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SunWork Overview

SunWork renewable energy, established in 2005, is a nonprofit company based in California and has served areas like Alameda, Santa Clara, San Mateo, San Francisco, and San Luis Obispo. The company explicitly targets homeowners and nonprofit organizations to go solar at a pocket-friendly price. 

SunWork is a mid-sized company with <25 employees. The company claims to have installed over 150 solar panels saving 450 tons of carbon dioxide pollution annually. SunWork aims to help at least 900 residents and four nonprofit organizations go solar annually. The company generates revenue of approximately $5 million. 



SunWork Services and Features

Reuben Veek,  the manager of SunWork, is characterized as enthusiastic and innovative. In 2009 the company’s volunteers and their teams became the first in the world to install the first large-scale store. By the year 2017, they had already made 500 solar panel installations.

Here are the services offered by the company:


Solar panel installation

To make renewable solar energy cost-effective for low-power-footprint homeowners, the company encourages people who are already saving money on their electricity bills to afford the cost of going solar. Their cost for qualifying homeowners for solar installation is too good to be true. Thus, reducing the electricity bill of customers to a third less than the cost of conventional solar installers.


Solar/Electric Photovoltaic Energy installation 

PV components are systems used to generate power using sunlight. These PV (Photovoltaic) components permit sunlight to be converted into electricity. To increase the output of PV cells, they are connected in chains to form larger units known as modules or panels. The panels can be used individually, or several can be connected to form arrays. These arrays are then connected to the electric grid to complete the PV system. 


Grid-tied solar system services

Grid-tied systems are attached to the electric grid and don’t require any battery backup. They are currently the most popular choice of solar panel systems for American residents. Grid-connected systems can use net metering, where they can transfer surplus power to the power grid and get a bill credit back.


Heat pump water heater

Heat pump water heaters use heat pump technology to efficiently heat water. The carbon footprint of this water heater is less than that of gas water heaters that were used earlier. SunWork has launched an innovative heat pump water heater installation program under the SunWork volunteer model. The company is also offering rebates to bring in new customers to SunWork to help install electric heat pump water heaters at an affordable price.



Installation Process and Cost

Most of the company’s installations are commonly completed in 2 continuous work hours. Therefore, they’re typically scheduled over Saturdays and Sundays.

A standard technical contact helps establish the full design of a production, eliminating confusion and unforeseen distractions that may happen between the production functions. In addition, it decreases frustration with bugs and imperfections that cause communication with producers.


SunWork Costs

Equipment, installation, and marketing costs may deter homeowners from making solar installations economically practical.By reducing the cost of solar power for individuals in lower-income groups and nonprofits, SunWorks makes solar power more affordable for making more little footprints.

But the company is very flexible when it comes to costs. For example, there’s no issue if you change your mind before the installation. They can happily cancel your account at no additional charge. 

Moreover, the company won’t charge you more for small systems, and they have zero minimum system size. Their pricing is fully transparent, with no electronic medical record markup. You’ll get constant free energy costs regardless of system size.


SunWork Legitimacy

SunWork has partnerships with reputed companies like EVERYBODY SOLAR, RE-VOLV, SESLOC, and YellowTin, making it credible for its clientele. Additionally, SunWork is seeking support from various entities to help make its mission more achievable and sustainable and to expand its company’s capacity to complete that mission. The organizations like French Hospital Medical Center, SOBRATO Philanthropies, Solarnexus, SV2, and UTILITYAPI support SunWork’s mission of providing solar energy at reasonable costs. 


SunWork Maintenance

The customers have amazing feedback online regarding their maintenance services. 


SunWork Financing

SunWork’s operations are specifically structured internally to be self-sufficient. This is crucial so that this organization doesn’t draw from the chances of other organizations with complementary goals and objectives, and replication or expansion can occur.

SunWork’s operating costs are paid with charges applied to its solar energy system installations. Therefore, external support is not set on by SunWork’s volunteers; their time, enthusiasm, or efforts though it’s correct to mention the volunteers are equally crucial to SunWork because of the directors or team.



The SolarEmpower View

SunWork aims to make solar power available to everyone by minimizing the expenses of solar panel installation for homeowners. Since the company is a nonprofit organization, they do not benefit from markup on equipment or credit card fees and don’t have many marketing expenses. Its customers have positive feedback about the company’s installation and maintenance services, so you can trust the company with your solar energy system installation. 


Contact details

Phone: (650) 520-9918

Address: Sobrato Center for Nonprofits, 477 Valley Way Milpitas, CA 95035 USA

Email: [email protected]

Customer Support: [email protected]

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Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation

Service Areas

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Does SunWork provide good service?

Based on customer reviews, SunWork offers clean and quick installation services and is overly professional.

Is SunWork a reliable company?

As, the company, is a nonprofit organization and partners with leading companies. You can trust them for a seamless service.

Is SunWork recommended?

Yes, the company is recommended because it has a team of experts with years of experience and trained volunteers who take care of proper solar energy system installations.

Will SunWork provide proper maintenance?

Yes, the company offers outstanding maintenance, and the customers have given the company 5.0 stars.

SunWork - a local nonprofit organization Solar Details

Workmanship Warranty
10 year installation warranty
Licensing Information

CA Contractor License 920732

Sobrato Center for Nonprofits,477 Valley Way
Milpitas, CA

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