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Updated on 2023-07-01

All American Solar LLC Overview

About All American Solar LLC

All American Solar is a family-owned solar design and installation company based in Florida. Founded in 2015, the company provides its services to residential and commercial customers with the goal of driving positive economic and environmental change throughout Florida. 


All American Solar employs between 15 – 20 full-time staff and relies on referrals and maintaining long-term relationships to keep business going. The company has experienced remarkable growth over the years and generates in the region of $3.8 million annually through its single-location office.



Solar Panels and services offered by All American Solar

Specific Solar Panels Offered

All American Solar does not provide any information on the specific solar panels they use; however, they do claim that their solar systems are carefully selected to provide a more efficient home that saves customers money.


Specific Types of Solar offered

All American Solar offers two main categories of solar systems: residential and commercial. 

Residential Systems: All American Solar uses qualified engineers to design and maintain their customer’s systems while also helping them eliminate as much of their utility cost as their property will allow. 


The company aims to make solar installations easy and can install solar panels anywhere there is sunlight, such as on the roof of a home or on a garage or outbuilding. 

Commercial/ Industrial Systems: From small businesses to large manufacturing facilities and agricultural sites, All American Solar has solar power solutions to fit any budget. 


Solar energy can yield a significant return on investment for business and building owners with a clean, environmentally friendly energy source.


Additional services

Customers of All American Solar are also able to make use of the following additional services offered by the company:


Hybrid Water Heaters: These units are specially designed to pull heat from the air and can reduce water heating costs by up to 75%. 


Solar Attic Fans: A fairly new innovation, solar attic fans prolong the roof’s lifespan, reduce attic heat and moisture build-up, and eliminate mold without the added cost of an electric attic fan.


Variable Speed Pool Pumps: All America Solar are able to replace traditional pool pumps with more efficient ones that can be controlled from a phone or similar device.


Smart Thermostats: The company also provides nest thermostats that can control the property’s temperature from any mobile device. These units can also help reduce energy costs.



Installation costs and process


The company requires conducting a consultation to provide a free estimate cost of their service. All American Solar offers to help customers take advantage of the Federal Incentive Tax Credit, which allows for up to 26% of the total project cost to be deducted from their federal taxes.


The company has been well-reviewed by customers, accumulating 124 customer reviews. However, while many customers do mention saving on their electric bills after installing their systems, there is no mention of the actual systems being competitively priced.  


All American Solar offers financing options for their solar systems, and based on the customer reviews, several of the negative feedback that the company received is related to this factor. Here is an example: 

“The product was ok. You won’t start seeing the savings until you pay the loan off.  Brandon Bing is a typical sales man. He will pressure you in getting a ridicules loan at a high rate. The first year of the loan the rate is low until the 13th month of the loan. This is how this company makes their money. they get a kick back from selling high interest loans not selling solar panels.

I would not recommend All American Solar (Brandon Bing). Shop around , I am sure you can find a good deal on solar panels. Also, try to finance with a bank not the sales man.”

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All American Solar is legit. Here are some of their accreditations: 

All American Solar has been registered with the Florida Secretary of State since the 12th of May 2015 – ID # L15000084529
The company is a Trade Certified Solar Contractor – License #: CVC56961 and has assembled a diverse portfolio of previously completed projects.
The company is transparent with its contact details and provides a contact request form on its website for after-hours inquiries.
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In addition to the accreditations above, All American Solar achieved B.B.B. accreditation within its first year of operation in 2016. Customer reviews have verified it as a legitimate contractor by more than 100 customers.



  • All American Solar uses its own in-house staff, which is the key to its success and allows the company to guarantee its workmanship.
  • Their PV systems are covered by a 25-year manufacturer warranties.
  • The company also offers a 25-year workmanship warranty.

In addition to selling and installing quality solar power systems and products, All American Solar has a service department to fix and maintain all types of solar products. 


The company services solar equipment, regardless of who originally installed it. In fact, the company claims that most of its service calls are for repairs to systems installed by other companies. 


However, among the customer reviews, there are mentions of the company being difficult to contact pos- installation. Here’s an example:

“Stay away from these shysters. The agreed on job is not what we wound up with. They will not respond to customer needs unless complaints are filed with the State AG’s Office, Complaints with the state licensing board or threats of a lawsuit. The “owners” are unprofessional. I’m still waiting on them to install the batteries I’ve had since mid October and the promised generator cutoff is also still not installed. Nov 8, 2017 they installed the solar array, it didn’t work til late Feb 2018. Seriously don’t do business with these clowns. I’d give less than one star if it were an option…..”
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Customer Service (Review Analysis)

While the majority of the company’s feedback is positive, 15 reviews (12%) received ratings of fewer than 3*. There were two notable trends in the feedback: 


First, there are several mentions of the company using robocalling technology as part of their service. Here is an example: 

“I have been harrassed every day on the phone by this company and every time I pick up the phone it’s a recording. This company is in violation of the D.N.C I have told them on numerous occasions to update the records and stop calling me.”
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What’s particularly concerning about this is according to the FAQs on their website, the company provides the following response to whether they use robocalling: 


Company’s response: “We do not and we never will. All American Solar does reach out to potential customers who have inquired about our products and services”


The second trend is related to the salespeople and the credibility of the information they provide, as mentioned earlier in the review.



The SolarEmpower View

Based on our research, All American Solar LLC seems to offer a good service and has maintained high-quality standards for the majority of its customers. Their impressive work portfolio and the level of customer satisfaction expressed in their reviews suggest that they are among the higher-tier of contractors in their service area.


However, while the negative feedback received is a relatively small percentage of the overall customer base, the issues are common, suggesting that they exist, albeit sporadically. 


Therefore, SolarEmpower suggests exercising caution when considering the use of this company.

Cost: 8/10 Legitimacy: 8/10
Quality: 8/10 Customer Service: 6/10
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Industry Certifications

Better Business Bureau
Better Business Bureau
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Service Types

Residential Solar
Commercial Solar
Energy Monitoring System

Service Areas

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Are All American Solar LLC trustworthy?

Somewhat. The company is BBB accredited, well-reviewed, and displays numerous examples of its previous work projects on its website; however, there are indications that the company has fallen short of its customer’s expectations in some instances.

Will All American Solar LLC provide proper maintenance?

The company offers an annual maintenance program, and most customers have mentioned that the company does provide proper maintenance. However, among the negative reviews, 5 customers mentioned that the company can be difficult to contact.

Are All American Solar LLC good to work for?

The company has only received 3 employee reviews and scored 2.3*. Two of the reviews are from former salespeople of the company, both of which provided 1* ratings and mentioned concerns regarding the owner’s sales tactics.

Can you cancel a contract with All American Solar LLC?

No, according to Florida State law, you cannot generally cancel a contract with a company once you have signed it. If you would like further clarity on whether a contract has been signed, you can contact All American Solar LLC or an attorney directly.

All American Solar Solar Details

Licensing Information

FL: CVC56961
Volusia County: 201604260002

1060 E. Industrial Drive Ste. A
Orange City FL

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