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Updated on 2023-03-23

Talmage Solar Engineering, Inc. Overview

Talmage Solar Engineering, Inc. is Maine-based and has over 35 years of experience designing, engineering, and installing solar systems to deliver power to any location. It means they have the background to provide what the customer needs to suit their budget regarding innovative and reliable photovoltaic systems.

They continue to be a growing company, always a good sign of a team providing excellent service that keeps their customers happy. The company’s value statement is encapsulated in its logo. The triangle’s three sides represent the need to balance three things: nature, humanity, and technology.



Talmage Solar Engineering Service and Features

The practical side of following their core values is that they provide an excellent service and select their products to meet their customers’ needs and improve their lives. The technology and designs they produce are state-of-the-art and also reliable. According to the company website, they will only “sell and promote products we would use ourselves.”


Specific Solar Panels Offered

The team at Talmage Solar Engineering has carefully selected the materials, products, and companies they use. These include Solectria Renewables, one of the leading US on-grid inverter companies. They also use Upsolar, a leading international developer and producer of high-quality solar photovoltaic modules.

To keep customers’ systems working to peak performance, they utilize the Database of State Incentive Programs for Renewable Energy or DSIRE, which promote renewable energy and energy efficiency. For solar mounting equipment, the provider of choice is IronRidge.



A customer can purchase their system either through a cash purchase or through third-party finance. The team at Talmage Solar Engineering can help them organize this. They can also help claim any tax benefits through the Tax Equity Partnership. 

The Tax Equity Partnership is a business structure for solar projects that allows a third party to participate in receiving the tax benefits from purchasing solar equipment. The partner provides cash in exchange for an equity stake in the project. 

There is also the possibility of any publicly funded rebates that may be available in your state and Power Purchase Agreements. You can contact the company to discuss any of these options.



Of the limited online reviews available, Talmage Solar Engineering scored a solid 4.5 for their service. To ensure that they are performing at the top of the industry, the company is a member of The American Solar Energy Society. They are also members of The International Solar Energy Society, a global non-profit NGO. Talmage Solar Engineering is also affiliated with The Rocky Mountain Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to a more sustainable future.



Because of the quality of the products used and the professionalism of their installers, Talmage Solar Engineering claims that any completed system is virtually maintenance-free. Additionally, the systems have the backing of the manufacturer warranties, and the company can monitor the completed system online. It not only keeps an eye on the system’s performance but will also alert them if it goes offline. This type of feedback will also be able to show if the system is performing correctly.



The SolarEmpower View

There are multiple reasons to recommend Talmage Solar Engineering. The first is that they have been in business since 1975. But that doesn’t mean they are complacent; they’re using modern, online monitoring equipment to give customers top-class support long after the initial installation.

They have also associated themselves with The American Solar Energy Society and The International Solar Energy Society to give a responsible underpinning to their work. From their very logo, they hold themselves accountable to the highest of values to keep the balance of nature, humanity, and technology performing together. It’s an attitude that we should all support.



Contact Details

Talmage Solar Engineering, Inc.

Address: 25 Limerick Rd, Arundel, Maine 04046

Email: [email protected]

Office: 207.985.0088

Fax: 207.985.5877

You can also contact them by completing an online form.

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Residential Solar
Commercial Solar

Service Areas

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Is Talmage Solar Engineering trustworthy?

Talmage Solar Engineering's collaboration with other companies to provide tax breaks and financing demonstrates that they are doing everything possible to provide a high-quality package for their customers, and that these other companies are happy to work with them as well.

Will Talmage Solar Engineering provide proper maintenance?

The team works with an online system monitoring company to keep customers’ systems performing correctly.

Does Talmage Solar Engineering provide a free consultation?

They are happy to talk to any potential customers about their energy objectives. They have completed over 2,000 solar projects since the company started in 1975.

Talmage Solar Engineering, Inc. Solar Details

Licensing Information


25 Limerick Road
Arundel ME

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