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Updated on 2023-06-14


Veteran Owned Solar is a full-service turnkey solar installation provider for ground mount and rooftop projects. The company was founded in 2019 and it operates in Texas and Arizona, with its headquarters in Rosenberg, Texas.

Veteran Owned Solar offers ground mount installation, commercial rooftop installation and residential solar information among other services. Their knowledge and experience goes beyond solar installations and into the full stack of renewable energy development.

Veteran Owned Solar Services and Specifics:

Veteran Owned Solar provides the following services:

  • Solar Construction – Put simply, this is the installation of a solar energy system on a property. There are two types of solar constructions: rooftop solar constructions and ground mount solar constructions. Many homeowners opt for rooftop constructions.
  • Solar Development – This involves the company actively looking out for solar field and energy storage development opportunities of all types and sizes.
  • Solar Project O&M (Operation and Maintenance) – Veteran Owned Solar partnered with Tech Mahindra to develop the O&M software, Powermatic. Powermatic is an O&M software solution that monitors a solar plant’s performance, alerts the owner when it is not performing at expected levels and provides actionable, automated options of dispatching a Veteran Owned Solar team to inspect and service the anomaly.
  • EV Charging Stations – Veteran Owned Solar builds EV charging infrastructure as part of their scope of work.
  • Energy Storage Systems – Veteran Owned Solar also designs and constructs complex energy storage systems.

Solar Panels and Services offered by Veteran Owned Solar:

Veteran Owned Solar has sold solar panels and equipment supplied by the following reputable manufacturers:

  • Solaredge
  • Canadian Solar Inc.
  • Mission Solar Energy
  • Enphase Energy

Installation processes:



Unfortunately, when our experts looked for pricing data, the company’s ‘request a quote’ service was unavailable – we presumed this was a website error. The company provides a ‘get in touch’ option, where you can let them know of your interest. We hoped this would yield more information.


However, when we got in touch, we received no reply…

As a seemingly predominantly commercial installer, any residential quote will depend on availability, size and proximity to the company. 


Our experts believe that Veteran Owned Solar is a legitimate company, designed to empower veterans and provide a great service to Texans. Here is some information that points towards its legitimacy:

  • Veteran Owned Solar is registered in Texas, USA.
  • As a private company, they maintain their business and financial records following the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles of the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB’s GAAP).
  • The company’s contact details are publicly available. This includes their physical address, email address, phone number and operating hours.


Veteran Owned Solar’s maintenance service is largely powered by their O&M software, Powermatic. The software monitors the performance of a solar plant, alerts the owner when it is not performing at expected levels and provides actionable, automated options of dispatching a Veteran Owned Solar team to inspect and service the anomaly. This maintenance software was developed by the digital services and solutions provider, Tech Mahindra. Our experts looked favourably on this software, enjoying its innovative features. 


The SolarEmpower View

Veteran Owned Solar is a solar installation company that provides good-quality, all-round renewable energy services in Texas and Arizona, USA.

The table below is a summarized review of Veteran Owned Solar:

Locations served Texas (headquarters) and Arizona
Services Solar construction, development, O&M, energy storage systems and EV charging stations.
Solar panels and equipment providers Solaredge, Q CELLS, Canadian Solar Inc., Mission Solar Energy, Enphase Energy, LG Chem.
Maintenance Powered by their O&M software, Powermatic.
Cost No pricing information provided on the company’s website or via email.
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Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation

Service Areas

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Are Veteran Owned Solar trustworthy?

A portfolio of completed projects can be found on the company's website, alongside various industry accreditations. However there is limited customer feedback on the company’s expertise and reliability.

Are Veteran Owned Solar good to work for?

Veteran Owned Solar pride in treating their employees the same way they treat their customers. Based on customer reviews, their establishment is well-organized and their workers have top-class work culture and expertise.

Will Veteran Owned Solar offer good maintenance services?

Given their use of industry-leading O&M software, our team is confident that the company will offer great maintenance for their customers.

Veteran Owned Solar Solar Details

24200 Southwest Fwy
Ste 402-190
Rosenberg TX, 77471

Veteran Owned Solar User Reviews

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Tom Scott
Tom Scott
March 23, 2023
It has been 2.5 years…
It has been 2.5 years since Johnson Solar installed my solar panel installation. During that time I have not paid a penny for electricity and have had a surplus owed at the end of each year that was carried forward. I have already saved half of what the system cost me. This system performance is based on 2 factors: 1. Clinton's price was the most competitive I received, by a long shot. 2. More importantly, he installed a high quality system, did a fantastic installation with no external conduit and explained everything he was doing and why. And, I have not had to call him back. I highly Johnson Solar.
C Swain
C Swain
January 7, 2023
I was referred to Johnson…
I was referred to Johnson Solar through a trusted and knowledgeable friend. I was not disappointed. The service was great: I was kept informed, questions always answered right away, and the installation was top notch.
Jason Poulos
Jason Poulos
December 8, 2022
Love word of mouth companies. Love…
Love word of mouth companies.
Love efficient communication.
Love people doing what they say.
These things mean lean operations with a focus on delivery. This is about getting in, and getting it done. There rates are super competitive, no BS, you pay them, they do work. I dont need to talk to people about stuff that is basic. When you have a good customer (me, pays on time, understands time/worth, understands quick talk) and a good company (word is bond, shows up, executes as planned) there is no need for BS overhead. This is where these guys comes come in. Efficiency in knowledge and money saved.
Jalil Lang
Jalil Lang
October 28, 2022
These guys are crooks…
These guys are crooks
Fawaad Baqi
Fawaad Baqi
October 28, 2022
You guys do not supply…
You guys do not supply work as advertised. and you owe your employees money. Horrible experience dealing with these people 1/10 would Never try again.
Ollie Johnson
Ollie Johnson
October 27, 2022
I would recommend staying far…
I would recommend staying far away from a company as untrustworthy as these guys. They will tell you one thing and do another.
B Jenkins
B Jenkins
October 27, 2022
It’s very rare that I…
It’s very rare that I give a description to go along with a starred rating. These guys are aloof of true customer service or even service period. I’ve seen day laborers do a job better than Veteran Owned Solar.
food ali
food ali
September 20, 2022
Extremely unprofessional. No communication, unfinished…
Extremely unprofessional. No communication, unfinished work.
Jim Christison
Jim Christison
August 18, 2022
Johnson Solar just completed my…
Johnson Solar just completed my solar panel Installation project about two months ago.

About nine years ago, I had a couple of estimates for installing solar panels on my roof. The average cost was approximately $24,000.00 for 20 panels.

The price was too high for me, so I did not have the work done.

Last May, my friend in Alpine had solar panels placed on his roof. I decided to check into having the work performed on my home.

I checked with four different companies. The number of panels was from 11 to 15. The price was within $4,000.00 among the four companies bids.
One of the companies was a referral from another friend of mine who had just recently had solar placed on his roof.

That Company was Johnson Solar. They had the best panels, in my opinion and the best price. After talking to some of my neighbors, I determined that my panels are generating more KW than theirs are.

From the quote to the system turn on, it was less than three weeks. It took one day for the installation, and you would never have known the crew were here. I did keep them well hydrated with water and Gatorade.

Considering I am on a fixed retirement income, today was a joyful day when I received my SDGE bill in the mail. This bill was covered by 100% solar. The bill read, “No payment is due. Your account has a credit balance of” over one hundred dollars. (My words) My normal bill, this time of the year would have been between $200.00 and $300.00 for a 2000 square foot home.

Overall this has been a huge positive investment. I would highly recommend Johnson Solar to anyone who wants to make that move to solar.

I would award Johnson Solar five stars plus. Their work crews and office people are the best.
Brent Clifford
Brent Clifford
August 5, 2022
Clinton and his team were…
Clinton and his team were top notch! I was kindof a stressed out consumer since I had heard some stories about people being bait and switched on solar quotes but that was not the case with Johnson Solar. They stuck to their price quote and actually installed it a little faster than predicted as well!

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