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Arctic Solar Ventures Overview:


Arctic Solar Ventures is a small-sized husband and wife owned solar company founded in 2015, headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska, that offers fully integrated design/ build and installation of solar. They specialize in residential and commercial grid connected solar. They are internationally certified as a B Corp for their ethical, transparent, and environmental business practices. They are a Top 500 Solar Contractor, a Top 50 Solar Company in the United States, and a BBB A+ accredited company.


With a 5-star rating based off more than 80 reviews across multiple sites, Arctic Solar Ventures is most certainly a company that it’s services and client’s needs very seriously. Despite having a small team, they are able to do both residential as well as commercial sized jobs with outstanding workmanship. Arctic Solar Ventures design and build more grid-direct solar systems than anyone else in Alaska, with 2.5 megawatts of residential and commercial solar projects operating from Homer to Talkeetna. These include many “firsts” and the largest & most complex projects in the state.


Arctic Solar Ventures services and features:


Arctic Solar Ventures offer a complete comprehensive Solar Concierge Service. This ranges from the planning, design and engineering steps done by their award-winning design and engineering team all the way to their licensed, extremely, and professionally certified project managers and field professionals. Their focus of smooth integration of design, engineering, permitting, construction, inspection, commissioning, customer tutorial, unlimited online monitoring, their 30-year insurance-backed warranty with unlimited chat support is the perfect recipe for success and customer satisfaction.


Solar Panels:


Arctic Solar Ventures uses exclusively LG Solar panels, namely LG NeON® 2, BiFacial LG NeON® 2 and LG NeON® ..


Arctic Solar Ventures Costing:


Customers report that Arctic Solar Ventures offers very competitive and market related prices for their products. As they handle the project themselves from planning, to design to engineering to installation there are no hidden or surprise costs that come unexpectedly to the customer. They also offer free quotes so you can see the cost implications before agreeing to anything. Another add on service they offer is an online ballpark solar estimate quote system that makes use of satellites to give you an estimate in seconds. Solar for your home typically will cost between $15,000 – $20,000 up front, of which you will also receive a 30% tax credit. Out of pocket expenses after the credit are $12,000 – $15,000, which get paid off through energy production in 8-10 years typically. 




Arctic Solar Ventures work directly with the top solar loan providers in the country (both of their partners happen to be B-Corps) to provide the best available options to you. The financing is broken down into three loan types:  

Short-Term, Long-Term, or Combo Loan

A 12-month or 18-month loan that covers your solar tax credit (i.e., the Section 25D federal income tax credit that’s available for new residential solar electric systems at up to 26% of the eligible project cost).

A 12-year, 15-year, or 20-year fixed rate loan on the remaining portion of your solar electric system cost (i.e., up to 74% of the eligible project cost).

A 12-month or 18-month loan that covers your solar tax credit (i.e., the Section 25D federal income tax credit that’s available for new residential solar electric systems at up to 26% of the eligible project cost).

A 12-year, 15-year, or 20-year fixed rate loan on the remaining portion of your solar electric system cost (i.e., up to 74% of the eligible project cost).

Combining both of these loan types together is commonly called a solar electric system “combo loan.” 

Secured by the solar equipment that’s installed, not by the equity in your home.

Loan amounts up to $90,000 per loan.

Fixed interest rates.

No prepayment penalties.

Automatic electronic payments.


Product Maintenance:


Solar modules come with a manufacturer’s warranty for a lifecycle of 25 years. Depending on the quality and installation, systems will last 30 + years. They are also the only LG Pro Platinum company in the state, which means they use only the best equipment and components. As an added benefit this means they can offer a 25-year performance warranty on their solar panels.




If you are in Alaska and you need a solar solution, Arctic Solar Ventures is most certainly the company for you. With years of experience, a full team from all professionals’ aspects and a passion for both their products and their customers, Arctic Solar Ventures is the clearly the right choice. With peace of mind that they handle the entire project and tailor make the project to suit the customers needs exactly like they want them. With the added peace of mind that you are coved with a 25-year warranty there is no need to worry.


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Arctic Solar Ventures


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ASES – American Solar Energy Society

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Do they do off-grid solar?

No, they do not. they have a singular focus and exceptional proficiency at on-grid solar for homes and businesses. They do have some great off-grid partners that they are happy to refer you to.

Does ASV do home solar?

Yes! In fact, they do more on-grid home solar than any other company in Alaska. They have hundreds of home systems operating in south central Alaska with zero issues or warranty claims.

Does ASV do commercial solar?

They are Alaska’s only commercial solar company, actually! They have done the majority of all commercial solar systems in Alaska, and are the only licensed, bonded, and insured commercial solar contractor in the state.

How do solar panels perform in Alaska?

Solar performs much better in Alaska than people think because solar panels function more efficiently in the colder climates. Cooler temperatures and longer daylight hours give Alaska an enviable advantage for solar energy that it once did not have. Improved technology, higher efficiency, and lower costs have opened an entirely new world for solar in Alaska. Our peak production season is between 8-9 months in most areas. Overproduction in the summer is banked with the utility and those credits carry-over into winter months. In most cases we can achieve 50%-100% solar offset for homes with net-metering.

Is it true that solar panels produce more electricity on clear winter days?

Yes, it is! Solar panels produce more power and are more efficient at colder temperatures. Heat is hard on electronics, so winter provides more efficient energy production. Even with that fact, the shorter days of winter are real factors in determining PV potential throughout Alaska. We calculate year-round production so that you can count on over-producing during the summer.

How likely are customers to recommend ASV?

Very likely, with their 5-star rating, they have proved their outstanding customer service, quality workmanship and professionalism time and time again.

Arctic Solar Ventures Solar Details

Workmanship Warranty
25 Years
2000 W. International Airport Road, Suite B3
Anchorage, AK

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