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Updated on 2023-04-13

Todays Energy Stores / Sunpower Overview

Sunpower by Today’s Energy Stores is a well-established solar panel installation company that is based in Henderson, Nevada. The company was born in 2008 but has been in this sector since 1985, creating innovative products to maximize efficiency of solar power products. The company takes great pride in offering the latest technology which isn’t limited to Solar products – they also offer Powerwall rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and if you had any doubts as to the quality of this product, then you should know that it is manufactured by the mega corporation known as Tesla. 

Sunpower have an extensive range of solar panels available for you to select. They have their P-Series panels which are laser cut into six individual strips and layered into what they refer to as a hypercell. By doing this, it creates a bigger surface area to absorb solar rays and maximize efficiency. 

They then have their E-Series and X-Series panels which are more expensive but will have a faster return on your investment. They produce up to 60% more power over a 25-year period when compared to conventional panels. The key selling point of Sunpower however is their A-Series panels which have the world’s first 400w solar panels – that is absolutely breath-taking and an astonishing amount of power!

The company has excellent reviews and is transparent about the feedback received from their clients. From one major review site they have scored a 4.8/5 with many clients praising the level of customer service they received and how helpful the staff had been before, during and after the installation. 



Today’s Energy Stores / SunPower services and features

The company serves both residential and commercial clients promising to provide cost-effective and cutting edge technology in all their products. 

What SunPower can offer you as their client:

  • Tesla Powercell batteries that can store power from the solar panels
  • A sleek and modern installation process giving your house a modern appearance
  • Complete system and service warranty promising to be simple and quick
  • Products that are resistant to rain, snow, wind and even hail

As previously mentioned, one unique selling point of using SunPower over any other company would be to take advantage of their A-Series of panels that are rated to 400w. With this kind of system in place and the Nevada sun, you will be able to support the planet utilizing renewable energy and also cutting major costs on your household bills.

If you live in Nevada – then SunPower is definitely a company to consider using if you are interested in taking the step to supporting the planet and using renewable energy sources. 


Today’s Energy Stores / SunPower Costs

The company might not offer the cheapest solutions to solar power but by no means does that mean you should discredit them. Their products are of the highest quality and they have one of the best service and product warranties on the market. Also, the staff are trained to a very high standard so should you have any issues or questions, they will be able to assist you no matter how small or big your query is and put you at ease. SunPower themselves offer their clients a lease agreement with zero down payment and a low fixed interest rate. They argue they can offer an extremely competitive rate so you do not need to look elsewhere if you need help funding the solar equipment.


Today’s Energy Stores / SunPower Legitimacy

We found Today’s Energy Stores / Sunpower to be a company that is always looking to innovate and offer the best products in terms of efficiency and quality. They are so confident in their products they are more than happy to offer a comprehensive warranty package which speaks volumes. Here are some of their key accomplishments:

  • State of the art showroom to showcase their cutting edge products
  • 25 year comprehensive warranty package after installation
  • 32 years of experience in the solar panel sector
  • Excellent feedback across multiple platforms showing transparency and welcoming feedback



The SolarEmpower view

Overall, Today’s Energy Stores / SunPower is an excellent company to use for your solar power needs and are definitely worth getting in touch with before you proceed with another company. No other company can offer you a 400w solar panel system and the warranty program they offer is worth the extra cost in our opinion for the peace of mind. Not to mention the high level of customer service they are known to deliver no matter how much money you spend with them.



Contact details:

137 N Gibson Rd, Henderson, NV 89014

 Tel: (702) 558-1500

Live chat available on their website:

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation

Service Areas

Select State:


Will Today’s Energy Stores offer a free consultation?

Yes they do – Simply enter your ZIP Code on their website to get started.

What if something goes wrong with my panels?

It is very rare for customers of Today’s Energy Stores / SunPower to have issues but if you do, then you have a 25 year warranty program in place.

Today's Energy Store / TES Electric Solar Details

Workmanship Warranty
10 Years
Licensing Information

NV Contractors
C-2 80207
B-2 70753
C-3 70510

137 N. Gibson Rd
Henderson, NV

Today's Energy Store / TES Electric User Reviews

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Jesse Guest
Jesse Guest
January 16, 2023
Overall, I was pleased with…
Overall, I was pleased with the results of my installation. There were some hiccups, but they were rectified for the most part. Unfortunately 1/3 of my panels stopped producing power in the first year and it took a month to get them back online. I received no alerts or notifications regarding the fault with my system.

Sunpower has told me there is no guarantee of production, despite Marc specifically telling me there was. When the original salesperson came to my home to discuss their product, I was told they were “the Mercedes Benz,” of solar companies, and they would be right with me every step of the way.

Unfortunately Sunpower has not quite lived up to this description, though that is not the fault of Today’s Energy Store. I have been informed that it’s my responsibility to monitor my system for a fault, and I will not be compensated for this month of down time. Of course, Sunpower and their installers can see all of my micro-inverters in their portal when they bring up my system. However, for some unknown reason Sunpower has decided this information should not be shared with system owners.

I am forced to rely on an alert system within the monitoring portal. If there is a fault I should get an alert, however no such alert was raised. I have 22 panels. 7 were down, so the obvious drop in production caused me to investigate. But what if I lose a single inverter? How will I know? Production varies by day, so it won’t be obvious, I can’t rely on Sunpower to alert me to the problem, and they don’t allow me to see my micro-inverters in the portal despite having the ability to do so.

I was also informed that sharing information regarding the function of my inverters is at the discretion of my installer. I can call them and ask, but they don’t have to tell me.

I’m not feeling very “Mercedes Benz” about Sunpower right now, other than the price premium we pay for their product over their competitors.

Maybe Marc will have more success rectifying my issue than I have had myself. At that time I will revise my rating. For now, I’m just disappointed.

Well, here is an update! Three years in and I continue to have system failures. My entire system has gone out of service for at least one month every year since the install. My emails and phone calls initially yielded simple responses and I can not get service scheduled.

An expert was sent out and it appears he has located the cause of our system failures. I was informed the system was not properly installed.

Three weeks in and I still do not have an appointment for repair. My calls are sent directly to voicemail and my emails receive no reply. I guess they are too busy to take care of existing customers.

Sunpower has updated their app and I am now getting failure notifications within the monitoring app, but the panels aren’t working so and I can’t seem to get them repaired in a timely fashion.

System was repaired, everything works now.
Robert B
Robert B
October 26, 2022
We reviewed 6 solar companies…
We reviewed 6 solar companies prior to selecting SunPower for our residential solar equipment in Henderson, Nevada. We carefully reviewed the quality of the panels and the backup battery equipment and control systems the different companies were offering .In our opinion the SunPower equipment was the absolute best. The other factors for our decision were more difficult to evaluate in the beginning before selecting a contractor. Workmanship and customer service. In these areas SunPower did not disappoint. Our system was probably a bit more complicated than most, but from start to finish all the SunPower staff from the office staff to the installers were professional, knowledgeable and treated us respectfully. We would not hesitate for a moment to highly recommend SunPower to others. Robert and Ember B.
William Cook
William Cook
September 29, 2022
My solar experience was great,…
My solar experience was great, from beginning to end. Marc was very patient and explained all of my options clearly. There's a lot of potential for confusion in the solar marketplace related to leasing versus buying, tax credits, etc. Marc made it all very clear and SunPower by Today's Energy Store emerged as the clear choice.
Marcus Fong
Marcus Fong
August 24, 2022
I strongly recommend Today’s Energy…
I strongly recommend Today’s Energy Store. The team was so helpful throughout the process. Bill was able to answer all of my questions and was very responsive. They held our hand through all of the steps and made it painless. The install was done swiftly and professionally. Their installation teams were first class, very polite, very punctual. If you’re thinking about solar in the valley, definitely look up Bill and the TES team.
Richard Rasmussen
Richard Rasmussen
July 26, 2022
Marc and his crew were…
Marc and his crew were efficient and polite and no broken tiles. It just rained and no leaks to speak of. The best company to use in Solar.
Allen Alleman
Allen Alleman
June 4, 2022
Please consider having this company…
Please consider having this company install your solar. They recently installed rooftop solar for us in Las Vegas and we are very pleased. Bill, salesman, gave us an honest and competitive bid plus he was very knowledgeable, explaining the system and the process. All required permits and inspections were arranged quickly and the installation was fast, less than one day. The technicians really know what they’re doing! All we had to do was turn on the switch (and write a check)!
Nicole Chester
Nicole Chester
May 31, 2022
I recently had solar installed…
I recently had solar installed by today's energy store. Two days ago I was having power surges. I called Marc and he came out on memorial day. Figured out the problem. Which was due to nv energy. But he was able to get NV energy out to my house on a holiday and get the problem fixed. He was very prompt and helpful. I am really glad I went with a honest, helpful and prompt company!
Glenn L.
Glenn L.
May 26, 2022
I had to reroof my…
I had to reroof my home so I needed my panels removed and reinstalled. Called the original installer, but was very uncomfortable talking to them. Marc Hale was just the opposite and I am glad I went with them . His crew was very fast, friendly and professional. Highly recommend.

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