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Alternative Power Solution Overview

Alternative Power Solutions is a long-running, award-winning solar contractor based in Cave Creek, Arizona. The mid-size company was founded in 2004 and has completed over 10,500 projects. Due to the quality of its products, Alternative Power Solutions’ services are expensive but reliable.


The company offers commercial and residential services in Phoenix, Arizona, and El Paso. Alternative Power Solution aims at serving the community while saving them money and has installed over 10,500 projects. However, our experts couldn’t trace much customer feedback on the experience with the company. Alternative Power Solution has been BBB accredited since 2019.



Services and Specifics of Alternative Power Solutions

Alternative Power Solution offers high-quality services and customer-centered services and products, such as:


Solar panels offered by Alternative Power Solutions

The company provides PV solar panels and other quality products, inverters, and batteries. 


Specific solar panels are offered

The company provides various PV panels but does not specify the exact types. Top brands include: Enphase, LG Q-cells, and Panasonic.


The company offers monocrystalline solar panels, which are highly durable with a lifespan of up to 40 years. The panels also have a high-efficiency rate of up to 22% making them convert much energy in a short time.


Residential Systems

Alternative Power Solution provides three types of systems and several products to use for your home. The systems include:


Grid-Tied systems – Also known as grid-tied systems, they help reduce electricity bills through metering. These systems are ideal in Arizona, given that it receives 300 sunny days per year from states with good power connections.


Off-grid systems – The company offers off-grid systems to customers who want generators to backup their solar systems.


Hybrid systems – This is the most effective system, and comprises a grid-tied battery backup. Besides being durable, the system is the most expensive but suitable for any region with unreliable power grids. Alternative Power Solutions has a trained team that can connect hybrid systems for all-time energy provision.


Commercial systems

The company also designs and installs systems for commercial use. They include:


Water pumping systems – Unlike its competitors in the region, Alternative Power Solutions has a trained team that installs solar thermal systems.


Steam generation – For industries using diesel boilers, the company provides a solar steam generator that uses parabolic troughs to heat water into steam.



Installation costs and processes


When SolarEmpower asked Alternative Power Solution about costs, the company told us: “Quality is a priority over cost.”
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Alternative Power Solution provides financing options to customers. You can get a system from as low as $0 upfront money. But the company has not indicated the exact options and loan companies they work with. 


Nonetheless, the company has detailed information on its installation process, and you can use bargaining to get the best watts in the region. 



Alternative Power Solutions is a legitimate company. And below are some of its legitimate endorsements, certifications, and awards:

  • The company is registered in the state of Arizona because it has been BBB accredited since 20/02/2019.
  • The company employees have verified active dual licenses from the Arizona licensing board.
  • Alternative Power Solutions is transparent. The company has published its services and contact details, providing its email address, office location, and phone number. It also has an online form for quick quotations. 
  • The company also claims to have won 28 awards, though, it does not specify which.

Our experts view the company as a legit services provider dedicated to providing excellent services. Their only drawback is not publishing its partners and registration number. 



Our experts couldn’t trace information about the company’s scheduling and whether it is easy to contact them through their communication channels. However, the company’s team can visit your site at the exact time you schedule with them, and you can cancel the automated scheduling two hours before the appointment.


Alternative Power Solutions offers a warranty for its solar systems but does not elaborate on the terms. They also do not have customer feedback to back this information. Typically top-level companies offer 25-30 equipment warranties and 10-year workmanship on their systems.


The company has a remote monitoring system to help customers track the usage of their energy and can detect any fallout for easy maintenance. 



Solar Empower View

We view the company as a legitimate and customer-oriented service provider. Their major drawbacks include costly services and their lack of customer testimonials. Therefore, customers should take caution when considering this company as an option.

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation

Service Areas

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Do Alternative Power Solutions provide a good service?

The company aims to provide customers with power alternatives customized for their needs. However, the company has no customer feedback to back any of its claims.

Will Alternative Power Solution provide proper maintenance?

The company promises to provide continued customer care for your system after installation.

I can’t get in contact with Alternative Power Solution - what should I do?

Alternative Power Solar has various contact options to reach them. Below are their contact details:

Location: Cave Creek, AZ 85331-8518

Email address: [email protected]

Phone number: (602) 881-0113

Website: Alternative Power Solution

Is an Alternative Power Solution recommended?

Although the company is BBB accredited and has licensed employees, we have concerns with the lack of reviews of the company.

Alternative Power Solutions, Inc. Solar Details

Workmanship Warranty
10years with installation coverage.
Licensing Information

Master Electrician 32years ROC CRII #316717
TDLR #34341

39016 N Spur Cross Rd
Cave Creek, AZ

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