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Updated on 2023-06-14

Sunpower By Green Convergence Overview:

Sunpower by Green Convergence is a solar energy company in Valencia, California, United States. Their services include solar panel systems, installation, consultation, battery backup power, photovoltaic solar system, energy solutions, and home improvements. 


The company has existed for over three decades, serving and providing customers with solar energy solutions. They have now grown into a giant solar company in the United States. Their excellence is testified by the 103 5′ star reviews on just one review database, which shows the numerous satisfied customers from their services. 



Sunpower by Green Convergence Services 

Battery Backup

Sunpower By Green Convergence also offers battery backup solutions in power outages. They have different types to power up the house or building during some moments. The batteries help to save extra electric power, which will run when there’s no power. Also, it helps save money by reducing electricity bills. They offer two main types of battery backup solutions:

Sunvault solar battery

The sunvault solar battery is a powerful device that combines with the Sunpower equinox solar components to perfectly power a home or building. The battery has a unique design with an intelligent control panel that allows users to read battery information, status, and real-time settings. The 8.5KW peak power makes it a good pick for solar power systems due to its ability to carry high-demanding appliances. It also has a warranty that keeps the user guaranteed in case of casualties. 

Tesla Powerall 

The Tesla Powerwall is the second type of batter service offered by green convergence. This type is unique because of its versatility for different panel systems. It is reliable for storing electricity and powering all home appliances in case of a blackout. 


Solar systems 

Sunpower By Green Convergence offers numerous solar energy solutions like consultation, installations, quality power panels, and repairs. Unlike conventional ones, their Sunpower panel don’t have grid lines at the front of the cell. It also has thick connectors that can withstand daily temperature, thus ensuring long-term quality. Their panels also have solid copper backing, making them less at risk to weather corrosion. 

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Their product arrives with a 25-year warranty, free shipping, and installations of new ones. 

Sunpower by Green Convergence Services


There are numerous variables in determining the service costs of installing solar panels like the roof size, available space, monthly electricity bill, type, etc. Sunpower by Green Convergence provide opportunities for prospective customers to make inquiries through the contact form on their website. After the contact, they’d send their experts who would inspect the area and calculate the price. 


Furthermore, Sunpower By Green Convergence offer loans that make it easy for customers to pay at a stretch. This loan can last from 5 – 20 years, depending on the customer. 


Reviewers seem very happy with their pricing services, quoting the accuracy of the quote and the ease with which panels were installed. 



Sunpower By Green Convergence is a well-trusted company with over 100 5′ star reviews which shows that customers are satisfied with their excellent services. Here are other ways by which they show their legitimacy: 

  • They have an A+ rating with BBB.
  • They offer easy ways for prospects to contact them. Their website, address, and phone numbers are easy to access for further communication. 
  • Many reputable businesses use Sunpower solar services. Examples include Google, Toyota, FedEx, AT&T, Apple, etc. 


Sunpower By Green Convergence have quality solar energy products, which is reflected by the low rate of customer returns using the warranty, which lasts for 25 years. Customers who use their roofing services enjoy a 50-year warranty, an excellent return. There is also free shopping and installations for customers who are getting new solar power services. 


Furthermore, the solar panel company shows commitment and continuous maintenance for roofing and solar energy services. Customers who have used their services praise them for their professionalism of delivery, prompt response, and quality installations.



Contact details:

Phone: (661) 491-511

Address: 28476 Westing house Pl, Valencia, CA 91355.

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation

Service Areas

Select State:


Is Sunpower By Green Convergence a solar company?

Yes. They have been in existence since 1955 and are rated A+ by BBB.

What is Sunpower's competitive advantage?

Their solar panels have higher efficiency of 22.8% more than other types. They also have quality customer service with plenty of employees and branches in different communities.

How long do Sunpower solar panels last?

It lasts for 40 years.

SunPower by Green Convergence Solar Details

28490 Westinghouse Place Suite 160
Valencia CA

SunPower by Green Convergence User Reviews

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Georgia Nammour
Georgia Nammour
May 31, 2023
To start off I want…
To start off I want to be clear I did not end up getting any solar panels from this company. This review is simply to mention the customer service I experienced.

The first person I dealt with was Derek. He spent a good chunk of time answering my questions and explained the process to me. I appreciated his professionalism and patience.

We were then emailed by Isaac and asked to book a time to speak. He was responsive and professional in the communication. The next step was the zoom call and he was on time and spent over an hour discussing all the possibilities and showing us a wide variety of options and services. He was clear, informed, patient, and professional throughout the entire call. But the part that really made me want to come here and write a review was the follow up. I asked for a series of items to help me make my decision, he let me know it would take him some time but he would get them all to me. He took his time and compiled everything I asked for in a very easy to comprehend manner.

Unfortunately, ultimately, we decided that Solar was just not the right option for us. If it was I would have definitely gone with this company and Isaac would’ve been a big part of my decision!
Frank Schiro
Frank Schiro
May 21, 2023
This company was very informative…
This company was very informative and professional with excellent communication throughout the process. The solar installation was very thorough and efficient. Green Convergence exceeded my expectations.
Benjamin Y. Xu
Benjamin Y. Xu
April 19, 2023
Green Convergence did a fabulous…
Green Convergence did a fabulous job with our solar installation! They were prompt, courteous, and professional. Highly recommended!
Ernesto Mendez
Ernesto Mendez
March 14, 2023
Installed Solar panels. The work…
Installed Solar panels. The work was professional an time as previously scheduled,
Angela Turrey
Angela Turrey
February 10, 2023
Had a great experience. Communicated…
Had a great experience. Communicated well and did everything in a timely manner. Had no problems. Love our solar.
Glenn Barker
Glenn Barker
February 10, 2023
Sunpower installed a solar system…
Sunpower installed a solar system on our home. Working with them was very easy, they were very responsive and all in all it was a very smooth operation! It is great to be generating our own electricity from the sun!
mary Simpson
mary Simpson
January 22, 2023
They were not only on…
They were not only on time but early. The crew repaired my roof and you can’t see where the repair was done. They also installed solar panels and an ev charger in my garage. They kept me posted on all the progress. Even painted the conduit to match my house. The inspector said this is the best job he has seen. Very neat and professional. All the workers are friendly and helpful. They were recommended by my brother and my other brother used their solar installers also. You can’t go wrong using this company
January 5, 2023
An absolute pleasure to deal…
An absolute pleasure to deal with. From design to implementation, Green Convergence was there to guide us through the process. I would recommend them to anyone looking to install Solar.
Eric Broneer
Eric Broneer
October 23, 2022
The team and the communication…
The team and the communication were excellent! Initially, I was going to use SunRun. When sun power by green convergence came along to give me my second estimate, I was able to realize SunRun was in the process of ripping me off by providing me low grade panels at premium grade panel prices. I guess they figure the average person won’t know the difference. In addition, SunRun did not offer anything other than a manufacturer warranty on the panels. Sun Power on the other hand will repair my panels in the event something happens to them for the life of my loan at no extra charge. They also were able to recess the panels and integrate them into my existing roof tiles. All of this was at around the same cost as SunRun was going to charge me for really bad Chinese made panels. The staff were all friendly and professional throughout the entire process. I highly recommend. I have already recommended them to three of my friends and family members.
Jamie Barber
Jamie Barber
October 13, 2022
They installed my new solar…
They installed my new solar system. They did a great job. Arranged everything and had an amazing professional crew doing the work. I could not be happier!

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