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Updated on 2023-08-19


Based in Houston, Texas,  Sunnova was founded in 2012. Primarily, this large company installs and upgrades solar systems. In addition, it offers battery storage and electric vehicle charging solutions for homes and businesses across America. As per the data available from 2021, the company’s revenue was recorded to be more than $241 million.



Solar Panels and Services

Specific Solar Panels Offered

Sunnova does not state which brands of solar panels it uses for installations, but it claims to use only monocrystalline panels. The construction of these modules ensures ample space for electrons to move freely, further enhancing the panels’ energy output. Their sleek, black appearance suits clients who value both function and aesthetics in their solar energy systems.  


Specific Types of Solar Offered

Residential solar: While Sunnova solar systems barely malfunction, there are few occasions when the company installed dysfunctional rooftop panels. All systems installed by this company are connected to the utility grid. 


Commercial solar: Sunnova doesn’t service businesses directly. Instead, it contracts third-party local dealers nationwide to install solar systems on commercial facilities in their respective jurisdictions.


Grid services: This does not involve installing any solar equipment but helps homeowners benefit from excess energy generated by their installed solar systems by selling that excess energy to stabilize the utility grids in their regions. Currently, Sunnova provides this service in only a few states, including New York and Pennsylvania.



Installation Costs and Processes

Sunnova’s installation process is slightly different for homes and businesses. For home projects, it starts with a consultation with a Sunnova energy expert who will help you understand how much power you need and what it might cost. After you and Sunnova agree to work together, they’ll prepare everything. They’ll secure all the solar equipment and official approvals needed. Then, Sunova will install your solar system and connect it to the local power network. Once the system passes inspection, it will be turned on.

For commercial projects, the business owner provides necessary information about their business structure’s energy usage for the last 12 months before the commencement of the installation process. Based on this data, Sunnova designs a custom solar system for the business. At this point, the client must sign a letter of intent indicating that they intend to contract with the company. Afterward, the commercial facility is surveyed by Sunnova’s staff, and the company prepares a formal contract for the project, which the client signs. Then, solar equipment and permits are obtained and given to the third-party installer, who’ll install the solar system on the business building. 



Sunnova provides no rough estimate of how much its services could cost, but it provides free quotes to customers upon request. The company also offers many financing options for homeowners and businesses, including power purchase plans and solar leases. However, customers who leased their solar systems have reported unsatisfactory experiences regarding the additional costs they incurred. Generally, the company doesn’t appear to give customers the best value for their money. 



Sunnova has received many complaints from aggrieved customers on the Better Business Bureau. The bone of contention concerns questionable sales techniques, subpar customer service, and hiccups in transferring solar leases. Although a fraction of these issues have been tended to, they’ve cast a shadow over the company’s reputation. Reflective of these grievances, Sunnova scored an unfortunate F rating from the BBB. 

Despite these criticisms, Sunnova is a recognized and licensed entity authorized to run its activities. It’s partnered with firms like Clean Power Alliance and EnergyHub to offer grid services. But with customer satisfaction as a central yardstick to measure a company’s authenticity, it’s quite a challenge to state Sunnova as fully legitimate unhesitatingly.



Sunnova’s solar systems come with a 25-year warranty, subject to specific terms and conditions.  Feedback reveals issues with the company’s maintenance services and difficulty scheduling post-installation appointments. Additionally, handling customer concerns seems to be a weak point for Sunnova, leading to a lack of endorsement for their services among many customers.



The SolarEmpower View 

Sunnova’s large-scale operation doesn’t match up regarding critical aspects such as quality goods, customer service, and craftsmanship. The company’s sheer size might contribute to these shortcomings, leading us to suggest going local for your solar needs as a more reliable alternative.


💲Cost: 6.1/10 ✅Legitimacy: 4/10
⭐️Quality: 7.5/10 📞Customer Service: 6/10
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Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Residential Solar
Energy Monitoring System


Is Sunnova a trustworthy company?

While there were some good reviews on Sunnova, many of the reviews we observed were negative. Therefore, this company's trustworthiness isn't certain.

Is Sunnova recommended?

Since  Sunnova operates on a large scale and subcontracts the installation and maintenance of solar systems to third parties, we don't wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who's not comfortable with those things.

Does Sunnova provide good service?

According to a substantial number of reviews we've sifted through, Sunnova falls short when it comes to service quality.

Sunnova Solar Details

Licensing Information


20 Greenway Plaza
Houston TX

Sunnova User Reviews

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jerry dominski
jerry dominski
June 13, 2023
Trevor is exceptional. He is…
Trevor is exceptional. He is such a nice young man.
June 13, 2023
Scam be careful they don’t…
Scam be careful they don’t value their customers and only care about money REVIEW your contract before signing anything high interest rate and their hr or customers just turns you around
June 13, 2023
Sunnova’s customer service is the…
Sunnova’s customer service is the worst we have ever had to deal with. Our panels stopped functioning on May 20, we were never even notified of this until June 2, this was 13 days after they stopped working. We scheduled a day for a tech to come out to fix the issue, no one showed. When we tried to contact them, they just gave us a run round and gave us no reason for the tech not showing, no reason for a 2 week delay in reaching out when we weren’t producing any solar energy, no answer regarding when the issue will be resolved and we were told there will be no credit for going almost 4 weeks without functioning panels. I would not recommend Sunnova to anyone, if you have them, don’t expect them to resolve any issues that come up in a timely fashion if at all. I’d give 0 stars if it was an option!

Response to the response from Sunnova, we’ve emailed that address already, multiple times with ZERO resolution, just continuous run around excuses and no answers!
Vera McLean
Vera McLean
June 10, 2023
Was promised $1000 back through…
Was promised $1000 back through Costco contact but nothing was ever given.
Delays in installation meant I was unable to claim tax credit for last year.
Installation was sloppy and aligned poorly. When I complained, I was told that there was nothing to be done since it was already installed.
15 amp outlet at the distribution box was disconnected and the
romex feeding it was removed.
Julia Crowder
Julia Crowder
June 9, 2023
I am enjoying my Solar…
I am enjoying my Solar system and not paying for high energy cost. I feel the difference. Thank you
Wil Samudio
Wil Samudio
June 8, 2023
Terrible customer service. Stay away….
Terrible customer service. Stay away. Not worth the hassle. They hire contractors for installs and repairs. Sunnova never knows what is going on. You'll have to go directly to the installer/contractor to see what the REAL story is. I'm only one year in and nothing but problems with inventors, batteries and communications module. And when the system was down for over a month, I still had to pay them and not get reimbursed after I was told three different times that I would.
Claudine Witter
Claudine Witter
June 8, 2023
Do not get solar from…
Do not get solar from these people. Their system doesn’t save you any money and they don’t provide you your credit when they owe you. It’s been 3 months since they were to fix my account and apply my credit and still nothing. They told me last month don’t worry it will be fixed by the next bill. Still nothing!
Omayra Rivera
Omayra Rivera
June 7, 2023
Overall, I’m really satisfied with…
Overall, I’m really satisfied with Sunnova
Mary Angie Rodriguez
Mary Angie Rodriguez
June 7, 2023
(Translated by Google) Excellent company…
(Translated by Google) Excellent company with great prestige. Just one thing, I asked for the 500 card from your promotion and they still haven't confirmed if they're going to send it to me. I would appreciate if you let me know. Thank you

Excelente empresa y con gran prestigio. Solo una cosa, pedí la tarjeta de 500 de su promoción y aún no me han confirmado si me la van a enviar. Agradecería me dejen saber. Gracias
Yolanda Rivera
Yolanda Rivera
June 7, 2023
Very good…
Very good

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