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Updated on 2023-07-01

Sunnect Solar LLC Overview

Sunnect Solar LLC is a lighting and solar system developer based in California. Founded in 2015, the company aims its services at residential and commercial customers who are eager to save money by generating their own power.

Sunnect Solar LLC employs fewer than 10 full-time staff and generates in the region of $250,000 annually. The company relies on maintaining long-term relationships with its residential customers while prioritizing ongoing referrals through its commercial project customer base to keep business going. 

Solar Panels and services offered by Sunnect Solar LLC

Specific Solar Panels Offered

Sunnect Solar LLC takes pride in offering quality solar installations and utilizes only the best available equipment, which in turn, provides the customer with the best warranties available.

REC Solar Panels

REC’s solar panel quality is supported by stringent internal testing, third-party certifications and endorsements, and an industry-leading low warranty claims rate. With around 26 million panels produced, REC has become the largest European brand of solar panels, has a solid foundation, and a bright future in the solar industry.

Canadian Solar Inc panels

Sunnect Solar LLC also offers Canadian Solar Inc panels. Canadian Solar Inc is one of the leading solar manufacturers in the world, delivering industry-leading solar systems to over 70 countries. The company also possesses one of the largest ranges of solar panels with more than 180 variations designed to meet any energy need possible. 

Jinko Solar Panels

Jinko Solar panels are rated as the number one solar panels on the market and come in polycrystalline and monocrystalline module power variations. The advanced glass and solar cell surface texturing allow for excellent performance in low-light environments and are certified to withstand a wind load of 2400 Pascal. 


Specific Types of Solar offered

Sunnect Solar LLC offers two main categories of solar systems: residential and commercial systems. 


Residential Systems

Sunnect Solar LLC custom designs each and every system to fit the goals and needs of its customers and lists examples of its custom residential systems on its website. The company’s analysts are second-to-none in being able to present the real economics behind every solar project that they build.

Commercial Systems

Sunnect Solar LLC aims to work with businesses and tax-exempt organizations, such as schools and local government, in creating more sustainable work environments while assisting them in reducing high energy costs.

Sunnect Solar LLC’s commercial solar projects have created huge value for its customers by allowing them to pair solar panels with an energy storage system to keep their businesses powered in the event of an outage. 


Additional services

In addition to its solar installation service, Sunnect Solar LLC also offers: 

  • Commercial LED Lighting – The company’s subsidiary, Sunnect Lighting, is able to perform a full audit of customer’s current lighting layout and provide a side-by-side comparison showing what is currently in place versus the LED retrofit.
  • LADWP FIT Program – The LADWP Feed-in Tariff Program is different from Net Metering projects where the power generated is utilized on-site. Under this program, the property owner gets to earn guaranteed revenue by generating solar power and selling it back to the LADWP grid. Sunnect Solar LLC has a history of successfully developing these projects for self-storage businesses, warehouses, retail outlets, multi-family apartments, and various other commercial and industrial properties. 



Installation costs and process


There is insufficient pricing data available to determine how Sunnect Solar LLC compares to competitors regarding cost. The company requires conducting a free, no-obligation consultation to provide the exact pricing for their service. 

Of the two customer reviews online, one customer did mention that Sunnect Solar LLC was cheaper than its competitors; however, this is insufficient feedback to determine the company’s cost of service or guarantee that customers in the past have paid the quoted price.

Despite the lack of information relating to installation costs, customers can still save money on these systems by taking advantage of the Federal Tax Rebate based on the full install cost of their solar system. 



Sunnect Solar LLC is legit. 

Sunnect Solar LLC has been registered with the California Secretary of State since the 15th of October 2015 – SOS ID 201529210020.
The company is transparent with its contact details and provides a contact request form on its website for out-of-hours requests.
Sunnect Solar LLC opened its subsidiary company, Sunnect Lighting, in 2016 – SOS ID 201606910206.
Sunnect Solar LLC has several industry-relevant affiliations listed on its website, including with The California Self Storage Association and Kure It Cancer Research.
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With this being said, there is very little information about the company online apart from on the company’s own website, where it does feature a portfolio of its work. 



  • The PV systems installed by Sunnect Solar LLC are covered by 25-year warranties.
  • Sunnect Solar LLC uses its own in-house staff, which is the key to its success, and also offers customized solar operations and maintenance services to suit its customer’s facility’s needs. 
  • The company guarantees its workmanship for double the period of the equipment warranty.

The company only has two customer reviews online, with both customers providing 5* ratings. 

Customer service: review analysis

Of the 2 reviews found, both customers mentioned that the company provided exceptional quality products and superior customer service levels; however, SolarEmpower still views this as an insufficient sample size to draw a definitive conclusion about the company relating to delivering of its promises.



The SolarEmpower View

Based on our research, SolarEmpower views Sunnect Solar LLC as a promising company that seems to offer good quality services, although there is limited information to guarantee this. The company size has remained compact to enable a personalized approach which is evidenced in the handful of customer reviews available. Their relevant industry accreditations suggest that they are among the higher-tier contractors in their service area, which enhances the company’s legitimacy.

Cost: 7/10 Legitimacy: 6/10
Quality: 8/10 Customer Service: 8/10
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Are Sunnect Solar LLC trustworthy?

Yes, the company is legitimate, transparent about its reputation, and displays examples of previous work on its website

Which states does Sunnect Solar LLC operate in?

Sunnect Solar LLC operates in the State of California only.

Are Sunnect Solar LLC good to work for?

The company has a compact team with less than 10 employees. There is too little data available to make a judgment on the company’s work culture.

Can you cancel a contract with Sunnect Solar LLC?

No, according to California State law, you cannot generally cancel a contract with a company once you have signed it. If you would like further clarity on whether a contract has been signed, you can contact Sunnect Solar LLC or an attorney directly.

Sunnect Solar Solar Details

Licensing Information


59 W. Del Mar Blvd
Pasadena, CA

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