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Established in 2006, Urban Design Solar is a family-owned company located in Paradise, California.  Urban Design Solar offers an array of services from plumbing, electrical service & installation to Solar. They serve the whole of Northern California all the way from Butte County through to Sacramento.

Owner of Urban Design, Sean McCreary reportedly attributes his success to the lessons learnt while growing up in the industry that spawned the hit TV show “Alaska’s Deadliest Catch.” Ever since founding Urban Designs, Sean has gained a reputation for upholding a sense of integrity in his solar business.  In light of the owner’s passion and strong leadership ethic, this company is also known to educate and counsel rather than solely focusing on selling.



Urban Design Solar and Specifics

Solar Panels and services offered by Urban Design Solar

Beyond their plumbing and electrical endeavours, Urban Design specializes in residential solar installation, commercial solar installation, agricultural solar installation, and solar scape buildings. Urban Solar uses solar panels by famous international manufacturing brands including SolarEdge, Sonnen, Canadian Solar, and Q Cells. Below is a summary of the type and quality of solar panels they have available.


Polycrystalline modules by REC Solar Panels

Urban Design Solar relies on solar panels from the REC Group, which has been in business for over 20 years. Known as one of the foremost technologically advanced solar module manufacturers in the world, REC sheds their focus on the polycrystalline modules or multi crystalline solar panels. These panels are known to provide a greater tolerance to panel soiling, aging and shadowing over other panels – and hence, are used by Urban Solar with confidence.


LG NeON 2 Solar Panels

LG Solar’s solar panels are engineered to have superior quality and aesthetics. The LG NeON™ 2 cell produces energy from front and back. LG’s newly developed Cello Technology is reported to increase power output and improve appearance. Hence, Urban Design Solar chooses to rely on LG for the brightest in solar panels.



Installation costs and processes

Urban Design Solar’s installation process works in four steps:

The first step is consultation. During this phase, you as the customer get to speak with the Energy Specialists at Urban Design Solar to get a free solar quotation. 

The 2nd step is an on-site visit, during which a thorough site evaluation is carried out. 

The third step entails an analysis by the engineers in order to design a solar system that maximizes energy output and efficiency at your location. Once the necessary permits are obtained, the system is installed.

Regarding financing options, many homeowners are using PACE to upgrade heating and air conditioning systems, and improve insulation and weather sealing. PACE in an effective financing tool unique to Urban Design Solar that enables customers to get the most from their investment.

The team at SolarEmpower were impressed with the service on offer by Urban Design Solar, and we praise the company’s attention to detail in particular. 


Urban Design Solar Legitimacy

As per the reports of several verified customer reviews, Urban Design’s professional team performs and delivers to perfection. They are also licensed in California holding license# 893826 and UL accredited. 

Regarding customer service, their professionalism and thoroughness with continued concentration on keeping our customers during the entire solar installation process is emphasized by various sources. 


Urban Design Solar Maintenance

Urban Design offers maintenance call-outs for system inspection, report, and estimate for system repairs and maintenance. Reviewers also reported being pleased with the company’s follow up services, alongside the general quality of installation.



The SolarEmpower View

With tons of information available to prospective clients, Urban Design Solar’s website is particularly comprehensive. According to several customer testimonials, Urban Design is a good place to choose for solar with their talented designers, installers and evidently great customer service.

Industry Certifications

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UL Certification

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Are Urban Solar Trustworthy?

As per the statements of one particular customer, they had chosen to go with Urban Solar as they were responsive, complete, engaged, and motivated. They also made a point of mentioning Sean’s pleasing work ethic.

Is it good to work for Urban Design Solar?

At one point, it is reported that Urban Design Solar recognized their need to change their manner of tracking employees. Since March of 2019, Urban Design Solar has been saving hours of their time and hundreds of dollars out of their pocket by using another system – which the employees are also raving about.

Urban Design Solar Solar Details

2260 Park Avenue
Chico CA

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