Clayco Electric Inc.
Review Clayco Electric is a solar provider company based in Alpine, California. The company offers high-quality and faster installation services but at a high cost. Clayco Electric is made up of a small but professional team and has gradually grown since its establishment in 2011. Its revenue is not public, but our experts found out that from the past four years i... Read More
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Day One Solar Inc.
Review Day One Solar, Inc. is a Solar Energy Systems Company based in Santa Cruz, California. The company was founded in 2013, and specializes in the sales, design, installation and servicing of solar photovoltaic systems at highly competitive prices while maintaining high quality standards of installations. Day One Solar currently caters for homes and businesses... Read More
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Diamond Solar Inc.
Review Diamond Solar is a family owned and operated solar energy company based in North Hollywood, California. Founded in 2015, the company has shown exponential growth. Diamond Solar’s projected revenue has reached around $5 million.  The company works on both commercial and residential projects, basing its business model on long-term relationships with its custo... Read More
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Earth Electric Incorporated
Review Earth Electric, Inc. is a woman-owned electrical contracting company based in greater San Jose, California. The company was founded in 2009, and despite having a small team of six employees, it installs about 400 kW of mostly residential solar each year. Earth Electric focuses its efforts on educating residential customers on the basics of solar and sets ou... Read More
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Eco Management Systems
Review Eco Management Systems is a solar company that is known for its commitment to providing solar within the US. They are based in Mesa, Arizona. This company was started in 2012 and specializes in installing and providing solar systems to create a source of renewable energy for communities in need of an alternative way to get energy. Eco Management Systems tak... Read More
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Element Power Systems, Inc.
Review Founded on Jan 1, 2010, Element Power Systems is characterized as a fully licensed and insured California State Contractor with headquarters in the San Francisco Bay.  Dedicated to providing professional excellence to customers, this company currently specializes in installing solar energy systems, vertical axis wind turbines, electric vehicle charge statio... Read More
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Enable Energy
Review Established in 2009, BayWa is a leading global developer and servicer of renewable energies, solar distribution, and energy services providers. The company is based in Munich, Germany, and employs more than 4,000 employees worldwide. Matthias Taft is the current Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of BayWa Global. The company has been in the industry... Read More
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EZ Solar Electric
Review EZ Solar Electric is a mid-sized business based in El Cajon, California. The company was founded in 2010 by Sky Seals, and has grown to over 10 employees in this timeframe. EZ Solar Electric not only provides turnkey solar installations, but they are also fully licensed, bonded and insured electricians and roofers. They cater to residential and commercial p... Read More
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Future Energy
Review Future Energy is a solar power company based in California, operating across the state and wider area with the majority of its business being driven from its base of Los Angeles. Founded in 2016, the young company offers premium solutions for customers who require reliable and inventive solar power installations. The majority of the market is thus priced ou... Read More
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G C Electric Solar
Review GC Electric Solar has been a small, family-owned, and locally operated EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) company since 2008. Based in San Diego, the company also serves Greater San Diego, Vista, Carlsbad, Coronado, Encinitas, Riverside County, Chula Vista, Poway, Mira Mesa, Pacific Beach, Rancho Santa Fe, Scripps Ranch, National City, Del Mar... Read More
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Check the best Solar companies by city

Making an honest selection

At SolarEmpower, we aim to provide our readers with fair and impartial reviews that have been verified by our solar experts. The ratings of solar companies below are based on an intricate analysis of market standards, customer review ratings, and expert knowledge of the market. We believe in giving you all the information you will require, in the simplest form, so that you can make an informed and educated decision based on facts.

Key Points To Consider When Choosing A Solar Company 


Your home is one of your greatest assets so it only makes sense that you take extra care to ensure that your property and the solar system fitted is adequately covered in the unfortunate event of damage. A solid warranty will give you peace of mind that any damages to your home or solar system are fully covered without you needing to come out of pocket to have them repaired. SolarEmpower takes not only the length of the warranty into consideration, but also the level of coverage, as well as past experiences of real-life customers when providing a rating to ensure that you make the right choice. 

Cost VS Quality: 

Everyone wants to save money, but balancing cost and quality can be a difficult task if you do not have all the information required to make an informed decision. Due to the abundance of solar company options in California, SolarEmpower takes the guess work out of choosing a suitable company by conducting in-depth analysis of each company’s average cost against the market average, as well as customer reviews, to determine which companies offer a fair balance of cost and quality. 


The solar industry is more competitive than ever, with new companies entering the market every month. While newer companies may offer great prices and other promises, there is often very little information to base your decision on, apart from what the company advertises. At SolarEmpower, we conduct all the due diligence on each company, including factors such as its BBB ratings, customer complaints, and previous work samples, before we create our take on the company. Companies that have stood the test of time are always a safer option as they have earned their right to be considered as a worthwhile option. 

Best Products: 

In the solar world, reputation goes a long way. Certain solar manufactures leave no stone unturned in terms of developing the most advanced and innovative products that push the boundaries of technology and performance. We are always on the lookout for the best options in this regard while also taking real-life experience with these products into account.

The SolarEmpower View

Residents of California are spoilt for choice when it comes to the availability of solar providers and verified installers due to the state’s suitability for solar power generation.  From locally-based businesses to large global manufacturers, California has it all. We strongly recommend that customers that are considering going solar take advantage of the variety of companies on offer and gather as much information about them before making a final decision. 

Here are some of our top tips when selecting a solar company in California: 

  1. Gather as many quotations as possible
  2. Opt for companies that provide free consultations and quotes
  3. Favour companies that use well-known brands of solar equipment
  4. The cheapest option is not always the best option
  5. Pay attention to previous customer reviews
Is Solar worth it in California?

Without a doubt. With sunshine, sales and property tax exemptions, solar is an ideal investment in California.