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Updated on 2023-01-31

Sustainable Electric Solutions Overview

Serving southern California homes since 1989, Sustainable Electric Solutions boasts about their vast experience in the solar industry over the last 30 years. Proclaiming a unique perspective and understanding of system design and challenges, Sustainable Electric Solutions designs, builds, maintains and expands electric vehicle charging and solar installations in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas.

With an original goal of being electrically-oriented, this company’s goal has evolved to gain expertise in battery technology and electrical distribution systems. With a pre-focus on determining the needs of the customer and the installation environment ahead of construction, Sustainable Electric Solutions proclaim to design and build elegant, future-minded solutions serving customers and the community.

Sustainable Electric Solutions are eager to mention the attention given to making their customers feel respected and their needs understood throughout the design and installation process. Offering free EV charging at our office in Pomona – meeting a need in our community that we are uniquely qualified to fulfil. Excess solar directly generated from this company goes into powering electric vehicles in the community, proclaiming to reduce emissions and creating a cleaner environment. 



Sustainable Electric Solutions and Specifics

This company offers residential solar solutions as well as commercial EV charging, among other power-related solutions.


Home Solar

Sustainable Electric Solutions do not provide any information whatsoever on the types of solar panels or manufacturers used. The only information we do have, is broadly stipulated 

in terms of the benefits that homeowners will have. As per customer testimonials, however, it can be seen that successful projects have been executed by this company. For further clarity, please jump to the legitimacy section in this article.



Installation Costs and Processes

Sustainable Electric Solutions Costs

Sustainable Electric Solutions proclaims to help customers exit the cycle of escalating Utility rates. Where they mean that solar systems can stabilize the cost of your energy needs, and help power your neighbourhood, according to them, tax credits for solar installation costs further apply to roof replacements if completed simultaneously.


Sustainable Electric Solutions Legitimacy

Sustainable Electric Solutions are evidently a legitimate company:

  • They possess relevant state-wide licenses
  • They have ample information available on their website
  • Customers have attested to their positive service. 

For frequent customers Wileen, Riley and Teri in El Sereno, SES completed a landscaping plan and installation in their hillside home, they had to triple the amount of their usable outdoor space. With a hybrid water heater, they had to install a 3.8kW solar system on their new roof with a complete battery backup setup.  According to them, the results have been nothing but pleasing.


Sustainable Electric Solutions Maintenance

This company proclaims to take on service work and system upgrades beyond new installations. As per some customer testimonials, this rings to be true.

However, we failed to find many customer testimonials outside of those provided by the company itself, a potential issue in evaluating the company’s customer service.



The SolarEmpower View

In the light of their long-standing self-owned reputation, we might say this company is worth a try. However, with no real testimonials outside of their own platforms, it leaves room for speculation.

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Residential Solar

Service Areas

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Are Sustainable Electric Solutions trustworthy?

This company seems reliable, affordable, and stand behind their work. L.R. LeDue is a very knowledgeable and professional individual. The solar system that was installed in one cabin was very antiquated, so Larry took the time to evaluate their needs and express the type and size of system that would provide them with dependable and reliable service.

Are Sustainable Electric Solutions good to work for?

As per the statements on their career page, ideal employee candidates have over 2 years of solar installation and general electric troubleshooting experience. They also have great attention to detail, ability to work independently and as part of a team. As per the testimonial of one particular employee, working at SES the last 8 years has allowed him to have a work/life balance that suits the needs of both his work team and his family. 

According to this worker, his job allows him to show that he really cares, to do the best he can not only for the customers, but also for the team.

Can you cancel a contract with Sustainable Electric Solutions?

As per the state laws of California, you cannot revoke a solar lease or contract with Sustainable Electric Solutions. Once you go solar, you don’t have the option to go back to traditional means of electricity generation.

Sustainable Solutions Partners Solar Details

1859 Mt. Vernon Ave
Pomona CA

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