal tax laws apply. 



Installation Costs & Processes 


EnPhase batteries range between $3,000 to $7,000 for the unit. Their microinverters range from $140 being the cheapest to $240 on the expensive end. Panels depend on the amount of power needed, but they cost, on average, between $9,000 for a 4-kW system and $28,000 for a 16-kW system. 

Previous customers have said that the labor costs from Blossom are reasonable and many reviews say that the company works with customers with different financial options and detailed invoices. No customer review has said that they felt cheated when using Blossom.



Blossom is BBB accredited and licensed by the state of Washington. The company has almost a hundred reviews spread around the most popular review sites. They have an average 4-star rating. Customer feedback is important to the company and they often reply to both positive and negative reviews. 

The company is also active on the internet. They have official Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn profiles. They reach out to prospective customers and offer education on the industry. Customer testimonials are also posted. Blossom is most certainly a legitimate company. However, we do point towards issues across review databases, somewhat affecting their legitimacy. 



The company offers a 10-year labor warranty for any systems that need maintenance.  EnPhase materials also come with their own parts warranty, so customers are covered on both sides. Customer service reps are available both on-line and over the phone. They are not operating 24 hours a day, so customers must keep the time in mind. If you have a problem after hours, you will have to send them an email. Luckily, the company owners’ contact details are available for a more direct line of communication. 

Customer service ratings are high for Blossom, so we can assume that their post installation services are excellent and legitimate.



The SolarEmpower View

Blossom provides excellent service and expert consultation for solar customers in the state of Washington. Their prices are competitive and they utilize high-quality materials from EnPhase. They are a licensed and accredited business who also utilizes social media for community outreach. The company is recommended for those looking to install solar panels and batteries in Washington.

Industry Certifications

Better Business Bureau
Better Business Bureau

Service Types

Residential Solar
Commercial Solar
Energy Monitoring System

Service Areas

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Does Blossom Solar provide good service?

Yes, the company has an excellent track record and are very open with their services. Customers have praised the company for making the process easy and educational.

Does Blossom Solar provide free consultation?

The company offers a free 15-minute consultation over the phone and free quotes.

Is Blossom Solar recommended?

Yes, the company is highly-rated and legitimate. They work to provide the best service for customers.

Blossom Solar Solar Details

Licensing Information


1706 Lombard Avenue
Everett WA

Blossom Solar User Reviews

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Jim Peterson
Jim Peterson
March 25, 2023
They did a great job….
They did a great job. Everything was done as promised and on time. Highly recommended. So happy with the project.
Joshua Monaghan
Joshua Monaghan
March 18, 2023
The Blossom team just finished…
The Blossom team just finished out solar project. They did a great job and maintained excellent communication from start to finish. I would highly recommend them. We shopped around; their price was competitive, and their reviews were very strong.

We had originally planned to put solar on in spring 2020, but had to delay because of the uncertainty of COVID. This winter, we reconnected with Blossom and they smoothly picked up where we left off. Our job involved installing a full roof array and moving/upgrading our home electrical service. It took 3 days and on the fourth day, everything was up and running, our house and EV now powered off sun energy- so amazing!
Thank you, Blossom!
R. Shubert Ho
R. Shubert Ho
March 10, 2023
These guys were super quick…
These guys were super quick and efficient with quoting process, permitting and build out. I'm supper happy with the app too, as it has plenty of great features and reporting to show your usage and energy generation. Highly recommended!
Pahela Akhari
Pahela Akhari
March 5, 2023
From our first contact to…
From our first contact to getting the job done had one of the best experiences ever for this big of a projects. Thanks Blossom Solar Team.
Arash Eghbal
Arash Eghbal
March 2, 2023
Very professional and respectful. Glad…
Very professional and respectful. Glad I chose Blossom Solar.
Dev Nambi
Dev Nambi
February 24, 2023
Just had a solar install…
Just had a solar install completed by Blossom Solar. I started doing research into solar in Sept 2022, and Blossom had one of the better prices & reviews I could find. They were clear about solar panel options, installation size and its reasoning, microinverter brands. They were able to do the installation about 6 weeks after I paid, which is fast. I'm now able to use solar panels this year, during the sunny season coming up.

They had useful info about financing, if I needed it. There was one other company that had more useful service+information, but their price was 20% more and they're booked out until July.
February 11, 2023
Blossom did an amazing job…
Blossom did an amazing job of putting in our solar system. Very professional right from the start. Really appreciated how they handled all the coordination with inspections and local utility. Right from the start the company was very transparent and gave me the most transparent quotes and explanation of options to consider. Their staff across the board had done a wonderful job of keeping us informed the whole way through to the system getting turned on.
Edward DAvis
Edward DAvis
January 28, 2023
Working with Blossom was fantastic. Everyone…
Working with Blossom was fantastic.

Everyone (from the people on the phone to the installers) were very personable, cooperative, and helpful. They never made you feel like your question was a waste of their time.

I highly recommend them to get a quality installation, done on time, and as advertised. This is the way all businesses should be run.

Thanks Blossom.

Peter Justus
Peter Justus
January 26, 2023
All members of their team,…
All members of their team, from the office staff to the people working on site, were very courteous, professional, as well as responsive to all our questions before, during, and after the installation.
Tom Horton
Tom Horton
December 26, 2022
Blossom performed a very professional…
Blossom performed a very professional and prompt installation of my Enphase home battery system including great project communications. I especially appreciate their facilitation of electric utility and local government inspections. It's gone through two outages so far and performed flawlessly.

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