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Updated on 2023-08-16


Established in 1977, Wing Solar & Wood Energy Inc. has its headquarters in Red Bluff, Northern California. This small company specializes in designing and installing various renewable solutions, including solar, wind, hydronic, and hydro-energy systems.  Wing Solar & Wood Energy Inc. serves residential homes, businesses, farms, educational institutions, and entire communities.


Products and Services

Alternative Power Systems

These are a broad category of electricity sources that aren’t dependent on fossil fuels. They include wind turbines and solar panels, but they also include other energy-producing sources, such as micro-hydro systems.


Solar Systems

This company only installs high-quality, American-made solar panels that are both durable and well-constructed. If you decide to connect your solar system to the electrical grid, you will be eligible for a 30% tax rebate on the cost of your solar energy system.

For clients residing in areas without access to electricity supply, off-grid solar electric power systems are available as an alternative. These off-grid solar electric power systems generate electricity from solar panels without any connection to the national grid, providing a reliable and independent source of energy.

The main components of an off-grid solar electric power system are:


Solar panels: These convert sunlight into electricity. They are usually mounted on the roof or ground. The size of the system depends on how much energy you need and how much sunlight you get in your area. You can also use batteries to store energy so that you have power at night or when it’s cloudy.


Inverter: This converts direct current (DC) from the solar panels into alternating current (AC) that can be used in your home’s appliances and electronics. The inverter should match the voltage and frequency of your appliances so that they work properly when connected. 


Battery bank: Batteries store excess electricity when there is more available than needed at any given time; they then release it as needed when demand rises again (or when the sun goes down).

Whether connected to the grid or not, most solar systems installed by this company last up to 40 years. They’re also covered by 25-year warranties. 


Wind Turbines

Wing Solar & Wood can help you with a complete wind power generation project, from testing your environment to designing a system that meets your site’s requirements and operating the wind turbine. 


Micro-hydro Power System

Micro hydroelectric systems utilize hydro technology to turn the rotational strength of water into electric power with a generator. Wing Solar & Wood Energy first assesses the gradient of the waterway (such as a stream) and finds the perfect design for the micro-hydropower system. These systems can stand alone or be connected to the utility grid. 


Heating Systems

Solar Hot Water System

A solar hot water system is a water heater that uses the sun’s energy to heat water. You can choose to have a system that heats your entire home’s water supply or just one bathtub or shower at a time. Wing Solar & Wood Energy installs three types of solar heating systems: 


Active Solar Hot Water  System: An active solar hot water system consists of two parts: a solar collector and a storage tank, which are connected by an insulated piping system. The collector comprises glass, plastic, or metal tubes that absorb heat from sunlight. This heat is transferred to the storage tank through the piping system.

This hot water system can heat large amounts of water and is best for buildings needing such large amounts, like spas and large homes. It can be structured to heat the interior space of a home. 


Passive Solar Water Heating System: A passive solar water heating system utilizes the sun’s radiation to warm the water directly or indirectly through heat exchange without the need for mechanical pumps or other active components. There are two main types of passive solar water heating systems: integral collector-storage (ICS) systems and thermosyphon systems.

Although passive solar water heating systems are generally less efficient than active systems, they have several advantages, including lower initial costs, minimal maintenance, and longer lifespans. However, the efficiency of passive systems depends on the local climate, solar exposure, and the specific design of the system.


Solar Pool Heating System

A solar pool heating system is an eco-friendly and cost-effective method of maintaining a comfortable water temperature in swimming pools by harnessing the sun’s energy.

The system comprises solar collectors, circulation pumps, a filter, a flow control valve, and necessary piping. The cost of installing a solar pool heating system depends on many factors, but you can expect to recoup the amount spent on installation within 2 to 4 years. 


Wood Fired Hot Water Furnace

Wing Solar & Wood Energy recommends installing a Waterstove or a wood-fired hot water furnace because it’s cheaper and more convenient.

The core of a Waterstove is its combustion chamber, where wood logs or pellets are burned at high temperatures. This combustion process generates heat, which is transferred to a heat exchanger or water jacket surrounding the chamber. The water within this jacket absorbs the heat, increasing its temperature before circulating throughout the building’s heating system, providing warmth and comfort to its occupants. 


Hydronic Heating System

A hydronic heating system uses hot water as the medium to transfer heat throughout the building, offering even and consistent temperature distribution. These systems are installed on the sub-floors of buildings, so they’re inconspicuous. 


Commercial Solutions

In addition to installing solar systems and water heaters, and hydronic heating systems for commercial clients, Wing Solar & Wood Energy provides: 


Forced Draft Heating Systems: A forced draft heating system uses a fan or blower to force air through a series of ducts and vents, distributing warm air evenly throughout the space. It’s more cost-effective for bigger office buildings than hydronic heating systems. 


Backup Power Systems: Wing Solar & Wood Energy also installs backup power systems such as Outback inverters/chargers and charge controllers. These systems provide an alternate source of electricity, allowing the continuous operation of a business or facility in the event of a power outage or disruption. 


Installation Costs and Processes

At Wing Solar & Wood, the dedicated client care specialist guides potential clients through the process, beginning with a scheduled consultation. The journey towards a solar system installation is usually seamless and enjoyable from start to finish.



Wing Solar & Wood Energy offers three options for clients wanting to go solar: outright purchase, loan, and lease or power purchase agreement (PPA).

The first option costs between $15,000 and $30,000 before tax rebates and incentives. Solar loans come with low upfront costs and allow clients to enjoy tax rebates and incentives. Leases are limited to certain states, while PPAs are more common, but neither allows the client to reap tax rebates and incentives.

For those unable to buy a solar system outright, Wing Solar & Wood partners with Hero Program, Western Heritage Financial, and California First Efficiency Financing for financing plans. The company’s installation costs are lower than its competitors, and you’ll see a real reduction in your electricity bill if your solar system is on-grid.



Wing Solar & Wood Inc. is a licensed and Ygrene-certified company. It’s a member of esteemed professional associations such as the Electric & Gas Industries Association and the California Energy Industries Association (CALSEIA).

Having earned accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in 2022, it proudly holds an A+ BBB rating. Though a few disgruntled reviews can be found, the consensus indicates that Wing Solar & Wood Inc. consistently delivers quality work in its field.



While it’s true that a limited number of reviews express dissatisfaction with Wing Solar & Wood Energy’s approach to maintenance, there are glimmers of hope as well. Some customers have lauded the company for its prompt response to complaints.

Some concerns regarding the company’s transparency about workmanship warranty policies persist. However, the potential for improvement in customer experiences remains as Wing Solar & Wood Energy grows and learns from feedback.


The SolarEmpower View

Wing Solar & Wood Energy Inc.’s vast experience in the field is nothing short of remarkable, and it truly shines through its extensive range of services. However, as with any investment, it’s always prudent to further research and gather more information about them to ensure they are the perfect fit for your specific needs.

💲Cost: 9/10 ✅Legitimacy: 10/10
⭐️Quality: 9/10 📞Customer Service: 7/10
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Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Residential Solar
Commercial Solar


Does Wing Solar & Wood Inc. provide a good service?

Yes, the company provides good services to its clients.

Does Wing Solar & Wood Inc. provide proper maintenance?

From online reviews, it's clear that this company offers satisfactory after-sales services, including maintenance.

Does contact Wing Solar & Wood Inc. provide free consultation?

The company doesn't claim to provide a free consultation. However, you can call its toll-free number (1-800-492-4061) for further clarification.

Wing Solar And Wood Energy, Inc. Solar Details

22040 Manor Lane
Red Bluff CA

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