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Updated on 2023-03-23

Zigg Electric & Solar Overview

Zigg Electric and Solar is a small company that offers electrical services as well as solar system installation. The company was founded in 2001 and has stayed a relatively small operation that services its local area of Granite Bay, California. 

The company appears to be one that predominantly offers electrical services but has branched out into solar installs. They claim to focus on providing affordable, energy saving, and money-generating solar solutions. 


Zigg Electric and Solar Products

Services Offered by Zigg Electric and Solar

Normally we would break down the different types of solar panels a company offers before going into detail about what types of systems they offer.

Unfortunately, this is impossible in the case of Zigg Electric and Solar. Their website does not offer any information on the panels they offer or the kind of systems they can install eg: on or off-grid, battery installation, roof or ground mounts, etc.

Broken down, they offer two solar services. One where they design your system, organize paperwork and then complete installation. And a “Do-it-yourselfé option where you buy the system from them and then install it yourself. 

We reached out for more details and received no response. After checking online reviews we could only find one customer who had utilized the solar side of the company’s business, this was an 18kw  Solar system. The company appears to focus on smaller residential solar installs.


Zigg Electric & Solar Installation Costs

Once again Zigg Electric & Solar doesn’t give potential customers much to go on in relation to potential costs. They claim to offer affordable, money-saving, and money-generating options but do not offer prices. Potential customers must ask for a quote. 

Unlike many solar installers, the company also makes no mention of offering finance options or a system lease option. Presumably, this means any installation must be paid for upfront which may put it out of the reach of many potential customers.

On the positive side, Zigg Electric & Solar does set up rebates at no extra cost. This means customers can sit back and relax while Zigg Electric & Solars deals with one of the more stressful sides of the solar process.

With so few customer reviews to go by, we cannot make a cost vs benefits analysis here. If Zigg Electric & Solar are honest about low cost, they could offer good savings. Unfortunately, they provide too little information for us to recommend them on price alone.  


Zigg Electric & Solar Legitimacy

We have some concerns as to Zigg Electric & Solar’s legitimacy:

Bonded Electricians
Licensed California Contractor
Transparent with contact details
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While the electrical services side of their businesses appears to have been running for a long time there are major concerns as to the legitimacy of the companies solar business. We could find only one review online for the company that referenced a solar installation. While this review was positive, it was a relatively small install.

The company offers no evidence as to whether their solar installers have any kind of certification or not. Furthermore, compared to even other small installers the company offers no information on what kinds of systems they install. 

Zigg Electric & Solar appears to be a team of electricians that have branched out into solar. A solar installation can be a large financial commitment and unfortunately the company offers no evidence that they have the expertise or know how to deploy anything more than small-scale solar installation. The fact they have only one solar review suggests they haven’t sold many systems either. 

All of these things bring the company’s legitimacy into question.


Zigg Electric and Solar Maintenance

According to its website the only post-installation maintenance Zigg Electric & Solar offers is routine solar panel cleaning. They do not state whether they provide warranties although most panels today come with a 25-year warranty.

Some customer reviews online state that the company is easy to get in contact with. However, negative reviews paint a different picture. Several customers complain that Zigg Electric & Solar can be hard to reach and have a habit of canceling appointments at the last minute without warning.

Customers also complained that the company tends to disappear when things go wrong. One client was left out of pocket when the company stopped responding after the client had already paid for a permit and inspection.  Another customer complained that the company caused damage to their property which they agreed to pay for before going on to ignore further correspondence from the customer. 

These paint a picture of a company that cannot be relied on to provide maintenance when things go wrong.



The SolarEmpower view

We cannot recommend Zigg Electric & Solar when it comes to solar installation. They provide far too little information on their website and have insufficient customer reviews to paint an accurate picture of the service.

Worse, negative reviews online for the company in general show that the company has a tendency to disappear when things go wrong. The positive reviews they receive are predominantly for small, electrical jobs rather than solar.

A solar installation can be an expensive, time consuming endeavor which requires a high degree of specialist knowledge and experience. There is nothing that points to this company having either of these things. 

💲Cost: 5/10 ✅Legitimacy: 5/10
⭐️Quality: 5/10 📞Customer Service: 5/10
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Contact details

Phone: 916-771-3600

Address: Head Office 4440 Lawrence Drive, Granite Bay CA, 95746

Email: [email protected]

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Residential Solar
Commercial Solar

Service Areas

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Is Zigg Electric & Solar worth it?

No. Their website is not transparent as to the services they provide. They do not appear to be accredited. With so little information to go on, hiring Zigg Electric & Solar would be too large a risk.

Do Solar Solutions 4 U a good Service?

Reviews are mixed. It appears they offer adequate service for small electrical jobs. However reviews for larger jobs are more negative, especially if/ when problems arise.

Is Zigg Electric & Solar a legitimate company?

The electrical services side of their business appears to be. However, they offer no proof of any kind of accreditation for the solar side of their business and despite operating for over 20 years only have one solar review online.

Zigg Electric and Solar Solar Details

Licensing Information


4440 Lawrence Drive
Granite Bay CA

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