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Updated on 2023-06-14

SunPower Overview

SunPower is a public, large-sized enterprise based in New Jersey, California, and New York. It was founded in 1985 by Richard Swanson, an electrical engineering professor from Stanford University. Initial funding came from Swanson and Richard Crane. In 1989, Robert Lorenzini made investments, became the chairman, and established the SunPower name. As of 2021, SunPower’s revenue has grown to a whopping $1.32 billion.

SunPower’s unrivaled reputation and 20 years of experience has cemented them as one of the most trusted solar energy providers. They are an award winning team that offers the best technology, design, and craftsmanship. In fact, they were named the Residential Regional Dealer of the Year in 2012 and 2014. The main services of SunPower include comprehensive solar energy consultation, engineering, and installation for residential and commercial purposes. 



SunPower Services

SunPower Systems

SunPower offers various solutions for its customers, such as residential solar, commercial solar, EV charging, and battery storage. They also perform services for operations, maintenance, and re-roofing. According to SunPower, their services help customers save money, and the planet. Their innovative installations have helped some customers to reduce energy costs by 100%.


Residential Solar: SunPower offers homeowners with solar solutions that come with a 25 year warranty and protection from rate increases, while also increasing savings and home value.


Commercial Solar: SunPower offers businesses with installations for solar energy, storage, and EV charging for their buildings. These installations come with a long-term ROI guaranteed by SunPower’s warranty.


EV Charging: According to SunPower, EV charging, or electrical vehicle charging, is the future. They offer EV systems based on a customer’s driving habits and car model. Specifically, they offer a hardwired, high output Level 2 EV charger. 


Battery Storage: SunPower offers SunVault and Tesla Powerwall, battery storage solutions that can be used during the day or night to power the home. With these, customers can tap energy from the sun, the battery, or the grid.


Operations and Maintenance: SunPower also provided operations and maintenance services with their installers and technicians, which keeps solar systems performing at their best. SunPower’s engineers can determine the cause of problems and possible  solutions.


Re-Roofing: If customers think that their roofs aren’t suitable for solar systems, SunPower offers roof replacement, even simultaneously with solar system installation.


SunPower Costs

With SunPower, prices are determined in two ways. First, is by entering information at their website’s free solar calculator, which mainly takes a home’s system size and approximates a monthly utility bill. Second, is by a free quote, which can be obtained through their website via scheduled consultation. According to customer reviews, SunPower’s prices are good, affordable, and competitive. Compared to other companies, they are a little pricier due to their premium products. 

When it comes to the quality of SunPower’s products, customers were very happy. Installations were delivered as to what was promised, and the systems functioned well for years without interference. SunPower offers various solar financing options for homeowners, regardless of budget or credit history. They also ensure each customer receives all possible benefits for federal and state tax credits, on top of other kinds of solar incentives. Specifically, they offer a Solar Loan, a Solar Lease, and a Purchase Power Agreement.


SunPower Legitimacy

SunPower boasts an extensive array of certifications, affiliations, and awards. They are licensed electrical contractors that are NABCEP and TESLA Powerwall certified. They were given an accredited business A+ rating by BBB®, the NYSERDA Quality Solar Installer Gold Status in 2021, and pronounced the National Dealer of the Year in 2020 and 2019. They are also certified partners of Lumin and Sungage Financial. Furthermore, SunPower’s locations and contact information are all publicly available, as well as their social media pages. 


SunPower Maintenance

With maintaining their products, services, and customer relations, SunPower does it all well. According to customers, their scheduling is commendable, as they complete their work in a timely, committed fashion. Their staff is described as professional, knowledgeable, and patient. However, some customers report a no show appointment, or having calls with staff who did not talk to them previously. SunPower made sure to rectify these mistakes, and customers still end up pleased with the service despite the initial blunders.



The SolarEmpower view

SunPower, a large company based in three locations, offers premium solar systems at competitive prices. Their financing comes in various options, allowing many customers to avail of their services. Their legitimacy is supported by various certifications, affiliations, and awards. SunPower’s large size may make it vulnerable to mistakes, which is reflected in customer reviews. Nevertheless, they are commended for their great work, earning them a score of 9/10.

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation

Service Areas

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I can't get in contact with SunPower, what should I do?

Fortunately, SunPower has many contact options that customers can use. Their website shows options for chat and text, as well their addresses and phone numbers. They can also be contacted through their social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. There is also an inquiry box on their website.

Is SunPower recommended?

Yes, SunPower is highly recommended by many customers, whose reviews are available on the SunPower website, as well as other review sites.

Does SunPower provide a free consultation?

Yes, SunPower provides a free consultation and a free quote.

Does SunPower provide a good service?

According to reviewers from Yelp, SunPower is a good service provider.

SunPower by Sea Bright Solar Solar Details

Licensing Information


23 Cindy Lane
Ocean, NJ
Office Locations
1785 Industrial Park Ave, Building A
Redlands, CA
1736 Richmond Ave
Staten Island, NY

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Megan Carolan
Megan Carolan
May 31, 2023
We started looking into solar…
We started looking into solar in February of 2022, got four quotes, went with Sea Bright and were beginning to generate by July. It's been almost a year of our generation, and so far we are incredibly pleased with the experience!

We have a flat roof, which some of the providers we got quotes for didn'thave experience with, but it was no problem for Sea Bright. They estimated that we would generate about 90% of our electricity needs and after the first 10 months we are generating 86% so pretty darn close!

One awesome thing about working with them is that you sign paperwork in the beginning to give them the authority to work directly with the electricity company and your city permit office so you as the homeowner really don't have to do any of the paperwork once you get the agreement signed with them.

There were a few times I wish we had better communication- I was going to be traveling for work around the installation day and it was a little hard to coordinate. But mostly it's because they are doing all the paperwork and permits without you being involved so as the owner you sometimes feel unsure what's happening when the project is going fine. A quick email to our project manager was always enough to get the info we needed to plan, and it wasn't a big issue.

You can shop around for loans with other providers or work with their financial arm - we went with their financial people because it was easiest but the terms seemed similar with most lenders.

Overall we are really pleased with our choice. My kids love checking the app to see our generation and use, and we love doing something better for the environment!
Adi Rathod
Adi Rathod
May 30, 2023
Very professional and quick…
Very professional and quick
Regina Glanville
Regina Glanville
May 28, 2023
We had an excellent experience…
We had an excellent experience with seabite solar. They put our panels up just the way they said, and explained everything to us in detail. We had an excellent experience
Sandra Bausback_aballo
Sandra Bausback_aballo
May 16, 2023
Just had my solar panels…
Just had my solar panels installed by Chris, Fred, Mason and Jeremy who were on time, professional, friendly and excellent at their job. My panels look great and they answered all my questions. Can’t wait to start generating my own electricity.
francis checo
francis checo
April 20, 2023
Professional, clean, friendly staff. …
Professional, clean, friendly staff. Excellent job done and very informative too. Highly recommend; thank you
Fernando G
Fernando G
April 19, 2023
After doing extensive research on…
After doing extensive research on solar companies, I chose Sea Bright Solar and am very pleased with the decision. The team of Chris, Fred, Mason and Jeremy were professional and prompt. They took the time to ensure the conduit placement look aesthetic. We couldn’t have been more pleased with the install team!
The whole process with Sea Bright Solar was easier than expected, I highly recommend them. Thank you Sea Bright
April 10, 2023
Chris, Fred, Mason, and Jeremy…
Chris, Fred, Mason, and Jeremy did a great job. They more than deserve their tip
Roman Leavey
Roman Leavey
April 10, 2023
Been waiting for almost 3…
Been waiting for almost 3 weeks now. Nobody contacted me except for the sales department despite of asking for the service department to check my solar in my property. very unresponsive and keeps on saying we will go there to check but never went there to check.
Dinesh Yarlagadda
Dinesh Yarlagadda
April 9, 2023
Good pricing, quick response. Signed…
Good pricing, quick response. Signed up yesterday.
lory riches
lory riches
March 24, 2023
Great job !!!!…
Great job !!!!

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