Top 10 Best Solar Panels for Homeowners 2022

Updated on July 11, 2022

We’ve taken a look at some of the leading solar panel providers, so that you don’t have to. Here is our expert-reviewed analysis of the ten best solar panels available on the market: 

Our list

Maxeon Solar Technologies (formerly SunPower)

Company HQ: Singapore

Product Warranty: 40 year

With an industry-leading product warranty, a high efficiency rating, and a stellar reputation, Maxeon is sure to be a good bet for any home solar panel installations. Although the price bracket is at the higher end, Maxeon’s IBC cells more than make up for this in quality. We highly recommend Maxeon panels.

✅  Pros: Efficient, high product warranty

❌ Cons: Price

Score: 9/10


LONGi Solar: 

Company HQ: Xi’an, China

Warranty: 12 years

LONGi Solar is growing, and with good reason. If you are looking for a cheap, reliable, no fuss option, you can stop your search here. LONGi cells are efficient, with an up to 21% efficiency rating, thanks to P-Type TOPCon technology. In fact, LONGi’s huge research and development team has helped the company to make huge strides in the field of solar. 

✅ Pros: Cheap, reliable, efficient

❌Cons: Warranty

Score: 9/10


Sharp solar panels: 

Company HQ: Osaka, Japan

Product Warranty: 15 years

At just a 20.1% efficiency rating, Sharp’s solar panels may seem a less desirable choice. However, Sharp’s 60 year history of selling solar panels means its products are highly reliable. There are some clear cons to be aware of though – Sharp solar panels are not sold in the US and have a relatively short product warranty. 

✅ Pros: Reliable

❌Cons: No USA availability

Score: 7/10


JA Solar panels: 

Company HQ: Shanghai, China 

Product Warranty: 12 years 

JA solar panels are sold in over 130 countries worldwide, and have a strong international reputation. They do not quite match up to competitors for efficiency, coming in at a 20.2% rating. However, they are on the cheaper side of the market. If JA Solar Panels are recommended by your local dealer, you cannot go too far wrong. 

✅ Pros: Reliable, accessible

❌Cons: Higher quality options are available

Score: 6/10


REC solars

Company HQ: Singapore

Product warranty: 20 years

REC solars are efficient: their maximum power comes in at a 21.9% efficiency rating. Coupled with a long warranty, and it seems homeowners cannot go too far wrong. Although the company no longer has the Norwegian expertise on which it was founded, Bloomberg still ranks REC Solars as a Tier 1 system. Users do however point out that they aren’t the most attractive panels, especially if you live in a conservation area.

✅ Pros: Efficiency, quality

❌Cons: Appearance 

Score: 9.5/10


Canadian Solar

Company HQ: Guelph, Canada

Product Warranty: 25 years

Although Canadian Solar has traditionally been a budget brand, its recent HiKu7 series panels feature seriously innovative PV technology. The company tailors to a range of residential and commercial needs, with cells from 355W all the way to 655W. With an efficiency rate of up to 21.3%, Canadian Solar Panels are a safe bet. 

✅ Pros: Price, emerging technology

❌Cons: No N-Type technology, Research and Development could be stronger

Score: 8/10 


Jinko Solar

Company HQ: Shanghai, China

Product Warranty: 10 years

Jinko Solar is the largest solar panel manufacturer in the world, with high efficiency, low priced products. Jinko Solar focuses on Research and Development, reflected by a recent high-efficiency score of 22.3%. If you are looking for high performance solars, the Tiger Neo fits the bill with high-purity N-Type Cells. 

✅ Pros: Reliability, efficiency, price

❌Cons: Weak warranty

Score: 8.5/10


Trina Solars

Company HQ: Changzhou, China

Product Warranty: 15 years

Trina has a reputation for affordability, reliability and innovation. Like REC, Trina is ranked Tier 1 by Bloomberg. Although Trina cannot compete with REC in the premium sphere, its N-Type TOPCon cells are at over 600 watts, with the Vertex S+ Series at almost 22% efficiency. 

✅ Pros: Price, reliability

❌Cons: Not ideal for premium searchers, relatively low warranty

Score: 8/10


Suntech Power

Company HQ: Wuxi, China

Product Warranty: 12 years

Suntech offers low cost, relatively stable solar panels. If you are on a budget, these are a great option. However, the efficiency of the Suntech HIPower 450w, the company’s best solar panel, only goes as high as 20.7%. That said, there is a reason Suntech has international appeal, with installations ranging from Germany to Australia to Arizona.

✅ Pros: Price, great cheap commercial option

❌Cons: Quality, warranty

Score: 6/10


Hyundai Solar Panel Reviews

Company HQ: Seoul, South Korea

Product Warranty: 25 years

With high performance, great affordability and excellent workmanship, Hyundai solar panels seem to offer the full package. Hyundai uses P-Type cell technology on its compact panels. Hyundai offers panels with a maximum efficiency of 21.3%, and an annual degradation rate of just 0.55% attests to its quality. 

✅ Pros: quality, durability, price

❌Cons: 25 year warranty non-applicable to US customers (EU and Australia only)

Score: 8.5/10 – US customers, but 10/10 for EU and Australian customers

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