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Updated on 2023-03-21

Zero Energy Associates Overview

Zero Energy Solutions is a small, family-run solar installation company operating out of Sebastopol, California. Operating since January 2000, Zero Energy Associates was originally a heating and cooling company that has since branched out into Solar Energy. They have a relatively small team with years of experience.

The company’s focus appears to be on providing high-quality and energy-efficient installs that allow as many people as possible to offset their energy usage with solar. 


Zero Energy Associates Products

Specific Solar Panels Offered

Unfortunately Zero Energy Associates does not go into detail as to which specific solar panels they offer. However, they do state that they offer Roof Mount Systems from Iron Ridge, and Quick Mount as well as custom-made options. They also offer ground mount systems from Professional Solar and Iron Ridge as well as other custom options. 


Services Offered by Zero Energy Associates

Solar Installs- Zero Energy Associates offer both residential and commercial energy installs. The company specializes in “deep energy retrofits” and “net zero energy buildings”. This means before starting they will audit and monitor your home or business’s energy usage to create a 100% customized energy solution designed to be as efficient as possible while still fitting into your budget.

They can install systems that are both on and off the grid. For those looking to store their solar energy, they install Enphase Ensemble as well as Outback Radians with Discover and Simpliphi batteries. These all have great reputations and are known for being environmentally friendly.


HVAC (Home Ventilation and Cooling)- Rather than solely focusing on solar panel installation Zero Energy Associates specializes in full retrofits of homes and businesses. They install heating, cooling, and ventilation systems designed to make a home or business as energy efficient as possible, maximizing the benefits of a solar install.

Since the company project manages both the solar and HVAC installation you can be sure that everything works together properly. 


Zero Energy Associates Installation Costs

Zero Energy Associates does not provide any price lists on its site. As is common in the industry potential customers must contact the company and ask for a quote. They do mention several times on their site that they provide low-cost energy solutions, however.

Unfortunately, there are not many reviews by former customers online. However the reviews we could show most customers are more than happy with prices. Several customers mention that the company is competitively priced, especially in the HVAC sector, and actually quoted lower prices than the local competition.

All customers seem to be more than happy with their energy savings. Customers repeatedly state how much lower their energy bills are now thanks to solar and energy-efficient HVAC installs. Value for money does not seem to be an issue.

Zero Energy Associates state that they offer financing for some projects but do not give any more information on their site. They also do not appear to offer leasing options which is unfortunate for any on a very tight budget.

What they do offer however is a wealth of knowledge in regard to other ways customers can save money. As part of the auditing process, Zero Energy can help both residential and commercial customers save money through federal and state clean energy incentives.

Overall Zero Energy Associates appears to be a company that is focused on its customers’ long-term gains. They specialize in the kind of large, expensive retrofits that will save customers money over the years. Customers’ reviews point to this being true. 

For customers looking to make great long-term gains, Zero Energy Associates appears to be a great option. They go to great lengths to make sure every customer’s custom tailored install fits within their budget. We would normally expect a tailored service like this to be expensive but Zero Energy Associates appear to be competitively priced.


Zero Energy Associates Legitimacy

Certified Energy Upgrade California Installer
Lawrence Berkeley Labs Commercial Building Partner
BPI Certified
Serves on local energy efficiency and GHG boards
Transparent with contact details
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Zero Energy Associates also enjoys predominantly positive reviews online. Unfortunately, there are not many reviews, especially for a company that has been operating for over 20 years. However, the reviews they do have point towards a company that can be trusted. 

The fact the company plays such a large role in local energy initiatives which helps to mitigate any concerns about the low number of reviews. Reviews also date back quite a few years, indicating the company has been operating for as long as they claim.


Zero Energy Associates Maintenance

Zero Energy Associates offer a high level of post install maintenance and care. All solar panels installed come with a minimum 25-year warranty. They also list performance monitoring and panel cleaning and care as options.

Customer reviews point to a company that is easy to get hold of and quick to respond. Promisingly, most reviews online talk of long-term relationships with the business where customers choose to keep returning to Zero Energy Associates for years.

These customers state they have kept returning to the company thanks to great customer service and the company’s expert knowledge, especially in the HVAC space.  Although the company doesn’t list it as a provided service, reviews mention Zero Energy Associates being happy to come and check installs years later at no cost.

We could only find two negative reviews for the company. Both were related to delays in communication/ miscommunication. One customer waited a month for a consultation only for Zero Energy Associates to send a different company in their place. Another customer complained of delays in arranging maintenance. 

While these are a minor cause for concern both reviews are at least five years old and outnumbered by the companies vast majority of positive reviews. All in all Zero Energy Associates appear to offer a very high level of maintenance and customer service which keeps repeat customers coming back for more years after their initial installs.



The SolarEmpower view

Overall Zero Energy Associates seems to be a great choice for anyone looking to slash their utility bills or make their building more environmentally friendly. The company may specialize in larger installs and total refits but customer reviews point to them being a good choice for smaller installs.

The company may be small but they manage to compete with other local installers through fair pricing and by harnessing years of experience. We would rate them as highly recommended. 

💲Cost: 8/10 ✅Legitimacy: 9/10
⭐️Quality: 9/10 📞Customer Service: 9/10
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Contact details

Phone: 707-544-3900

Address: 851 Gravenstein Avenue (South), Suite B, Sebastopol CA, 95472


Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Residential Solar

Service Areas

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Is Zero Energy Associates worth it?

Yes. The vast majority of customers are happy with their energy savings and state that the company is competitively priced.

Do Solar Solutions 4 U a good Service?

Yes. Zero Energy Associates offer a high level of service that seemingly lasts years after the initial install. Reviews point to a service that is so reliable that customers keep coming back.

Are Solar Solutions 4 U trustworthy?

Yes. The company is well known in the area and has worked on many local projects. They are also well certified.

Zero Energy Associates Solar Details

851 B Gravenstein Ave
Sebastopol CA

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