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Updated on 2023-05-26

Asheville Solar Company LLC Overview

Asheville Solar Company is a small, family-run corporation that provides photovoltaic solar system services in Asheville, North Carolina. The company maintains a compact team as it looks to build long-term relationships with the customers it serves.

The company has enjoyed steady growth over the years and has completed close to 100 projects across Western North Carolina. Asheville Solar Company aims to provide affordable and accessible solar solutions to Asheville residents through renewable energy production.


Asheville Solar Company LLC Services and Specifics

Solar Panels offered by Asheville Solar

The firm uses panels from Mission Solar Energy and SolarEdge in their installations. For roof mounting and racking systems, Asheville Solar uses IronRidge. These arrays and mount systems are industry-standard and cost-effective.


Specific Solar Panels Offered

Mission Solar Energy Panels

These panels are relatively new in the US market. All MSE modules contain p-type monocrystalline solar cells and are perfect for off-grid and grid-tied installations. Their efficiency is above average, and they have a 300+ power rating. Their PTC rating surpasses all other American brands’ PTC.


SolarEdge Solar Panels

SolarEdge solar panels have power optimizers integrated into the panels, making installation faster. This increases the system’s performance and protects the panels. Their Monocrystalline PERC Module with Half-Cut Cell Technology is best-in-class and produces a 370W power output.

The IronRidge mounting and racking system for solar arrays is the best bet for consumers. The mounts cover rooftops, poles top, ground mounts, universal clamps, tilts, rails, and other solutions for solar energy systems. They are durable and high-grade.


Specific Types of Solar Offered

Residential Solar: Most of Asheville Solar’s completed projects are done on residential buildings. The company custom designs each system to ensure maximum exposure to sunlight, enabling optimal power generation.

Commercial Solar: Although their proficiency in installing solar arrays for businesses is limited, the firm does boast a few commercial projects. The company can provide a free consultation and assessment for the project.

Grid-Tied: Asheville specializes in installing grid-tied solar panels that connect to the client’s utility grid. These systems allow for excess energy generated to be fed back to the grid, earning the system owner credits. This process is known as net metering.

Off-grid: For residents without a grid, the firm installs off-grid panels with backup battery storage. These systems are equipped with batteries to ensure constant supply of power to connected devices. 


Additional Services:

  • Hybrid systems
  •  Rooftop
  • Ground Mounting
  • Solar Thermal Technology


Installation costs and process


The average cost of solar panels in North Carolina is between $2.50 and $3.50 per watt. This means that a solar system that is 5 kilowatts in size would generally cost between $12,300 – $17,500 to install. Asheville Solar does not advertise a specific cost for its solar installation since its system’s costs vary depending on factors such as the design, size, and materials used.

The company encourages potential clients to set up an appointment for a quotation and a free site visit. The Federal tax incentives are only available for their solar thermal systems.

“When SolarEmpower asked Asheville Solar about costs, the company said:

“We place honesty and customer benefit before profit. Our mission is to be Asheville’s affordable and accessible answer to sustainable energy by using a holistic approach to renewable energy production”.
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It is commendable that Asheville Solar is not profit-oriented and this is consistent when looking at the company’s customer reviews. The company has received over 20 customer reviews, each one with a maximum five star rating. While the reviewers did not mention how the company’s prices compared to competitors, they did comment on the excellent quality of work delivered.

Based on these facts it seems that Asheville Solar has struck a sweet spot between cost and quality which is a great sign.



Asheville Solar has been licensed to operate in North Carolina since 2012.
The company has a license issued by South Carolina Labor Licensing & Regulation #120144.
North Carolina General Contractor License #76074.
Asheville Solar is Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA certified.
The company is owned and operated by Nate Pembleton, a solar expert with over a decade of experience in the solar industry
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Awards and Accreditations

  • Performance Institute (BPI) – Energy Auditing and Air Sealing certification
  • Certified Member – North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) certificate #23237.
  • Certified Member – Just Economics
  • Manufacturer Partnerships – Mission Solar Energy, SolarEdge, and IronRidge

Despite being a small, owner-run company, Asheville Solar has all the necessary accreditations to justify its legitimacy. The only minor blemish on its otherwise excellent array of accomplishments is that it does not hold BBB accreditation, though this is something that the company can work toward in the future.



Asheville Solar does not specifically state what its terms of warranty are; therefore, we urge potential customers to discuss this in detail with the company before signing up. However, when we look at the customer reviews, there are  indications that the company provides a standard product warranty of 25 years and a lifetime warranty on its workmanship.

Every review had received a 5 star rating, and mentioned the owner-operator frequently, explaining how helpful he and his team were from the initial consultation to project completion and beyond.

While all the signs are positive around Asheville Solar and its maintenance processes, we still strongly advise that these facts are confirmed beforehand.

Key Points
Solar Panel Warranty Unspecified
Workmanship Warranty Unspecified
Power Production Guarantee Unspecified
In-house contractors Yes
Free Consultation Yes
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The SolarEmpower View

Asheville Solar Company LLC is a perfect example of a hard-working individual that has built a successful business the right way. The company has maintained its small size to ensure that its quality and customer service is managed on a personal level. Asheville Solar Company is recommended for residential projects of all types, and for customers that prefer a personalized approach. Larger commercial customers may be able to find better alternatives in North Carolina. 

💲Cost: 8/10 ⭐️ Quality: 10/10
✅Legitimacy 8/10 📞 Customer Service 9/10
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Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Residential Solar
Commercial Solar


How many employees does Asheville Solar have?

The company is owner-operated and maintains a small service team of less than ten staff.

Is Asheville Solar’s service available outside North Carolina?

The company’s main service area is Fletcher, though it does provide services throughout North and South Carolina.

Is North Carolina good for solar panels?

North Carolina is the leading state in the US for solar panels and has among the lowest average cost in the country.

Asheville Solar Company Solar Details

21 Meeks rd
Black Mountain NC

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