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Updated on 2023-03-22

Sun’s Eye Solar Power Overview 

Sun’s Eye Solar is a mid-size solar panel installation company based in Tacoma, Washington, operating in the Tacoma and Pierce County area. The business was established in 1992 and founded in 2003 and has less than $5 million in its revenue. Additionally, the company has installed solar systems in seven different states.. 

Sun’s Eye Solar installs solar panels on residential and commercial rooftops in the Tacoma and Pierce County area. The business claim to be an expert in the Puget Sound and it caters to families and commercial properties’ owners. The company is trusted by SolarEmpower. Finally, the company provides financial options such as partnerships with federal programs and credit loans. 



Sun’s Eye Solar services and features

Sun’s Eye Solar installations are complete with solar modules that come with a 25-year warranty for its electric systems on homes and businesses. Moreover, the company uses UL inverters that interacts with the electric utility’s grid power for a long-lasting quality system. Sun’s Eye Solar is certified by the American Solar Energy Society, the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, and the Solar Installers of Washington


Sun’s Eye Products

Grid-Tied System Sun’s Eye Solar installs grid-tied electrical systems that are semi-automated energy storage systems which generates electricity and links to the mains to feed excess capacity back to the local mains electrical grid. 

Off-Grid Systems Sun’s Eye Solar also offers off-grid options for solar photovoltaic systems that produces its own electricity via solar, wind, micro hydro, generator, etc.  

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Sun’s Eye Solar provides electric vehicle charging stations, for electric cars, neighborhood electric vehicles, and plug-in hybrids. 

Training and Courses Aside from installing solar panels, Sun’s Eye Solar also provide classes and courses for those wanting to learn the basics of solar energy, as well as training for technicians and construction personnel on safe and code compliant installations. 

Solar Repair and Maintenance Lastly, Sun’s Eye Solar offers unlimited repairs and maintenance for its customers. In addition to all services, Sun’s Eye offer a monitoring app for costumers’ mobile phones. 


Sun’s Eye Costs

Sun’s Eye Solar customers report that the company offers very competitive prices for their product. Furthermore, Sun’s Eye offers multiple financing options for their clients. Reviewers reported few dodgy quotes or surprise charges – which is always a good sign. 


Sun’s Eye Legitimacy

Sun’s Eye is a legitimate company. Here are some of its most recent accreditations:

  • It is certified by the American Solar Energy Society, by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, and the Solar Installers of Washington
  • Sun’s Eye is transparent about its contact details, including its locations and phone number on its website for ease of contact. 
  • On one review site we found, there are 9 five-star reviews from customers who used Sun’s Eye services and recommended it. 

Our experts view the company as a good-level service provider. 


Sun’s Eye Maintenance

The company offers high levels of maintenance and continued care for your home solar panels as well as for your businesses. In addition, Sun’s Eye follows up on its installations with continued technical support and warranties. Customers consider them easy to contact – some reported that Sun’s Eye got back to them the following day. Lastly, their installation is quick as well as their inspections. 



The Solar Empower View

Overall, the company seems to offer excellent services with very high quality. Sun’s Eye may offer very competitive costs as well as good financing options. Customers report a high competence in providing their services as well as considering Sun’s Eye team to be professional and to have knowledge and experience in the area. Furthermore, excellent feedback from customers on the databases that we analyzed reflects the company’s legitimacy and excellent customer service.



Contact details:

Phone: (253) 314-6555

Address: 4009 N 19th St, Tacoma, WA 98406

Email: [email protected]

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Solar Panel Installation

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Is Sun’s Eye worth it?

Yes, our analysis, based on multiple customers' reviews, found Sun’s Eye t be an excellent solar panel installation provider. Customers report outstanding service and continued maintenance.

Are Sun’s Eye good to work for?

Sun’s Eye is a small local company working in a close-knit team. However, there is not enough data available to make a sure judgement on the company’s work culture.

Are Sun’s Eye trustworthy?

Yes, Sun’s Eye is accredited by the American Solar Energy Society, the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, and the Solar Installers of Washington.

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