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Updated on 2023-08-27

Vasari Energy, Inc. Overview

Established in 2010 in Irvine, California, Vasari Energy is a peculair example of a solar energy company. Rather than working with residential properties, Vasari primarily serves as an investment opportunity, using investor capital to produce utility-scale solar installations and repay those investors with the sales from such systems to competitive solar markets.

Despite being involved in several large purchases and projects, including a 235Mw installation in Texas, it’s difficult to find much information on Vasari’s activities, and much of the available information has contradictions. For example, the number of employees varies from 5 to 18 to 30, depending on the website and profile. Their sole review is also a complaint.



Vasari Energy Services and Specifics

Specific Types of Solar Offered

Vasari Energy primarily works with utility-scale projects, often in the region of several hundred-megawatt ground-mounted installations with a focus on providing solar energy for highly competitive markets. Several of their profiles on websites such as RocketReach and Slintel mention that they provide full turnkey energy solutions for commercial properties. However, we could find no confirmation of this, nor is it mentioned on their official website.

Vasari Energy does not provide any information on the brands of solar panels they use nor the sources of their components; however, they claim to deliver the highest value to their customers with quality equipment and service.

Vasari has signed contracts for projects in multiple states, including Arizona, Texas, and Georgia, and claims to provide surfaces in a total of six. They are quoted as “ready to meet the needs of international customers.” How they intend to achieve this is unspecified.



Vasari Energy Installation Costs and Process


In order to invest with Vasari Energy, you must meet a few requirements. Namely, you need an Earned Income of over $200,000 per year in each of the prior two years or a net worth of over $1 million. Given these rather stringent limitations, you’d expect to see a significant return on investment, particularly in their stock portfolio. However, said investors do not seem to be happy – as mentioned, the only thing close to a review we could find online was a complaint on their BBB profile. Dated 2021, the customer complains that they have not received any interest or principal on their investment, and have been unable to contact Vasari to resolve their complaint. Similar questions can be found on their google profile, asking when investors can expect to see a return or be able to sell stock they purchased four years ago.

We could find no information about the costs of their supposed commercial projects.



Vasari Energy does not appear to have any official industry certifications. Although they’ve had a profile on the Better Business Bureau website since 2016, they are not accredited, and their profile has an F ranking. We could not find any information about any partners, subcontractors, or affiliates associated with Vasari Energy. When we reached out to Vasari to inquire further, we received no response.

Similarly, we have been unable to find any comments about Vasari Energy’s service, aside from the aforementioned complaint on the Better Business Bureau. This complaint was lodged in 2021 and has yet to be responded to.



Several of Vasari’s profiles on sites such as RocketReach claim that the company provides a full range of services, including maintenance. Their website, however, mentions no such thing.

As mentioned previously, we have attempted to contact Vasari using the form listed on their website to clarify the details of their operation. However, we have not yet received a reply to any of our queries. This is extremely concerning.


Secret Shopper Analysis

We reached out to Vasari Energy, a solar energy company based in Irvine, California, to gather more information about their services. Established in 2010, Vasari primarily focuses on utility-scale solar installations and serves as an investment opportunity for individuals looking to invest in solar projects. However, the available information about the company is limited and contradictory, making it difficult to ascertain their activities and track record.

They claim to offer full turnkey energy solutions for commercial properties, but we could not find confirmation of this on their website or other sources. The company has not disclosed the brands of solar panels they use or their sources. It is also unclear how they plan to meet the needs of international customers.

We were unable to obtain information about installation costs or maintenance services, and our attempts to contact Vasari Energy for further clarification went unanswered. Additionally, Vasari Energy lacks official industry certifications and has received a complaint on their Better Business Bureau profile. Given these limitations and concerns, we cannot recommend Vasari Energy as a solar energy company or investment opportunity.

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The SolarEmpower View

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With very little information on either their website or on the profiles posted elsewhere, it’s hard to say what, exactly, Vasari Energy provides. Much of what we could find out was vague or contradictory, and we were completely unable to get in contact for clarification. Naturally, we cannot recommend Vasari Energy, either as a solar energy company or as an investment opportunity. 1/10.

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Residential Solar
Commercial Solar

Service Areas

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Who owns Vasari Energy?

Multiple sources list Sam Lipman as the current owner and CEO, although many of these have not been updated in some time.

Is Vasari Energy legit company?

Whilst we can’t say for sure that Vasari isn’t legitimate, they lack many significant certifications, either for contractors, installation, or finances. In addition, investors have complained about not seeing returns or being able to sell their stock.

I can’t get in contact with Vasari Energy – what should I do?

I’m afraid you’re likely out of luck; we have been unable to get in contact with Vasari ourselves. Their website only provides a contact form – no email or phone number.

Do Vasari Energy provide a good service?

Unfortunately, we don’t have any information on that. Although they have reportedly invested in the production of several utility-scale projects and supposedly provide commercial solar energy investments, there’s no indication of how successful these projects have been.

Which states does Vasari operate in?

Although stationed in California, Vasari has accepted contracts and made purchases across the USA, including in Arizona, Texas, and Georgia.

Vasari Energy Solar Details

9844 Research dr suite 200
Irvine CA

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