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YouVee Solar LLC is a small sized owner managed company that deals with solar system installations, repairs, and maintenance. The company is located in Ridgecrest in the Indian Wells Valley Region of California. YouVee Solar LLC was established in 2010, and in spite of having a small team, it has grown over the years in terms of service provision to become an established company in the solar industry and in the region. YouVee’s estimated annual turnover is around $100,000.  

The company services the residential sector and thrives on offering reasonably priced yet good quality solar systems due to low overheads. It boasts of highly personalized services because the owners are involved in the installation, technical support, and sales. This is supported by its customer reviews: 

  •  30 reviewers ranked YouVee Solar LLC 5 stars; 
  • only 1 ranked it 4 stars from one database;
  • and we found only 5-star reviews from other databases. 

Additionally, YouVee Solar LLC is highly-ranked among solar companies both in California and in America. 



YouVee Solar Panel services and features

YouVee Solar LLC offers products and services in the domestic solar energy space as follows:


Solar panels

YouVee Solar LLC sells a wide range of premium solar panels.  


Specific solar panels offered

The solar panels that the company sells include Canadian Solar, SolarWorld, and Trina Solar. We think YouVee Solar LLC sells good solar panels because they sell panels that have a prestigious warranty period of 25 years and because of the excellent ratings that experts and YouVee Solar’s different clients posted on different platforms. 


Specific Types of Solar Offered

Whether the circumstances dictate, or the customer prefers the solar panels to be installed on the rooftop or to be ground mounted, YouVee Solar LLC can professionally install the solar panels using either method. Reviews by 31 customers revealed excellent (5 star) quality of installations. Most of the customer reviews highlighted significant direct savings on energy costs after having solar systems installed by YouVee Solar LLC thus supporting that they are experts in off grid solar system installations. 


Domestic solar energy accessories

YouVee Solar LLC sells accessories of the domestic solar energy installation process including Enphase Energy and SMA America inverters as well as  Sonnen batteries. YouVee Solar LLC offers a matching product warranty on solar system kits in line with the premium solar panel warranty. Here at SolarEmpower, we think this is a great addition to their range of services, allowing you to fully kit out your home.


Installation, maintenance, and repair of solar systems

YouVee Solar LLC specializes in the installation of numerous brands of premium rooftop and ground mounted solar panels and their associated accessories like inverters and batteries. As part of after sales support, YouVee Solar LLC also offers maintenance and repairs of such solar systems. 

YouVee Solar LLC mainly services 3 areas: Ridgecrest, Inyokern, and China Lake in the Indian Wells Valley Region of California. 


YouVee Solar LLC Costs:

YouVee Solar boasts of offering the cheapest solar system prices in the Indian Wells Valley Region. This was supported by the numerous customer reviews that confirm that YouVee Solar offers affordable prices for their products and services. From another angle, the highly competent staff at YouVee Solar LLC, who are both engineers and installers guarantee installations that are of an exceptionally good quality.  The technical staff are LG Pro Silver certified, Enphase Gold installers and offer workmanship warranty for their services and therefore do not compromise on quality. The ability to simultaneously offer competitive prices to customers and offer high-quality solar products and services makes them a preferable installer in the Indian Wells Valley Region. 

YouVee Solar LLC’s customers indicated that they paid the prices that they were quoted indicating that the company is always on budget. Should a customer need financial support to pay for the solar system charges, YouVee Solar LLC assists the customer in applying for financial assistance through platforms like LightStream and Green Sky Credit. 

In a nutshell, YouVee Solar LLC offers value for money thus we strongly recommend their services based on both the price and quality of their products and services. 


YouVee Solar LLC Legitimacy:

YouVee Solar LLC’s legitimacy is highly unquestionable because of the following factors:

  • YouVee Solar LLC is a registered contractor with the Contractor State License Board (CSLB) under the California Department of Consumer Affairs.
  • YouVee Solar LLC sells solar panels that carry 25 years warranty and accessories with matching service warranty. Furthermore, because of the company’s certification and verification, their kits carry workmanship warranty upon installation.  
  • YouVee Solar LLC is very transparent about its contact details consisting of its contact numbers, physical address, e-mail address, social media handles as well as its CSLB licence number. It also provides a link to its website from which one can request for a no obligation free quotation. 
  • As a commitment to its excellent quality of services, the Enphase website also has an interactive map of YouVee Solar LLC’s installations showing where installations have been done and the specifications of the systems. Also, YouVee Solar LLC’s Facebook page is always updated with pictures of its current projects and offers an interactive platform for the company and its current and prospective clients. 
  • YouVee Solar LLC is highly ranked both in California and North America by the Solar Power World and the Solar Review experts. The company has been in the Top 500 (from over 10,000 solar companies) in North America since 2014 and in the Top 100 in California from over 2,600 solar companies. 
  • Some experts view YouVee Solar LLC as a specialist company in its line of business considering some existing partnerships with manufacturers for instance being a Certified Dealer by Blue Ion Energy Storage Systems, Enphase certified Gold Installer and the LG Pro Silver certification. 

Overall, we highly recommend YouVee Solar LLC: we believe it is legitimate because such traits are in sync with its excellent reviews and certifications. 


YouVee Solar LLC Maintenance:

YouVee Solar LLC is reported to be flexible and communicative before, during and after installation of solar systems. They are also easy to contact through the numerous channels of communication as provided on the company’s website and are reported to respond to queries, emails, and calls within good time. 

YouVee Solar LLC has an excellent after sales policy that entails making follow ups after installation of solar systems to check the customer’s satisfaction. The company is reported to regularly conduct remote checks of the solar system health and performance and in a certain case, the company detected a sub-optimum performance and had to make pro-active arrangements with the customer for the repair of the system to fix the problem. 

YouVee Solar LLC’s works with high-end products – our experts found evidence of collaboration with Canadian Solar, SolarWorld, and TrinaSolar solar panels, which carry a warranty of 25 years. Other solar system components are reported to also carry a matching warranty. All the reliable products used by YouVee Solar LLC are complemented by the workmanship warranty that comes with using a certified and reputable solar company. 

In a nutshell, YouVee Solar LLC offers great after sales service and uses high quality solar system products which we strongly think is related to the positive customer and supplier reviews from different databases.




In a nutshell, YouVee Solar LLC is an experienced and specialist company that offers both competitive prices and high-quality products and services in the household solar business. The company is licensed by the Californian authorities and is certified by solar product manufacturers and solar experts. All customers who reviewed YouVee Solar LLC’s products and services in different databases gave it excellent ratings. Overall, we are of the opinion that YouVee Solar LLC offers value for money and therefore we highly recommend the company based on their pricing model, premium products, and excellent services during and after installation.

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Is YouVee Solar LLC trustworthy?

Yes, YouVee Solar LLC is trustworthy as it is certified by the SEIA, certified by Enphase as a Gold Installer and is LG Pro Silver certified. The company is also a registered contractor with the Contractor State License Board under the California Department of Consumer Affairs.

Does YouVee Solar LLC provide a good service?

Yes, YouVee Solar LLC provides a good service and is certified by solar product manufacturers as well as being highly rated by customers and experts through different review websites.

Will YouVee Solar LLC provide proper maintenance?

Yes, YouVee Solar LLC provides proper maintenance backed up by a 25-year warranty on solar panels and a workmanship warranty for solar systems that the company installs.

Is YouVee Solar LLC recommended?

Yes, YouVee Solar LLC is highly recommended by solar experts, customers, and solar product manufacturers.

YouVee Solar LLC Solar Details

Workmanship Warranty
25 Years
Licensing Information

Business Incorporation: LLC : CSLB 1039465 : Home energy

1050 W Ridgecrest Blvd
Ridgecrest, CA

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