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Updated on 2023-08-15


Whidbey Sun and Wind (WSW) is a small renewable energy company that began operations in 2000. Located in Central Whidbey Island, Washington, the company has served a diverse clientele, including residential and commercial customers in the northern Puget Sound region. WSW focuses on providing solutions that utilize solar energy, wind energy, and hydroelectric energy.



Specific Types of Solar Offered

Service/Product Description
Grid-tie These systems are called “grid-tie” because WSW connects them directly to the utility grid. The utility company pays you for the electricity that you generate and feed back into their system. The utility company also buys excess electricity from you when your system generates more than you need.
Off-the-grid An off-the-grid PV system is a system that produces electricity without any connection to the electric grid. WSW can install it as a supplement to an existing connection to the grid, or in remote locations where connecting to the electric grid is not feasible.
Mobile PV Units These units are portable solar panels that power devices on-the-go. They can be used with other devices like power banks or batteries to keep things running as long as possible during an outage.
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Installation Costs and Process

When a client reaches out to WSW’s team, they’ll arrange a convenient date for a site consultation and evaluation. During this visit, the company’s expert crew will determine if the renewable energy solution the client is interested in is a good fit for their home or business. They’ll also handle the installation and any required paperwork.



Whidbey Sun & Wind doesn’t provide a detailed breakdown of costs in their estimates. However, reviews from satisfied customers indicate that the company offers fairer prices than others in the market. What’s more, most customers report paying the exact quoted prices for their solar systems and confirm that the quality of the systems matches the prices.

While the company doesn’t reveal much about the financing options available to customers, you can trust their expert team to guide you towards the most suitable option for your needs.



Whidbey Sun & Wind employs five of the 35 NABCEP-certified professionals in Washington and sends three of them to job sites, ensuring experienced service. As a member of the Washington Solar Energy Industries Association (WASEIA), it upholds industry standards.

Moreover, the company’s compassionate side shines through as it supports non-profits like Good Cheer and Gifts from the Heart Food Bank, which provide free food to those in need. So, you can have confidence in WSW’s legitimacy.



At WSW, customer service is a top priority. When faced with complaints about installed solar systems, the company swiftly takes action to resolve the issues. Additionally, WSW ensures that defective products are either repaired or replaced, provided the defects fall within the warranties’ coverage.

Boasting an impressive 10-year workmanship warranty, the company demonstrates its commitment to quality. Although there have been a few isolated cases where timely maintenance was not provided, these occurrences are rare.



The SolarEmpower View

Whidbey Sun and Wind excels in designing and maintaining renewable energy systems. For those who value the rare combination of financial predictability and excellence in service, WSW consistently delivers, guaranteeing that the price you’re initially quoted is the one you’ll pay. 


💲Cost: 9.5/10 ✅ Legitimacy: 9.5/10
⭐ Quality: 9/10 📞 Customer Service: 8/10
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Secret Shopper Analysis

We reached out to Whidbey Sun and Wind (WSW), a reputable renewable energy company and they have been providing solar, wind, and hydroelectric energy solutions to residential and commercial customers in the northern Puget Sound region.

WSW offers grid-tie, off-the-grid, and mobile PV units for various energy needs. During our conversation with WSW, they informed us that they don’t disclose detailed cost breakdowns in their estimates. However, customer reviews indicate fair pricing and quality systems, with most customers confirming that they paid the exact quoted prices. WSW employs five NABCEP-certified professionals and is a member of the Washington Solar Energy Industries Association, ensuring their legitimacy. In terms of maintenance, WSW prioritizes customer service and promptly addresses any complaints or defects covered by their 10-year workmanship warranty.

While rare, there have been a few isolated cases where timely maintenance was not provided. Overall, WSW delivers reliable and predictable service, making them a trusted choice for renewable energy solutions.

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Review Analysis

Whidbey Sun & Wind has garnered a solid reputation in the solar industry, as demonstrated by a high review score of 4.9. This standing is reinforced by 9 customers who’ve given them a 5-star rating, often citing the company’s knowledgeable team, realistic expectations-setting, and effective communication as standout strengths.

With no reviews of 3 stars or less, and no specific negative feedback, the company’s strong points particularly shine. The overwhelmingly positive feedback suggests that Whidbey Sun & Wind consistently meets, and potentially exceeds, customer expectations, offering a commendable level of service in the solar sector.

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Contact Details

Phone: 360-678-7131

Address: 651 Pilchuck Drive, Greenbank, WA, 98253

Website: www.whidbeysunwind.com

Service Types

Residential Solar
Commercial Solar
Energy Monitoring System


Is Whidbey Sun and Wind trustworthy?

The company has five NABCEP-certified staff, so you can trust them for your solar energy needs.

Will Whidbey Sun and Wind provide proper maintenance?

WSW provides proper maintenance of renewable energy systems and remedies any defects covered by its 10-year warranty policy.

Does Whidbey Sun and Wind provide a free consultation?

Yes, the company provides free consultation.

Whidbey Sun And Wind Solar Details

Licensing Information


987 Wanamaker Road
Coupeville WA

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