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Updated on 2023-06-14

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ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

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Solar Panel Installation

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TECL #27328 | NML #384319

105 TX-539 Loop
Cibolo TX

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Nathan White
Nathan White
January 24, 2023
Response to the Owner: An honest…
Response to the Owner:
An honest accounting of my experience with your company is hardly fair to be characterized as me attempting to discredit you. It's my experience and while I'm glad you have access to the full account from your perspective, this is mine and seeing as none of this info was ever communicated to us, it is useless and inconsequential.

It's sad you fired the delivery driver as he was one of the few positive interactions we had with your office staff. He was only trying to accomodate us, Given the nearly complete lack of communication that preceded this, We figured helping him unload was going to be the best way to positively ensure we'd wouldn't keep being ignored.

Changing to one star for the lack of empathy or accountability.

Do better.


Our Experience has been equal part acceptable and truly awful. Our system was repeatedly delayed for various reasons, all understandable, and while frustrating, I had no issue with being delayed. What I did and do have an issue with was the complete and utter lack of communication from anyone in this company. I believe I received exactly 2 phone calls from anyone in the company throughout the entirety of our relationship.

The office staff could not be more unhelpful, lots of promises but nearly zero follow through. I say nearly because I did get 2 phone calls, one unsolicited to inform me CPS had scheduled our commission date and the other was the lone returned call of the numerous promises to call me back. Getting any answer from the office staff, usually required multiple calls. Don't bother leaving a message as ALL went unreturned, Lest you think I was pestering them constantly, I would call maybe once a month, just looking for any update, even if that update was simply, nothing changed. Unreasonable I know.

As an example: There was no phone call to inform us of our installation date. Our install window was between 8 am and 8 pm from November 1st to January 1st ( Comcast ain't got nothing on Advanced Solar ). You are just expected to be home just in case they decide to show up.

Of course, when that Joyous day arrived, they couldn't be bothered to show up or to communicate that they wouldn't be installing our system that day. Hell no! To be fair a delivery truck did show up with our panels but shockingly nobody helped unload them, so they got a few hours of unpaid labor out of my wife and i. You're welcome!

Our system was eventually installed and commissioned. However, I am yet to monitor my system, as the tech they sent out was untrained and unable to finish setting up the system. Shockingly the office is refusing to answer or return a phone call. So in a parting shot of incompetence, I'm yet again left out to hang by incompetent office staff.

Sigh - Buyer beware.
Doug Carlton
Doug Carlton
October 14, 2022
Once your system breaks down…
Once your system breaks down it's a nightmare to get repaired. You have to keep calling for updates. My system has been down all summer. Keep checking your system the company knows when it stops working but nothing will be done until you call. Seems like a lot of them break down looks like two more weeks for me


Sadly it's still down after the replacement. I left messages last week but was able to talk to someone today who schedule a tech to come out Thursday

Great news system is working I just can't see the results and that will be fixed soon
Roger Lifschultz
Roger Lifschultz
October 3, 2022
We started in June with…
We started in June with Adam telling us that it should be done by late September, and still no communication on date for install.
I have called a number of time with no date. They keep pointing fingers at a subcontractor.
Right now I am thinking about giving up and just walking away because if this how they work god only knows how their installation is going to go.
Britt Barkley
Britt Barkley
September 30, 2022
We had our system installed…
We had our system installed 6 years ago. We requested bids from several companies and narrowed our group down to two. Advanced Solar was highly recommended by several neighbors so I had first hand knowledge of their work. I chose them and have not regretted it. The installation crews were courteous and professional. They are far and away the best at what they do in the SA Metro Area. I sent several friends their way and they all bought systems too. Go with Advanced and you won’t go wrong!
Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson
September 27, 2022
My Solaredge inverter broke and…
My Solaredge inverter broke and the company that installed it is out of business. I called Advanced Solar. It took awhile to get parts and and all the employees were busy. So the owner is here right now doing the installation himself. I am impressed and can't say thank you enough! Great people. Solar power is so great an option now with the price of electricity.
Andrew Hopkins
Andrew Hopkins
September 27, 2022
Excellent service and very thorough….
Excellent service and very thorough. They do what they say they are going to do and follow up if it isn't what you had in mind to make it right. Very friendly.
September 27, 2022
I’ve had a long relationship…
I've had a long relationship with Advanced Solar. My panels were installed in 2014. The sales and installation process was a positive experience. They helped guide me through proper sizing of the system and then navigating all the rebates and tax breaks available at the time. They were very responsive during the turn-up and helped me resolve a billing with CPS Energy.
Over the years I've had maintenance done on my house that required removing the panels. Once again, Advanced Solar was responsive with my requests and were able to come out in a timely manner to remove and reinstall the panels.
Most recently, one of the inverters failed, so I called to get it fixed or replaced. The inverter itself was still covered by the manufacturer warranty, so all I had to do was pay the reasonable labor fee for the tech to come out, assess the situation, and file the RMA request. Lead times are a little long right now, but that is across the board for anything with electronics. After the part came in, I got a call about it and within the week the new inverter was installed.
Over the course of almost a decade, Advanced Solar has been really responsive for any inquiries I put in, helpful with any maintenance I've had to do, and have always provided great customer support in general.
Gerardo Ramirez
Gerardo Ramirez
September 24, 2022
Well this is an update….
Well this is an update. To a previous note. Well yes it is taking a while to get the service and repairs but at least they are trying. I am not 100% percent happy with the delays. But who is.
Derek Roberts
Derek Roberts
September 22, 2022
My panels were installed on…
My panels were installed on my home in 2015 and it made a huge difference on my electricity bill. I can especially appreciate it now with the increased cost of energy and rising rates. What sets this company apart from the rest is they are a local small business and you have a chance to talk with the owner if you need to. When an issue popped up with needing to replace an inverter (they dont last forever) they handled the warranty and installation in a reasonable amount of time getting me back to full operating capacity.
Lisa Skopal
Lisa Skopal
August 23, 2022
We had our initial 36…
We had our initial 36 panels installed about a year and a half ago with no issues. However We met with Adam, this past April and it is now August 23rd and we are still not completed. We added additional solar panels, a battery and back up generator. I don’t recall Adam saying anything other than it will take between 3-4 months to complete because of CPS approval and permits. Don’t recall anything about people showing up whenever they felt like it, most of the summer having to turn power on and off (son works from home and needs internet), lack of communication throughout this process. Still need the final test of equipment and can’t get a call back to know when that will be. Very disappointed in Adam and this company this go around.

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